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  1. Ashe

    modo AppLink

    the Unreal method uses a binary plugin, not a script. Doesn't make a difference really as AFAIK Python has full SDK access in Modo. I could use a working Modo applink as I am currently doing a tutorial series on Youtube and when i hit the UV mapping and texturing part, I'm going to be doing that in 3dcoat.
  2. Ashe

    modo AppLink

    ok, still didn't make any difference.
  3. Ashe

    modo AppLink

    That's all. That python stuff appears in the log when you first open the applink window. none of the first page buttons do anything.
  4. Ashe

    modo AppLink

    I'd have to go try it again to even find out.
  5. Ashe

    modo AppLink

    Has anyone gotten this working in Modo 12? Its not doing anything for me here...
  6. Ashe

    3d coat on convertible laptop or Microsoft Surface

    The Wacom isn't really any better than the Surface Pro 2 or 3.. or the HP Pro x2 612, which also uses a Wacom digitizer and Intel graphics. the advantage to the Wacom is that it can be plugged into your desktop pc and used as a Cintiq- well, at least the V1 version could.
  7. ... and wasn't available in 1990.
  8. Lightwave was $995 in 2000 and ran on off-the-shelf PCs. Roughnecks was produced 99% on off-the-shelf PCs that we built, with TNT2 graphics cards, and the renderfarm was mostly Celeron 300A-366As depending on what was the best bang for the buck that month.
  9. Ashe

    [Paint] Save Paint Settings

    Ah ok, is this in both 3.7 and 4.x?
  10. Which could, by definition, be done with a procedural noise generator. In my case, I'm not even worried about Nodals.... A first step would be- well, all the procedurals from Steve Worley's old book....
  11. Ashe

    multicore optimizing

    Use some other diagnostic tools and look at your memory bandwidth use...
  12. call it making presets, or saving settings, often when painting in 3dcoat i find myself needing to go back to a setup i was using earlier, where it is a brush with the same texture overlay, color, opacity, etc etc... and having to try and remember all of these is a pain. I'd like to be able to make a preset i can go back to just by clicking on it. Often, I actually know I'll be going back to something like this and really could use the ability to save it. *points to the pile of notes on his desks with texture settings on them* (OF course, if this already exists, point out where...)
  13. Ashe


    LightWave gets used all over TV and some use in feature films. Why? Inexpensive per-license price, and an individual Lightwave animator can usually be expected to know more than one segment of the program. While it may not be as 'deep' as Maya, the UI is more used-friendly coupled with a fast renderer that is easy to produce good quality in. Unlike Maya, it doesn't choke on high polygon counts. It also has a very capably polygonal and subdivision surface modeller. Having used LW for almost 20 years (well, 18 years at this point) and having picked up Max and Maya, and having tried to use Blender for some Second Life stuff, I can say LW has a very workable UI without having to dig through pages of menus to do things ( or switching between three 'modes' and hitting multiple sub-tabs just to do something that is at most one or two mouse clicks in any other 3D software... Yes, I am talking about Blender versus commercial 3d apps.)
  14. Need a rock-solid 10 megabit/s net connection to really use these interactively.
  15. Ashe

    3dcoat doesn't want to paint!

    Ok, I couldn't figure it out and re-imported the mesh and restarted