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  1. jburford

    Primitive Tool not Adding Sphere to a New Layer

    Odd, in 4.5.19, if it is outside of the Mannequin Voxel Tree, and a Voxel Representation, it does not work. If it is however a Surface Representation, then it does work! But, in 4.1.00, it works in the Voxel Representation Mode and Surface Representation Mode. Go Fish. That is, at least on my System!
  2. jburford

    Primitive Tool not Adding Sphere to a New Layer

    Using 4.5.19 Cuda GL64, yes, hitting Apply or the Enter Key. Hmnn, wonder if I should try an older version and test? Also, using Windows 7, 64Bit Pro with SP1 and 12 GB of RAM on a HP Z600 with 1 Quad-Core Zeon CPU. Voxel Sculpting Mode. Interesting, if I use an older Version, 4.1.00, it adds the New Layer into the Mannequin Object and it works! Hmnn.
  3. Primitive Tool not Adding Sphere to a New Layer, ok, finally after not really doing to much with 3D Coat, shame on me, am trying to dig back into it again. In working with the Mannequin Preset, and trying to add a Space Helmet, simply a Sphere to then work with, for the Life of Job, I can not add it to a Layer by it's self, only to the existing Mannequin Preset Layer. Why is this? Ok, it looks like it only works in Surface Representation, or adding to such a Layer. Will up a Screenshot of it. Did look at using Models, and then Sphere from there, but not able to get it positioned perfect like the otther way. Cheers, Jeff
  4. Hope is ok to post here, sort of Noob question. Have been working on a tree in 3D Coat, but wondering the best route to get it exported out, and also if it is possible to Bake the Shaders Out so that it looks like it does in 3D Coat. If I export it out normally, then comes out fine, but of course all as one Mesh, no real way of adjusting all the parts or as seperate Surfaces (of course not). But would be great to be able to do so when going over to say Cinema 4D or Lightwave. If I try to Retopo I think this will be a mess, at least the Auto Retop was... (probably my fault). What is the best route to go about this? Cheers, JEff
  5. There must be something very strange with your setup or such as I have almost never ever had any such problems over the past 4 years regardless of version. Odd Graphic Drivers? Norton Anti-Virus? Low memory..... what is your setup?
  6. Voxel with Multiple Layers, but use Surface/Rapid Tool accross all? Am keeping the layers for better control later, but is it possible to work with the Surface Rapid Tool accross all Layers at the same time without flattening out?
  7. jburford

    3Dcoat on Asus's Ep121 Windows7 Slate

    There should be an option in the settings of the SpaceNav/Mouse Software to deactivate the LEDs.
  8. jburford

    Lightwave user. Help with displacement Maps exported to LW

    You might want to cross post on the Newtek Forums, perhaps someone can help you with the Nodes and such into LW. Unfortunately, I have only dabbled in Nodes, and still learning 3DC. However, as abnranger states, LW does not support Ptex, pretty certain of that. Perhaps you just pulling in a standard texture?
  9. jburford

    LiveClay menu missing

    I do not see any LC Menus or such that I can see...... Show Beta Tools is clicked..
  10. jburford

    Soft Stroke

    In watching one of the Voxel Videos that I downloaded earlier, they are showing a Soft Stroke (similar to Lazy Mouse), which for the live of Job, I am not able to find in 3D Coat Version 3.7. Is there a trick to it, or was it taken out?
  11. jburford

    3.0 :)

    Congratulations!!! Best of all to you and your family... Keep up the good work!