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  1. I'm trying to create a new UV set for an existing model using 3DCoat, and everything goes smoothly until I try loading the new UVs in my rendering software. Other UV editing tools seem to work fine but 3DCoat keeps producing stray polygons that aren't mapped properly. I can only assume that it's something to do with the vert order compared to the base mesh but I don't know why 3DCoat would be changing things with other apps don't and I can't find anywhere to adjust any settings related to this. Does anyone know of a way for me to prevent the altering of vert order?
  2. DTFrontMan

    3DCoat Won't Start When Tablet's Plugged In

    Has there been any update on this? I would really like to purchase this program, but I need it to work with my tablet. It's a regression bug, seeing as how V2 works perfectly fine. If I do buy the newest version, would I be able to use V2 as well? It would be a way around this issue, otherwise I don't know that I can put the money down.
  3. DTFrontMan

    3DCoat Won't Start When Tablet's Plugged In

    That thread only pertains to Wacom tablets, which isn't what I have. I've only just recently installed the drivers so there shouldn't be an issues there (isn't with any other programs). After posting here last night I uninstalled V3.5 and installed V2. This version works perfectly with the tablet, loads up fine and has no issues with pressure.
  4. Hello, I'm currently using the latest stable release (demo) after trying to newest beta (which gave me the same issue). The program refuses to start when my tablet is plugged in, yet starts and works normally when it's not. I've noticed issues with Wacom tablets, but I'm not sure if this is related. My tablet is not a Wacom, rather one of the tablets available from Monoprice.com (I own the 5x4 and the 12x9). Both of these tablets work perfectly in every other program I've used them in. If I open the program without the tablet plugged in then plug it in once the program is running, I'm able to use the tablet just fine aside from pressure. Is there something I could do to fix this? I've been searching for a 3D paint program that suits my needs and this is by far the best for what I'm doing. If it doesn't work with my hardware though I just can't use it. Thank you