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  1. I done to install the latest (40, windows). Some times it looks that an installer will hang up. Let us retry installing over again.
  2. Sorry, this was completely my mistake. Correctly, as mentioned me by tokikake, Blender can't assign *INDIVIDUAL* UV maps each a polygon.(One vertex/polygon is included by ALL UVmaps) As Carlosan said, 3dcoat does not, 3Dcoat can assign only one UV map to a polygon. (One polygon is included by ONE of UVsets) > There is no ability to assign different UV maps to the same polygon.  Attached FBX(Ascii), uvmaps_test.fbx, has multi UVmaps, when it's imported to 3dcoat, then we can see all UV maps wrote on the file, but 3dcoat does not know that polygon must be included by which UV set is. If so, for re-painting, I should just consolidate all UV maps to one on blender when that object has many materials. This works well for me because I just wanted re-painting. But this may not be any help for other workflow. I would say that may not necessarily need to separate objects/retopo-groups. uvmaps_test.fbx
  3. hmm, okay. It's sure that Blender's multi UV for an object, particular a relationship of material and UVmap, may be not obvious for other program. When I would like to import and repaint a model once exported, if it has multi UVs, I should duplicate it so that has one UV per a model, and just import one each time, and import texture, repaint it, then export it. That's not so difficult, but it makes me wanna get a .... color palette or custom swatches. Thank you all.
  4. I see. (Un)Fortunately that's not problem for me because also Blender can't assign 2 or more UV maps to one vertex.
  5. Is that a spec? Exporting can put multiple UVs but Importing means, sadly, that we can't re-paint the model after once writing out.
  6. When it's imported from Blender, now I can see model set on Y-up system correctly. Thank you! (2021.37) But for a model that has multiple UVs, only one UV is imported another are still broken.
  7. Sorry, this was not a bug. For sculpt room, it was not that symmetried part appeared in realtime.
  8. Symmetry does not work in sculpt (2021.33). It reproduced also 2021.22. In 22, Symmetry won't be appeared only for sub-volumes. But now it does not work for all.
  9. In Modeling room, gizmo will attempt to move itself against at scaling when I would like to scale 3D primitive by gizmo. (2021.22) bridge.3b_ - 3DCoat 2021.22 2021-08-19 12-33-52.mp4
  10. Will baking shader force to put padding onto textures? I want have any process won't put any padding because I want use alpha channel. Then I tried texture editor to remove padding. However, in texture editor, eraser will be always smooth tool like as SHIFT modifier pressed despite no SHIFT key pressed. So I can't clean padding up.
  11. 'V' key did not work for me. So I rebind the key, hit 'END' then 'V', saw a message said that key is already used for "Pick Color/Depth/Grossiness". Then I ignored that, pressed "Redefine" then it's back to work. Something wrong for key binding.
  12. In retopo room, 3dcoat never remember Tool Option, "Auto Snap" checkbox. And this is not always reproduced but, it might be unable to undo second of steps or more over in retopo.
  13. Hello, people who miss crease clay. Here I'm trying to get it back. Hope this help.