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  1. greglo

    Normal Map on Box is strange. Help the box.

    Changing Blend mode dont convert a diffuse map to normal map automatically ——— Well that explains it! Thanks Carlosan, I'll investigate the file later. So you recommend me to get a program to convert the painted diffuse into a normal map? Edit: Is there a suitable program for Mac? I lost access to Windows a year ago unfortunately.
  2. greglo

    Normal Map on Box is strange. Help the box.

    Hello It removed the odd border, that's good. But the normal map is still broken. On top: crevice between wood is black: On side: crevices are white: How do I fix this? Thanks, from greglo.
  3. Hello, I made 1m cube in modo, a standard one with standard cube UVs, and painted it in 3DC using the cartoon wood smart material. Then I tried to duplicate it as a normal map but the sides are using different shades from each other. But when only colour is displayed the sides are OK. Please help my box. While I'm here, the text boxes for renaming and numbering do not work with the on-screen keyboard, at least on OSX. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks, greglo
  4. greglo

    Deleted Smart Materials,

    Hello, I accidentally deleted some smart materials in the paint room. I re-installed 3D Coat (on MacOSX), but they are still missing. How can I get them back? Thanks, Greglo.
  5. I think he means $120 (which is price now) plus the added value ($20), which gives $140 (which itself is what it will increase to after the 15th. This is $40+ cheaper than if you were to buy 3.0 at a cost of $180-$200. Yes?
  6. greglo

    3D-Coat 2.10 BETA2

    Hi all, With the game Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, if the user is connected to the Internet, then you must login to your account, if you are offline, then you need to make sure you have the disc in the drive (if you log in you don't need the disk). Because of this, I do not think it is illegal to connect to a server, but like some have said, a few people are paranoid, and some just dislike the idea in general. But I do not think there will really be a problem if everything runs fine offline, as opposed to being only able to run 3dc while online (that would suck). I am also a bit concerned about the 2 computer limit... in my experience such a low install limit can cause a few headaches - I am thinking 3 would be better... just a little bit more leeway if problems arise; although I admit, I will probably only run it on one computer so it doesn't really worry me. Can't wait for the new version.
  7. greglo

    Current progress

    SonK, my young apprentice... I think you're right. I just tried it again and I definitely see what you mean, I just assumed it was due to the fact that the pen tool is not too good itself at getting the exact angles. But even when I try with geometry snap I get some pretty weird results. I must admit though, before I embarrass myself further, that I have never actually needed a re-topo tool: purely because I am yet to finish any sort of organic model. And when I do it's normally beyond saving, so I am quite.. well.. noob, when it comes to them. Thanks for the lessons. PS: Have you got your PS3 yet?? Edit: I just saw some TopoGun videos and *think* I see what is supposed to happen.
  8. greglo

    Current progress

    Hi SonK I know the pen tool is slow, I just wanted to show how subdividing and adding loop slices still allowed it to constrain to the background. Besides, I didn't want to have to go and study for my exam, so I wasted half an hour practicing the video. Cheers.
  9. greglo

    Current progress

    Hi guys, I made a quick video demonstrating modo's background constraint. I draw out some poly's over the sphere, and then do slices and subdivisions with each one sticking. I think that is what you're describing? Cheers. My 10 MB, 1 minute 30 second video which may take a while to load.