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  1. The add-on installs ok for me. I change the exchange address, but the drop-down doesn't appear unders SCENE. If I uncheck "Simple" and check "3d-Coat Applink" it shows up. Blender 2.74 / Both Mac & Win8.1
  2. Randy

    Auto retopo - Symmetry Options

    I think so carlosan. So that message ( on the first post ) isn't really telling me that I am doing something wrong. Whether I have applied symmetry or not, I will get that message. thanx !
  3. Randy

    Auto retopo - Symmetry Options

    Symmetry is on, as you can see by the picture. It gives me that message regardless. I did try the radial symmetry, like the message tells me. Here is what I was looking for. The checkboxes from the Retoparams.
  4. I am trying to get clean auto-retopos. Tutorials say to symmatrize the model and then check the symmetry axis on the AutopoParams popup. Buuut, as you can see, I don't have the the check boxes. I used to have them, but clearly, I did something and I can't figure out what. Thanx !
  5. Randy

    Retopo Split Ring over Cap

    Got it. Select Edges then "Split". or Select Points and then "Relax" and scale worked ok, as well.
  6. I am in Retop and I use the Basic/Cap to cap a cylinder. Now I want to "Split rings" the Cap radius. It doesn't want to let me. Is there another way short of manually splitting the end-cap polys ?
  7. Randy

    Colour Palette

    Handy app. Thanx Pops !
  8. Randy

    This is URGENT !!!!!

    The same reason we have red and yellow street lights I suppose. To define levels of urgency. People, in turn, use this to find out about things that others deem as critical to save themselves some work. That's what I did and found this. I must admit that I am a little disappointed. Doesn't seem that urgent
  9. Randy

    How do straighten an edge loop ?

    oh jeez It's EXACTLY the same. lol Thanx !
  10. In softimage, i would select the edge loop and COG scale it in on a global axis. How do you folks do it ?
  11. Randy

    Is There A Function Like Inset...?

    Here you go. uploadRef.7z
  12. Randy

    Is There A Function Like Inset...?

    I created a cube in voxel room. Created a quad on the top in Retop room. Extruded the quad edges. Scaled/Transformed the extrusion. I deleted the orginal face so I can select the extrusion. This pic is me selecting from the bottom. edit - > 3.7.16A
  13. Randy

    Is There A Function Like Inset...?

    That creates inverted faces for me. How do you invert normals ?