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  1. Thanks @Carlosan! The Simplified Export did the trick. I looked under the export options, and couldn't find anything different from the usual Direct Export, and Export Objects & Textures. I thought the latter would be the right choice, I didn't think to go back to the sculpt room where the Simplified Export lives. It worked great, everything is automated!
  2. Right, that's what I've been doing so far. But not sure on which release happened, I noticed I was able to switch to the paint room skipping the baking/unwrapping process altogether, and be able to stack up smart materials. I thought, if that's possible, there might be a way to make exportable too, otherwise I'm confused on the purpose of such feature.
  3. If I have a voxel with some smart materials applied to the layers, in order to export the textures I need to bake + unwrap first, correct? For some reason, I thought it was possible to export right away, say to Blender, without the need to unwrap, which also means Autopo first.
  4. Thanks for the thorough post @Fluffy, that's really kind of you looking into the issue with such care. I tested the options you provided. I might be doing something wrong, as so far I didn't get it working. But you might be onto something about the undo. It's possible that the times it worked on my end, I wasn't messing with the undo. That said, there's something going on which I think Andrew should be let know. Edit: even being careful about the undo, it's still giving me error. And opening the scene after restarting 3D Coat still deletes the Vox hide operations, and reverts the mesh to the original state.
  5. Thanks @Fluffy for checking. I wasn't sure whether I had to delete the geometry or not before proceeding with Res+ In the first video I posted around 59 seconds in, I do delete the geometry, and then increase the resolution, but the problem still persists. During my tests, it seemed that this is a random behavior. Sometimes I restart 3D Coat, go through the same steps, and it works. Other times it doesn't, and what's worst, after I save and reopen the scene, I find the original mesh intact, with no hidden voxels whatsoever. Not sure how to help to nail down where the issue lies.
  6. @Carlosan could you try a few more times? Even on my end it doesn't always happen, but it does happen across sessions. @Elemeno thanks for checking, and confirming!
  7. I'm doing further tests, but no matter what I do, the issue is still there. I'll go through the tutorials again, hoping I'm missing something.
  8. Hi there, I've been experiencing this issue since last year, not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a bug. Here are the steps: Use Vox Hide to hide part of the voxel mesh. Separate the hidden parts. On the original voxel mesh, increase the resolution. The hidden parts come back, and they're now joined to the original mesh. Alternatively, before step three, use first Delete Hidden Parts prior to increasing the resolution. The result doesn't change. Also, once the hidden parts are deleted, performing a Cut-Off will still bring back those parts. Lastly, save the file, and re-open it. Now the original mesh it's back, and the hidden parts are again visible in the original layer. https://mega.nz/file/2KxGFaqI#3sSWA77qYbGLjSZn_sDEa1hS9soD3hXrbiqlEv_UMzA\ After reopening the scene https://mega.nz/file/rHZCwagD#yJNBhQEMlyiM0zvHj3zxjBG2ssk6s-bS8X2po5w39Pg
  9. Thanks @Carlosan! I didn't realize I was still in Voxel mode.
  10. A couple of screen record. When the mouse cursor seems to freeze is because I'm undoing. I forgot to open the screencast tool to show the keys that I was pressing. https://streamable.com/rzp7qe https://streamable.com/ervvqg You will notice all the oddities, especially in the first video where it seems none of the painting I did was taking any effect, other than applying color to the vertexes. Is that the expected behavior, or is there something I'm missing? I watched the video from Andrew, and it doesn't seem he did anything differently from what I'm doing.
  11. I'm testing Factures, and I don't think this is supposed to happen. Paint a layer using one of the VerTexture Add a new layer, and start painting with another VerTexture. After the first painted brush on the new layer, undo the operation. Both layers are erased. The base layer is left with some area painted with the VerTexture, the rest is only color. I'm using 3D Coat 2022.57
  12. Thanks @Fluffy! That worked. I had tried the average vertex position, but without changing the sampling. Thanks for pointing that out!
  13. Hm... it seems it's a bug. It works with the other brush mode, like radius, depth, vertex curve, curve, but when I switch to stamp than the issue shows up.
  14. Thanks, @Carlosan I have use current alpha on, in fact, the alpha is working fine. The problem is with the edge of the alpha map, where there's distance between the brushed area, and the voxel surface. Where do I find the option Clay Engine > extruder on Voxel mode? I searched through the main menus, and in the preferences, but I couldn't find it. By the way, these are the settings I'm using with the Extruder brush, which is in stamp mode. https://freeimage.host/i/Hc6XAMv
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