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  1. Just tried digman's solution - works! Thanks! It's a weird one that it messes up on mac and not PC Thanks Digman!
  2. I tried the latest Beta - same problem. Tried opening your file - opens with no textures and then importing one screws up the UVs again. I'll give it a try on windows tomorrow. Thanks very much for your help so far!
  3. Here's the file if you want to try! Photogrametry Model.zip
  4. Thanks Carlosan, I tried both of those processes. The first one brings to model in with what appears to be vertex colouring based on the texture but no detail and the other brings it in with the messed up UVs.
  5. I'm working on a retopology project converting high res mesh and textured photogrammetry buildings into game assets. I've previously used this workflow but I'm now having weird errors with it. Any help would be hugely appreciated as I'm on a tight deadline! I'm importing Reference Models using the standard import options on the File menu which has worked fine previously. I'm trying with a variety of different mesh resolutions from 50k up to 2 million and different textures from 2k unto 8k With the lower mesh res imports the UVs appear to be all messed up (see 50k Reference Model picture) but when performing retop on the model and baking it, the resulting textures are fine on the baked retop model - still messed up on the Reference Mesh though. Importing the 250k and above ones there is no texture on the mesh and baking doesn't have a texture. I can't find a way to add the missing texture to the Reference Mesh - tried the various texture imports but I'm guessing they're not related to the Reference Mesh. I've also attached an image of what the same 50k model looks like in Cheetah 3D - also imports fine into Unity3D. The meshes have all come from Zephyr. If I process them first in Cheetah they also loose their textures as obj and fbx. Is there a specific process to take photogrammetry models into 3D Coat I'm missing? (These are not solid models).
  6. I'm trying to import a simple low poly model to paint. It was initially working but now every time I try and import any model including the bundled ones, 3D-Coats display starts flickering (like a driver issue) and the program locks up. Everything else in the program is working fine. BUILD: Happens with Current Stable, V3.0 and 3.5.24 OS:OSX Lion HARDWARE: (If applicable) 8 Core Mac Pro BUG DESCRIPTION: Display Lock up and flicker. STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Open 3D Coat, import model either from opening window, or import menu. Crash.