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  1. Hi. Throwing this out here as i can't find info in the manual how to work with them nor any relevant post in the forum ( if there is please send me there) Downloaded this today from the 3DC Material library as i got the sense they would work similar to VDM brushes in ZBrush, theoretically, but as i couldn't find any dedicated function for it in 3DC i tried to load it as a Brush and use the stamp tool But Brushes don't think it's a good idea and complains i'm out of RAM even though i have more than 100Gb perfectly valid RAM available. the Relief is some 28gb .tif file.. Btw I'm not using any Virtual RAM when i have enough of the real deal to not use it and up to this point i haven't had any issues running without it. Can't find any settings in 3DC to raise the cache either.. what am i missing? Cheers
  2. Hi. Installed 053 today and noticed it's not possible to add brush modifers in Vox sculpt mode, nor delete or adjust the order, so uninstalling it, cleaning registry, reboot, install 0.52 - same thing, uninstall, clean registry, reboot, install 047.. same thing.. so my reptilian brain kicked in and checked surface mode where it works. EDIT: Would like to add that it's also not working in added user presets, nor saved user presets Long story short: Is this unavailable in Vox sculpt mode or is it a bug? Surface mode: Modifiers available, adjustable and can be deleted ( Beta 053) Vox mode: ( Stable 047, Stable 052 and Beta 053 ) Cheers
  3. Not sure but i haven't bothered tbh, i use Paintshop Pro to edit my textures as i'm more used to it. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, it would have worked if the models i have were saved in .obj format and if the coordinates i have saved these models with were still retained when removing the "snap" feature.. Using them as joints mean even more work into a less flexible system for me.. also the models i have are much larger than regular joints. The .obj object i tested with didn't show up at all.. it's some 300k i size, as many of the meshes i have. Removing the pop up sign is the only thing that bothers me at this point .. typically a boolean True / False function.
  5. Hi. I have for 3 days tried to come up with a smooth workflow to import sculpt models into the scene as fast as possible and tried working through kitbash, polymodels, primitives e.t.c but each of these pose different annoynances and weird, not so straight forward up to cumbersome approaches.. so i think sculpt room is how i like to work but there is at least 1 big hurdle i start to get very annoyed by and it's this dialogue that each and every time tells me it's the first time i import a model to the scene. I can easily answer either yes or no to this and be done with it.. it has 0 importance Can i remove this dialogue by a setting somewhere or prepare the model in any way so i can import and immediately start to sculpt? I have a sh*tload of sculpt mesh items / modular pieces i want to build a library of but this dialogue will make me throw out my computer through the window.. Last resort will be to see if i i can do this by a script but it feels like i'm looking into an abyss of workarounds anywhere i turn my nose. Would be very happy to find a solution. Cheers
  6. EDIT: Managed to find the issue after some thinking ( good to sleep sometimes) and the use of the 3Dconexxion viewer. The issue happens when an object has Z up coordinate ( don't think Left/Right handed matters ) and having ticked "Rotate around Y axis". and some camera settings. This happened out of the blue when working on a model so not sure the camera view was reset in between saving / loading the model.. Knowing about it makes it easier though As confusing this app can be at times coming from other 3D apps i'm happy if this helps any other 3DCoater to a smoother experience. The spacemouse is really addicting Cheers == Bla, bla bla message ======================================= Hi. I know some of you here uses the spacemouse and i'd like to throw this out here first before bombarding 3DConnexion about a fix I own he enterprise version but i think this issue is not hardware related meaning it's valid for all versions of the SPM, also i think this problem comes with the Spacemouse software, not 3DC, curious how you handle this, if you know it exist or just don't bother. I think it's very annoying. If you continously rotate the object on screen with the puck and at the same time tilt it forward or backward, i.e continously rotating left or right and at the same time continously rotation forward / backward, at one point, which i think is the 180 / -180 degree crossover, the object on screen inverts its left/right rotation direction. Programmatically i can't see this as a huge problem to fix in software just checking when the crossover value is met and flip it.
  7. Yes, i'll assemble things and make a post to Andrew then My first thought is to RTFM or else post issues here first to see what kind of status it might get..Not used to the way you do things around here. I'm moderating in other forums and discords so i know the general rules of not immediately post stuff to certain people. Cheers EDIT I have yet again uninstalled 3DC, cleaned registry and made a full install back to stable version 047 , the same issue and loading times persists. I also noted that RAM usage when this model is loaded ramps up to 35GB, closing this model it drops back to 6Gb.. so i'm guessing there is some decompressing going on for each layer that could explain the loading times?
  8. Thanks just prior i read this post i sent the mail again with the links to videos, so he'll just have an abundance of information to pick from.
  9. Thanks Carlosan, the world would probably stop if you stopped being so active here. I posted the report with detailed information on the 14'th of september to Stanislav @ support.. Mailing directly to the big dog? If this is the way you do things around here, i'll forward that message again.
