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  1. I did that already just to make sure. I dont really have any other ideas about how to make it work. I emailed the support team over a week ago and no on has replied to me. I use 3d coat for all of my work and it not working is a real bummer since i have been having to do everything in zbrush which is a nightmare compared to 3dcoat
  2. I have narrowed it down. I can reload my hotkeys but anytime i make any changes to the panel layouts in the UI it will not boot after being closed down
  3. I had started a topic on this previously and i thought i had found a solution but it looks like i am back to square 1. Whenever i try to boot the program it hangs on a white screen and says not responding. I followed all of the steps prompted in order to get the program working. nothing seemed to work until i relocated 3dcoats data to another folder. This worked after the first few times of opening the program. However after working on a file for a bit i closed it down and when i tried to open it back up it would not work.
  4. I believe i may have figured it out, not sure why but when I relocated 3d coats date to another file location in the edit tab it worked. So it must be something to do with my actual documents folder itself. I am not sure exactly what it is because i dont have any drives attached to it
  5. yea thats where it is installed, Ive noticed that anytime i make any modifications to the settings it will not open the next time i try to open.
  6. I think it must have something to do with my hotkeys being saved to my external HD. should i save them into the preferences folder within the 3d coat docs folder?
  7. I have been dealing with this for over 2 weeks now. It fails to start and a prompt pops up telling me different steps to take in order to get the program to work. It works every time after i go to my documents folder and rename or delete the file named "3Dcoat" but then after I close the program and try to open it back up after I have restored all of my hotkeys workspace etc in the previous session it does the same exact thing. Please Help, 3dCoat is my main tool for working and I am beginning to get very frustrated.
  8. whenever i try to use the buttons on my pen display which are set to middle and right mouse, it wont do anything. the only thing that seems to register input is the pen nib itself. This problem is only happening in 3dcaot and not any other programs. I am using 3d coat 2022.27 with a huion 22 plus, any help would be really appreciated.
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