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  1. The add-on installs ok for me. I change the exchange address, but the drop-down doesn't appear unders SCENE. If I uncheck "Simple" and check "3d-Coat Applink" it shows up. Blender 2.74 / Both Mac & Win8.1
  2. Randy

    Auto retopo - Symmetry Options

    I think so carlosan. So that message ( on the first post ) isn't really telling me that I am doing something wrong. Whether I have applied symmetry or not, I will get that message. thanx !
  3. Randy

    Auto retopo - Symmetry Options

    Symmetry is on, as you can see by the picture. It gives me that message regardless. I did try the radial symmetry, like the message tells me. Here is what I was looking for. The checkboxes from the Retoparams.
  4. Randy

    Auto retopo - Symmetry Options

    I am trying to get clean auto-retopos. Tutorials say to symmatrize the model and then check the symmetry axis on the AutopoParams popup. Buuut, as you can see, I don't have the the check boxes. I used to have them, but clearly, I did something and I can't figure out what. Thanx !
  5. Randy

    Retopo Split Ring over Cap

    Got it. Select Edges then "Split". or Select Points and then "Relax" and scale worked ok, as well.
  6. Randy

    Retopo Split Ring over Cap

    I am in Retop and I use the Basic/Cap to cap a cylinder. Now I want to "Split rings" the Cap radius. It doesn't want to let me. Is there another way short of manually splitting the end-cap polys ?
  7. Randy

    Colour Palette

    Handy app. Thanx Pops !
  8. Randy

    This is URGENT !!!!!

    The same reason we have red and yellow street lights I suppose. To define levels of urgency. People, in turn, use this to find out about things that others deem as critical to save themselves some work. That's what I did and found this. I must admit that I am a little disappointed. Doesn't seem that urgent
  9. Randy

    How do straighten an edge loop ?

    oh jeez It's EXACTLY the same. lol Thanx !
  10. Randy

    How do straighten an edge loop ?

    In softimage, i would select the edge loop and COG scale it in on a global axis. How do you folks do it ?
  11. Randy

    Is There A Function Like Inset...?

    Here you go. uploadRef.7z
  12. Randy

    Is There A Function Like Inset...?

    I created a cube in voxel room. Created a quad on the top in Retop room. Extruded the quad edges. Scaled/Transformed the extrusion. I deleted the orginal face so I can select the extrusion. This pic is me selecting from the bottom. edit - > 3.7.16A
  13. Randy

    Is There A Function Like Inset...?

    That creates inverted faces for me. How do you invert normals ?