  10. Thanks for being hot on each trail Carlosan, much appreciated to get fast answers. The vertical synchronisation had 0 effect on this problem. I reported the CPU bug the 14'th of September .but have got no reply if it is aknowledged or not.. I usually don't bog support down with a myriad of questions if it is not 100% necessary and i never send any repeated messages without waiting at least a week if i don't get a reply so.. If there is a minimal staff here @ pilgway that handles these things, maybe change the support handling and start using a bugtracker type framework where bugs are openly added so people can see in what order and state they are. when and if they are aknowledged.. much like the roadmap. that way support would have far less inquireys and have far less answers that may be of the same type of issues. With support not answering, people will get frustrated maybe out of no reason.. having an open bugtracker means the userbase can point to this information and lay off the teams back a little.
  11. As i wrote: 15 minutes first time yesterday, then re-saved the file so i imagined after saving it in the beta version whatever made it load so slow would be fixed, it got faster but still veeeery slow. Also just out of interrest i checked the cpu and drives today.. interresting to see that all cores spike like crazy This is loading the saved file after starting 3DC for the first time today, so i have not had 3DC running before this test I loaded the original file again and it's about 4 - 5 minutes ( the file that took 15 minutes yesterday) so ther's no apparent difference between the original and the "re-saved" version. However, turning layers on/off make the CPU go crazy and spike the same way it does when opening the project.. which may explain why there is an apparent delay when doing so. Maybe there's a connection here why it takes so long to load the project if each layer has a inherent load time the whle CPU gets completely bogged down
  12. EDIT: Updated the time it takes, not horrendous but still.. very slow Not sure where i should post this.. it feels urgent.. but not SOS urgent. i'm using the latest BETA ( 049) Purchased a course yesterday where we get a model saved in native .3b format, (Surface sculpt object) and it took a whooping 15 minutes to load After re-saving the object with this beta version it still takes 3 minutes to load. Loaded the original project again and it take just shy under 5 minutes to load this file.. Even hiding / unhiding layers is a significant delay on and it's nearly unusable to work with snails in molasses feels faster I would think my computer is considered fast as even Zbrush feels snappy.. AMD 5950x 128Gb gSkill Ripjaw RAM 2x Kingston Fury Renegade 2TB NVMe SSD drives capable of shuffling 7000 mb/s R/W a 32 mil polygon object with 7 layers in Zbrush takes 4 seconds to load so i wonder why 3DCoat is so slow
  13. Thanks Carlosan, Yeah, rotate Alpha along brush stroke is obvious as it's in your face all the time, same goes for the static rotate, which to me seems less useful. The sequence though: Convoluted function 101? lol.. I can have a vivid imagination at times but knowing how "dumb" many apps are, "Hey., try this, then go buy a lottery ticket for figuring this out" Now, i rarely have to go into the manual to look something up but in this case, even after you telling about it i could not find it there, so this definitely should be highlighted. maybe create a new label in the Online manual under "Paint" ( or for all that benefit from it) and name it something like: "Special features" 1. If you Shift-select 2 or more brushes, 3DCoat will sequence these in random. .. if there are more features that is "hidden" it would make sense to highlight these in the manual aswell. I think there's some caveats here though: 1. Sequence brush doesn't seem to work in sculpt mode ( bug or not a feature?) 2. The random function doesn't check what number in the sequence has been used so it can play the same brush repeatedly. The Rotation option nicely avoids that "static pattern", so changing this to never play the same alpha twice in a row ( i mean successively.) will make it look even better... more so if the brushes are similar. 3. Selecting more than 2 brushes it would be nice to have a "Sequence spacing" option to override each individual brush
  14. Thanks, i see now it says "solution" to this request and that it's for paint room, i mentioned sculpt room, the primary request is for sculpt room as i can't make this work in sculpt room.. it was easy to get it working in paint room but i didn't realize there was such a function So, if this is a solution, how do i do this in Sculptroom? I can't make the "rotate" function do anything close to this exept statically rotate to some degree
  15. EDIT1: This post can safely be removed now as the suggestion was to get the "Auto select layer" function Zbrush has.. Setting the opacity to 100% would give this feature.. EDIT2: ..But..out of chance i have found that "Auto pick" actually is how zbrush prohibits accidentally changing things on other layers, Not sure if i accidentally have turned this on but think it was "On" by default.. Anyway, this feature suggestion is not really needed now. To make this software easier to learn, this is 1 feature that easily could have been made more obvious by placing it where the layers are in the layers panel.. Or the name could have been extended to "Auto Pick Layer".. "Auto Pick" is not the most self explanatory naming for this function imho when it's also placed in the menu. Another name here could be "Auto Select Layer" ====== Redundant text bla..bla..bla =============== Coming from Zbrush and only having to select a layer to sculpt on is something i miss a lot and find it very distracting to " see through" another layer i'm still counteracting against but now have a hard time deducing things without twisting and turning the object from different angles. Very distracting to say the least. So when this function already exist i don't see why it would be particularly hard to make this feature adjustable instead, Set the range between, maybe low as 30% to still keep it relevant as a "ghost" and the high value 100%, where it would mean 100% opacity i.e "no see through" , Users coming from Zbrush would feel right at home as this would be the same as just selecting the layer to "lock" everything else from accidental editing, users that find good use of this Ghost function in 3DC could set it to whatever level they need and still get the see though opacity.
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