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  1. I'm currently working on some Retopo. I've always liked 3d coat and its retopo tools, but recently I feel certain things are slowing me down. I've been using hotkeys and stacks to speed up which I enjoy. The Select tool seems slow though. Is there a way to use Lasso/Marquee tool to select verts,edges, and faces? Thanks
  2. Is there a way to change the color/material of the reference mesh and the retopo mesh?
  3. alan f

    Zoom/clipping distance for retopo

    I was having issues similar to this not to long ago. One of the problems was that my mesh was my reference mesh was too small. I would want to to work on certain areas but zooming to certain areas of my retopo mesh were to small for the retopo tools to work. My workaround was to make a copy of the reference mesh in my main modeling app or retopo mesh if you already made one and scale it up and import back to 3dcoat. That allowed me to zoom into small areas and work with no issues. But to get to your point try to lower the Z-bias value to keep the camera from clipping the retopo mesh.
  4. alan f

    Retopo: Move tool and subobject selection

    No its not. It usually happens when I'm trying to move verts above or to the surface of the reference mesh but instead the vert/edge decides to go under the reference mesh. I have to then hide my reference mesh and pull out the vert/edge like that. Sometimes Auto Snap helps in that respect but not all the time.
  5. I'm currently using the Move tool in Retopo room and every time I move a vert,edge, or face it seems to move it in screen-space which becoming annoying. It moves within or too far outside of my Reference mesh. I have to keep on moving the camera around the selection to get it where I have to move. I've tried with Auto Snap with all three options but that only works sometimes. Is there a way to lock the movement to an axis like x,y, or z within the Move tool? I've also tried using the Select tool but that seems to be slow in selection. If I select a couple of edges then use the Transform tool to move in an axis, but then want to add more edges or remove edges from my selection I have to hit Esc key to return to Select and then hit Tranform to continue moving. Seems like if even that process was seamless that it would go much faster. For example, just combining the ability to select subobjects and use the Transform tool or with the Move tool holding shift,ctrl-shift,alt-shift to lock the movement of the subobjects to an axis. Thanks
  6. Is there a way to select overlapping faces? I accidently made a copy of the mesh in the same layer without realizing it. Now some of the parts are welded with the copied mesh. Selecting a face and growing that selection is not working. If I try to export that mesh to clean it up in 3ds max for example, 3d coat crashes. Looks like 3d coat doesn't like the overlapping faces. Thanks
  7. alan f

    Retopo: selecting overlapping faces

    What I'm wondering is what I did in the first place to duplicate my retopo mesh in the same layer. It would seem that a dialogue of some sort would pop up and ask to Duplicate or not if I hit a hotkey or button accidently. Thanks
  8. alan f

    Retopo: selecting overlapping faces

    It seemed like I must of accidently merged verts when I used the move tool because I tried the Select tool with faces on and grew that selection in hopes that it would grab one of the duplicated meshes but that didn't work. On a different instance it did work because the duplicated mesh did not have merged verts with the original. I took the same mesh into 3ds max and used select by subobject Element and it grabbed the whole mesh that was duplicated. So I'm not sure why in 3d coat the mesh looked like it had verts welded.
  9. I'm using the quads tool but every time I draw a new quad it gives the quads a new color and green color seam where they connect. Any idea if this is a setting that can be turned off? In my Retopo Objects panel, all the quads are being drawn in the same layer. I do know that if I have two meshes in the same layer and are not connected they have different colors but I know this is not the case with the new quads that are being drawn. I seems like as I draw new quads and adds new UVs to it? and that is why it gets a new color. Thanks
  10. Is this a setting that can be turned off in the menu? I tried what you suggested and only worked on a few seams. Seems like "Mark Seams" only works on certain seams or is it supposed to select all seams? Thanks
  11. alan f

    Retopo: selecting overlapping faces

    I would like to show an image but I can't, I'm using 3d coat at work. Unfortunately the mesh is too complex for me to fiddle around, but thanks for your suggestion Tony Nemo. Exporting the mesh with "Export Selected" as an obj worked. Quickly cleaned it up in 3ds max by selecting by element and deleting. The regular "Export" was making 3d coat crash. Thanks
  12. alan f

    Retopo mesh/Reference mesh change color?

    Thanks Timmy, I'm in retopo mode but when I go to sculpt mode my reference mesh disappears. When I try to open the shader panel from retopo mode it doesn't allow me to select a shader. How do I make the reference mesh appear again in Sculpt mode?
  13. alan f

    Retopo mesh/Reference mesh change color?

    thanks stusutcliffe, A co-worker helped me out with that one. The one I haven't figured out yet is changing the color for the reference mesh.
  14. Does anyone know a workaround to this issue? I'm trying to paint over the seams of my model but it seems that where there are uv splits the colored layer mip-maps. I know there is plenty of space between the uv islands. Could it be a smoothing group issue?
  15. Is there a way to use the clone surface tool over multiple layers. For example I bring in a lowpoly model with Uvs, then import my normal map, diffuse, and specular map. There are noticable seams that I want to paint over using the Clone surface tool over all 3 layers at the same time. Thanks.
  16. My guess this is not possible in 3d coat? I would seem more of a PBR feature like Substance Painter has.
  17. Thanks for the suggestion carlosan. That is one option I didn't know of 3d coat. I'm using the latest version, it seems like the issue is still occuring and pixel painting not taking into account that there isn't any edge padding. Any other ideas?
  18. I've been testing out Paint with splines Tool Options. It seems slow for me to draw out the points to create the splines. Is it possible in 3d coat to create a vert,edge or polygon selection and make that a spline selection? Maybe go into Tweak or Retopo mode and make a polygon selection and save that selection out and load it "Restore" in Paint with Splines toolbar? Thanks.
  19. alan f

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    very cool busts Leigh. Loving the style, they feel lively!
  20. alan f

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Nice update Leigh. This creature you are sculpting makes sense, its organic and hardsurface. Would be nice to see how you do all this in a training. Maybe 1 dvd for sculpting--voxel to hires, 1 dvd for (gamelow poly) or film topology and uv, baking, and 1 dvd for texturing and throwing it in marmoset or some game engine. I would buy it for sure. I've seen your previous tuts and they are awesome. Your ogre tutorial in zbrush is what got into 3d.
  21. alan f

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    The marmoset shot is looking nice Leigh, that metal is sure shining, looks very believable. On the low poly I think you could have reduced, especially above the large engravement. Its kinda hard to describe without the actual model to show you. But I'm sure you know about inner and outer silhouette. But for you, those are some mad!! voxel skills. Thats a skill I would like to pickup soon. Would you say its faster to sculpt the magnum vs. modeling it?
  22. alan f

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    Way to go Leigh! Loving the new gun. I really like how you treated those nice curves and that small horse engrave is a nice touch.
  23. alan f

    another Sketchthread!

    Awesome work Markus! Loving the feel of Arnie. Feels like real flesh to me. The only crit I have is from the profile view, his ankles might be too thick? I know your not done with it, hope it helps.
  24. alan f

    Metha`s Workshop

    Oh wow! Your Iratus bug is awesome. Did you design it? I really like how you treated the forms. Makes me want to go try 3d coat even more..haha.
  25. alan f

    Marupura's sketchbook

    awesome work! im a fan of your style. i like the way you sculpt your organics. Alan.