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  1. I just got your email about the mess there in the Ukraine thanks to that idiot Putin. I'm so sorry you and your countrymen (and women) are going through this. I do not wish Putin or his ilk well being. He is evil in my book. Please stay safe and if you have to go, please find a safe place to thrive!
  2. Way ahead of you but nothing so far.
  3. Hi, So finally got Windows 11 set up on my new rig so I've been out of the loop for a little while. So I'm at SLACK chatting with a friend, she basically tells me she can't live without Substance Painter so after some hemming and hawing about it I give in and get a sub for it. Well it's not as intuitive as one might think. Baking is a nightmare if you don't know what your doing (raises hand) and setting up the various layers to get anything done is really confusing at times. So I THINK I'm ready to dive back into 3DCoat but I'd rather stick with just the painting program "Textura" as that's all I really need. Honestly, I'm not sure if setting up the model went sideways or what but if I'm going to get my head around all this I need help from someone that knows the ins and outs of importing in a model with UDIM's and getting the existing textures in and wondering if I use the baking tool will that generate normals, SSS and Bump maps from the Diffuse? Supposedly I can do that in SP but I never got there and the Adobe forums for SP are .... just no one is helping there, it's like a deserted town there most of the time. As someone that needs a community to help out I just can't put my faith in Adobe at this point, it's literally pointless. So if this community is up for the task then I'll jump into the buying a copy of Textura and moving forward in this arena. Please let me know if you work with humanoid figures and know how to set things up properly and can teach me to import, apply the textures and if baking can generate the needed "internal" maps like Normals.. et all. Thanks so much Richard
  4. Good. There are changes to the context menu so look out for that too. I actually like it for the most part, it's all truncated but there is a little bit on the bottom that allows you to expand it fully with all the right click menu entries. I really like the cut, copy, paste, delete and rename icons for that. Right up at the top and pretty easy to remember! Have fun!
  5. The funny thing with all the hallaballoo with Windows 11 is that folks think it's a completely different OS. It's not, it's basically Windows 10.5. I installed it yesterday and it's fine. All my programs work fine including 3DCoat. The only thing I hate and I'm sure there will be an update is that I run a dual monitor and when the OS first boots up all the icons and folders are over on the smaller monitor and then the system refreshes after a minute and it's all spread back out and in order as it should be. So that's my only niggle with 11 so far. PS, you don't have to reinstall ANYTHING! So don't worry!
  6. So started to test this AM. NOPE, I can't seem to paint across seams. Is there a toggle or something I have to check off to allow for this? I tested and I just used a brush with a bright green and it's only painting on the limbs, not the torso too!
  7. *sigh* yea, that was it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR So now I should be able to paint across seams?
  8. OK, got it updated properly but now I've noticed something odd. If I choose the Head/Face UV I get the lined UV's but if I choose either the Limbs or the Torso the lines won't show and I get that strange note from the program I posted above so not at all sure what's going on there. I'm using the base of the figure so there are not subdivisions or anything done to the OBJ. Just raw from the Geometries folder!
  9. 2021.57 is the version I'm using. I tried to update it and THOUGHT I had but doesn't look like it took and yes, I restarted the program. The figure itself is fine and UV'd nicely but the maps themselves are showing part of the bleed line on the map so not sure what's going on there because when I check it in Photoshop the bleed line is outside of the UV line, not inside it but on the model it's showing a little bit inside. It's very strange to me but if I can figure out a way to paint over seams I can correct it. The model belongs to RPublishing so I'm not sure it's OK to share proprietary obj files!
  10. So either that's broken in Textura or something is up with my installation!
  11. I tried that but the program doesn't show the wireframe. I get this little pop up when I click that button/bar for Wireframe
  12. Where you see the little bit of darkness along the poly line that's where the Torso and the Limbs come together and that's where there is a very noticeable seam. At first I thought it was my bump and normals but as it turns out there is some bad seams so that means I have to redo the normals, specular, bump and all the rest when I get this done. Grrrrrrrrr
  13. Sorry, I had to go exercise and do errands. So here is the Wireframe and the flat layout combo. This is from Textura. The Wireframe button in the UV area doesn't seem to do anything but there was an option to turn on Wireframe from View dropdown menu.
  14. Yes, this video I've seen before, it's old and while it's got good basic info it doesn't cover working across seams and that's what I need to know.
  15. Thanks, I'll check it out. I tried on my own but getting the program to paint over seams wasn't working for me so I'm doing something wrong!
  16. See image below. I need simple instructions on how to fix these seams using like a stamp brush or other means to get rid of the noticeable seam you can see in this screen grab below. Thanks so much Richard
  17. Thank you! I'll check it out! How many sub divide levels should I export the figure with? I do remember trying something similar in ZBrush a while back and had it up to 6 sub divides but of course that causes the program to slog through any operation after that!
  18. Here is what I'm asking I have a human figure, there are three maps, a Head, Limbs and Head map, I loaded those into their respective UV areas and now what I need 3DCoat to do for me is to create maps like Normal, Bump, Specular and so forth. Is there a way to tell 3DCoat to do this and if so how do I go about making that happen? Thanks so much!
  19. Shouldn't there be a smart import feature to get all that done?? If not, there should be!
  20. Very much looking forward to 3DCoatTextura! Is there any pricing for that as of yet? Honestly this is one of the main reasons I play around in 3DCoat so having it as a separate application sounds AWESOME!
  21. It's a model made by someone else. With as large as the saved file is I would THINK that the all the needed info is in there. What is your email address so I can hook you up via Dropbox, you can PM me here with it if it's too weird to post it here!
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