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  1. Richard A.


    Ah, OK. Thank you
  2. Richard A.


    Hi, Just downloaded the newest version of 3DCoat but instead of asking if I want to upgrade my current version it's wanting to install to a whole new directory folder. I can't remember if that's the norm for 3DCoat. If so I'm good to go but if there is a way to force it to upgrade to the current 3D Coat folder please let me know. Thanks Richard
  3. Richard A.

    Is there a way to auto straighten UV's?

    Hi, Say I have a pair of shorts I've modeled and then I UV them but the uv's turn out with curves at the top where the waistband would be and the bottom where the shorts "cuff" area would be. Is there a way to have 3DCoat make both the bottom and top straight so texturing with with seamless tiles looks correct? Thanks so much Richard
  4. Richard A.

    Paint over seams

    Not sure as I don't know the program well enough to evaluate what tools I need to complete this. I did try the Copy/Paste tool and found it worked OK but still not going to be acceptable to put this product in the store at Renderosity as there are still noticeable seams when I conform the genital prop to the Genesis 8 Male body. So I've sent this off to a friend to look over since she's more of an expert than I am about this stuff. I will check this out though, the description looks like something I can make use of if not for this for other operations!
  5. Richard A.

    Paint over seams

    Is there a work flow or a video showing this? Here is my work flow. I have a model and another model (the Genitals) exported as one but not conformed as when the gens are conformed it actually hides part of the main torso's geometry. So in order to keep the full maps for the torso from the figure in place I have to do it that way. So what I need to do is to have the skin and what hairy bits from the torso transfered to the gens so when they are conformed to the figure they are seamless. Hopefully that makes more sense. It's too bad most forums don't allow nudity as I would post images to show the blatant differences between my attempts in Photoshop, which are not a good match... :-(
  6. Richard A.

    Paint over seams

    Hi, Old newbie here..... I need a tutorial on how to paint over seams. I have a character I'm working on for DAZ Studio. So the male character has genitals that can be brought in. I have that object mapped but the pubic area of at the top of the object needs to match the Torso texture. I did just an OK job in Photoshop and it was suggested that I blend the materials in a 3D paint program or that part of the product won't be acceptable for the store when it's ready to be released. So far I have the Genesis 8 Male with it's genital prop conformed, exported at the lowest resolution from DAZ Studio as an obj file. I've also got the figures imported into 3D Coat and the needed diffuse maps applied to the figures. I've got the file saved as a 3D Coat project file. I did try to figure it out myself but I made a mess of things so I'm reaching out for a, hopefully, video tutoral on painting over seams and blending maps to look seamless. Thanks so much Richard
  7. Richard A.

    Need help with skin

    Cool video. Learned some stuff. Thank you. Thanks Michael for the email. Sent you another for more clarification on some other bits I downloaded with my purchase.
  8. Richard A.

    Need help with skin

    OK, learned something from the video tutorial, thanks very much but my question would be to be able to just go and blur out specific areas, like is there a blur or smooth texture brush? I've got a few areas that I didn't see in DAZ Studio when rendering but see clearly in 3DC around the ears where the textures are not blended nicely and wanted to blur/blend those out a little bit into the face and ears areas but then I need to know how to use the materials brush to put back in needed detail that will be lost. I looked over some of the other tutorials but they are pretty old so the tools are showing up as different and didn't find on on a blur or smoothing brush....
  9. Richard A.

    Need help with skin

    Oh goodie, I love video tutorials. OH and I got both of the skin packs. UH, there are ALLOT of files and folders I have NO IDEA where to install any of this and the person that made these didn't include a readme with instructions! See the image screenshot. Ignore the "!Installed and Substance Painter" folders one has the ZIPS inside and the other is for Substance Painter, which I have too but I'd rather concentrate on 3DCoat. There is one for Quixel too, which I have as well but can't figure out which folder those files are in!
  10. Richard A.

    Need help with skin

    Thanks. I'll for sure get these but still need help understanding how to adjust what I have as the skin from this other merchant has all the tiles for various parts of the body like eyelids, ears and other delicate skin areas of the body so it would be nice to know how to adjust these within 3DL to get them lightened or darkened up, change the hue a bit and saturation where needed. Any help with that? Thanks for the link!
  11. Richard A.

    Need help with skin

    Hi, Trying to familiarize myself as much as possible with the painting tools. As mentioned in the "Introduce Yourself" thread I am working in the small cottage industry of Poser/DAZ Studio. My beta testers found a few seams in my skin I made partially from resources and my works in Photoshop so looking for a way to blend out the seams on the maps as well as other bits. I tried my hand as making a material using some merchant skin resources and while I like them they are way to dark for my needs and I assumed I could lighten them up using the Material Editor but I had no such luck making that happen so not sure what to there besides doing all the lightening up in Photoshop and saving them back out. Also wondering about the fall off of the brushes and if I can control those a bit more as I want to really feather out the edges allot so I can retain allot of the detail I have already but blend it out with the overlay of the new material. When I imported the "Tina" obj I opted for the breaking it all up into various bits so I think I made a mistake doing that so I'll probably have to reimport her and keep it simple (head, limbs, legs) so I don't have to keep switching around. Also, is there a way to import and entire folder of materials rather than just one at a time? I'm sure there must be a way but ..... Thanks for the help, hopefully! Richard
  12. Richard A.

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi all, Old newbie here. Been playing with 3DC for years now but as I've been getting more and more involved with the small cottage industry of Poser/DAZ Studio I wanted to get more familiar with 3DC for things like making skin maps and morphs and what not. I am 56 years old and I currently reside in the overly expensive area of Redwood City, California. I've always been known as the "class clown" in about every circle in RL and on line so I may, in time, get silly and hopefully crack you up.... or not... but that's not my problem! Enjoying a mostly tolerable mild summer but I really want more rain, I do NOT want to go back to a drought situation any time soon, no fun, considering I work my real job doing hair so washing hair, rinsing out color and perms is just so wasteful but can't be avoided. Any who hopefully the friendly folks here will tolerate my many questions as they come up. My current works are creating products for Hivewire 3D's Dusk and Dawn figures, currently finishing up the brother and sister Tommy and Tina for them. I'm pretty good in Photoshop and ZBrush and want to get much better in 3DC as I get more and more familiar with the many tools in this wondrous program. Thanks for the help in the past... now to go make a thread about skin help I need..... Richard
  13. Richard A.

    Registering 3DCoat concern

    Thanks so much, I'll pass on the information to my bud then!
  14. I have a buddy on another forum that thinks that you have to have an "always on" internet connection to run 3DCoat. I mentioned that I think once he has it registered he wouldn't need to have that particular computer connected to the internet. Part of the concern is, as it is for many of us these days, are worms and viruses and ransom ware that would get into the system so having a work machine that's NOT connected the internet is feeling safer. So wondering for his desires .... Thanks so much Richard
  15. Richard A.

    Need help with a tattoo placement