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  1. Hi about Cuda acceleration under Linux I have to do something?¿... I remind when I used 3dCoat some years ago, appears a menu comment something about Cuda... In blender appears I have GPU acceleration but int 3dCoat version 4.8.20A I can find those option. I have to do something?¿, I think I have Cuda SDK installed. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hi there my new Iván J from Spain, I bought 3dCoat a lot of time ago, perhaps more then 5 years, I remind was the 3.7 version for my dead mac mini. Now I begin with Godot engine , some people said will be the new Unity3d (at least more people said is better to use than Unity), and 3dCoat with Blender really works fantastic, I think it the "trio of Ases". In my past I was using 3ds Max , Cinema 4d, Photoshop and all this things of Windows, but someyears ago I will turn only to OpenSource and Software on my economy can permit me. Another personal point, I love the 8 bits machines, I like program in C++ and Arduino experiments. This is a bit from me (and my very bad english), thanks for accept to the forum , and I hope learn a lot of 3d coat. Iván J
  3. AbnRanger thanks for your reply. I'm newbie and for now I don't know how works the things... thanks for your time and reply
  4. Hi is possible have an APPLink for Godot Engine, is an Free OpenSource Engine very interesting... I'm learning now and can do very impressive things... Thanks. https://godotengine.org/ Interesting things can achieve the engine.
  5. Hi CarloSan , thanks my license of win have it (I use under wine), but Linux, no have instant meshes?¿, the source code of Instant Meshes runs under Linux too. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Hi I'm newbie using 3dCoat(I bought the license some years ago) but now using 3dCoat on Linux, I notice don't have the instant meshes "plugin" , in Windows have it. I have to do something special or I have to download a Beta version?¿. Thanks in advance for your help and time, and sorry for my very bad English. mentalthink.
  7. Hi it's possible add support for Shiva3d (I don't say for this Release, but in a future?¿, I see for Unity the users have an applink, but for Shiva3d (perhaps I'm the only one user) we don't. If the poeple don't meets Shiva3D it's something similar to Unity (I think more easy), but without expensive price and working in a bunch of platforms... Thanks in advance.
  8. Hola Moska from where?¿ Madrid?¿ Barna?¿... Thanks for the Welcome, we'll speak about Coat3d... for now I'm simply loving the soft, it's hyper easy do things than anothers softwares needs picks 1 hundred times buttons... :X Regards
  9. Hi there!!!, I newbie here warning!!! HI, my name's Iván but I'm Spaninsh not Russian, I think I'm logged in the forum make sometimes, but yesterday I bought my license of 3d Coat, I put the eye in this soft make a lot of time, and I tryed Zbrush(horrible the shortcuts)... When arrives the V4 I love the interface, and I test the program, simply I love, it's very easy to understand, and in only a few minuts you have a general idea how works the soft... About me , I'm infographist or 3d Artist, or a try to be... My common tools are 3DS Max a bit deprecated I chage to Cinema 4D, but I continue using, I'm learning a bit of blender, from the change of UI it's very cool and easy to understand, and PS and another tools but I only used in very specifics times. Well I hope not diturb too much, first for my ugly English and second for make too much questions , I hope help to the community in something and learn a lot... Thanks for leave part of the Community and thanks to Andrew for make this Awesome soft, Iván J... commonly mentalthink
  10. @herve_bis,@tree321 Thanks for your wellcoming!!!, in my free time, I have to take a look, more deeply to 3D coat, but whit the new Applink plugin, it´s very very useful, whit the great 3D suites... I hope help in somthing in the forum... Kinds Regards, and thanks again for the Wellcoming...
  11. HI my name´s Iván from Spain, I´m 3D modeller and now indie game Developer, I´m working usually whit 3Ds Max , Cinema 4D, Silo, and another post-producction Soft, like After FX, and Phostoshop. I look 3D Coat from a while, and I love it, I donwload the free tryout, and I thinking to buy the Educational license... I try another soft like Zbrush and MudBox, but I think I´m more accomodate whit 3D Coat... I hope lear a great amount in the forum, and help in the possibilities a I can help another people... Kinds Regards, Iván J. PS: Sorry for my English, but sometimes not it´s enough for expressed correctly, sorry in advance for this disturb.
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