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  1. A complete nuke and reinstall of Windows 11, Blender and 3dcoat solved this. Still amazed that its so hard to have something as a shared folder that involves reinstalling the OS
  2. Blender version is 4.1 installed to "C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 4.1\" 3dCoat is latest version (just upgraded to 3DCoat-2024-20) installed to "C:\Program Files\3DCoat-2024" Blender plugin exchange folder is C:\Users\*usrname*\Documents (*usrname* is replaced with real login name) Exporting from blender produced the 3DC2Blender folder in the exchange folder. Inside was exchange.txt with C:\Users\*usrname*\Documents\3DCoat\ There is no AppLinks folder in Documents When installed I was offered to update the applink which it did. I've tried both old and new and there is no difference, installing the new one just makes the 3dcoat popup disappear. I've reinstalled both, deep cleaned registrys etc. restore to defaults a few times but 3D-coat never sees the sent files. As I mentioned before I suspect that it because Documents is special if you have One-Drive installed and depending on which API is used to access the filesystem you either get the real Documents folder (which I think blender is using) or the special One-Drive documents folder (which I think 3d coat is seeing). Which is why the correct fix is just to let us specify the folder from both sides (Blender 3dcoat already lets us choose it) and stop trying to guess where 3dcoat expects it.
  3. Been through both those but still the same, as I mentioned it appears to be 3dcoat is 'in the wrong place', but there not really any description of where 3dcoat expects this applink data (I guess I could go look at the plugin itself). I really think the best solution (applink breaking has been something for the last 10 years) would be to let us set the folder manually in 3dcoat. No more guessing or trying to work around some OS thing (OneDrive is standard part of Windows 11 these days) and if the default don't work we could just set the shared folder on both sides of the applink.
  4. I've used the COAT_USER_PATH system environment variable to relocate the 3dcoat data to the c: version (not OneDrive) but still nothing. 3D Coat log doesn't output anything unusual except it has two paths for blender but there is only one (it thinks there is an old 3.7 version but thats been deleted). Really would be useful to be able to specify a directory to use from 3dcoat, then I could just point to the two app to the same folder and then problem solved.
  5. Updated to latest blender and 3dcoat and app link isn't working. In desperation deleted all configs of both, uninstalled and then reinstalled them. Completely new (including 3dcoat installing the new blender plugin) but applink still doesn't work. How do I set the folder(s) that 3dcoat looks in? The blender plugin is writing to the default export folder correctly but 3dcoat doesn't seem to notice. I do wonder if related to OneDrive doing weird things to the documents folder so I want to tell 3dcoat to not use the document folder but using the relocate user data option doesn't seem to do anything to the applink part. So how do I change where 3dcoat is looking for applink data? Thanks
  6. Repo steps Topo a head (or something of reasonable complexity), give its own group and move those polygon to that group. Create a new group and a few rings connecting this group to the head group. Hide the head group. Split ring Unhide head See the corruption, it should never corrupt the vertices, either the split ring should happen in the head (it shouldn't as it hidden but its more valid then corruption) or it should unlink the edge where the split has happened and pop up message saying hidden edge can't be split.
  7. Whilst its possible (likely) they are connected, it still shouldn't be corrupting them. There is no reason for hidden vertices to being thrown in to random positions. Any sensible geometry engine at this point, where some are clearly marked as 'not in play' should simple split them (disconnect) and leave them in the last known good position (with a nice warning to the user). Things I know to do it: Split ring as it seems it doesn't split into the hidden group and so freaks out. Use of symetry command - I think because its hidden it doesn't test the limit surface so again just throws vertices anywhere Sometimes Relax - again I think it can't relax probably in the hidden group but trys to. Not sure on this one. Corruption like this is never acceptable. Its a bug
  8. Its still doesn't explain why you have all the extra steps for vertex but not for edge and faces. Its called select tool, I select a vertex it doesn't select. Same tool in edge mode, selects an edge, same tool in face mode selects a face. Its not a big thing, its just an example of the UI/UX issues in general.
  9. Manually retopo'ed the head, add it to a poly group, hid it. Did some work woth on the body and legs, then unhid the head and its corrupted (polygons at the neck). This isn't the first time that hiding polygroups get corrupted, fix it up and a bit latter another group will get corrupted. So that its basically not possible to segment up the retopo process, as you can almost guarantee that working on one group will be corrupting a different hidden one *sigh*.
  10. But why doesn't it work on the normal select, that works for edges and faces? I literally click on it, you show the UI (yellow square) and then just don't bother to select it, its a perverse bit of UI. I don't need a separate mode, its literally how vertex select has worked since 8 bit 3d programs with these new fangled mouse things!
  11. Symmetry planes don't appear at various random times and have for a least a decade (its almost a meme for 3dcoat users from the past). You have to restart and then the symmetry plane becomes visible. Every few years I come back to 3dcoat and almost laugh that it still happens (it still happens)
  12. In the retopo room, using Select and Vertex mode fails to select a single vertex, it detects it (shows in the status bar) but on click it isn't selected (edge selection works exactly as suspected so its something to do with vertex mdoe). I suspect its the weird directional vertex selection thing as if I drag a direction it will select a bunch of vertices. Why its using that thing in vertex select thing at all, I don't know. Not having a good day with 3dcoat, auto-topo doesn't handle this mesh so having to use manual retop which has crashed several time with only a few polygons in and now found vertex select is broken. I'm still amused that the 10+ year bug relating to symmetry planes not always appearing until a restart still exists. That bug will legal to buy a beer soon!
  13. Not in a public place (it contains licensed material), if there is a private place I can upload it to?
  14. By bringing this particular mesh over from blender via the auto-retopo option Applink, I managed to get it to crash, so at least you have a probably related stack trace. The stack trace suggests it is related to having open UV edges but that just might be a false lead.
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