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  1. Hi guys, some might know me from last time when I wanted to sell my license but then I decided not to do so and use it for a few projects more. In the meanwhile I slowly converted to other applications to replace 3DCoat in my pipeline, I mainly used it for retopology, UV's, and painting. So I just finished my latest job inside 3DCoat im working for a museum and I had to rebuild a whole castle with 20+ building handpainted, I mainly used 3DCoat and photoshop for this. I had to switch from 3.7 to beta for some features and vice versa and I had many many many many crashes when doing this project, a few times I had to start over which is quite killing sometimes. Some bugs that still are present in 3.7 are also in v4 beta also did not improve my workflow. Im sellling my 3dcoat windows license for 150 dollars, when upgrading to v4 you still should be at a fairly low price. I was actually thinking of giving away my license but since buying other applications cost me lots of money I might better benefit from selling it instead.. So if you are interested in my license send me a PM! And goodbye for good now..
  2. johnnycore

    Change Texture Prefix

    Is there a way to change the texture prefix on export? Now my normal maps are exported as _nmap which I personally dont like.. Cant find a way to change this.. I can change them manually but then I have to change them manually in the .mtl file as well for it to work perfectly.. any ideas? Or is this not possible?
  3. johnnycore

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    I wanted to bake some amient occlusion on a UV-tiled model I have 22 UV-tiles but somehow 3DCoat instantly crashes when I want to import + assign 4k maps to each tile... So I tried a small workaround, import UV-tiles with 2k maps and then edit the texture resolution through: edit--> mesh and texture resolution This worked perfectly, no crash but the real pain in the ass was I had to click 4096 for width and 4096 for height all UV-tiles individually.. is it possible to simplify this in future releases?
  4. johnnycore

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Just noticed that the complex checker in the UV-room is always flipped in V which is always annoying since many of my models now have flipped UV's.. It actually does not matter that much since Im painting inside 3D Coat but for house keepings sake I dont like them flipped..
  5. johnnycore

    Merging Imported Multiple Normal Maps..

    Sorry, this is not what I meant exactly.. My obj has 8 sub objects, so 8 UV sets. When I export normal map I get 8 normal maps. I have to import them one by one, which result in 8 layers. However I found out how to merge them.. It seems when importing a normal map you get a layer with the blending mode "normal map", somehow I overlooked this I expected the normap map to be imported as depth.
  6. johnnycore

    Merging Imported Multiple Normal Maps..

    This is also what I do except I don create a new layer because it automatically gives me a new layer. However, it does not merge the layers into one layer for me.. instead it just gives me 8 layers (one for each normal map)
  7. I have a model which is split up into multiple sub objects, all of them have their own UV's (ofcourse) and I have painted normal maps in 3d-coat but then the client decided he wants something changed to the model.. So I've exported the model als obj including maps, editted the model and reimported the models + textures and change uv's a bit. Everything is working fine still.. However theres one problem, I now have multiple layers with multiple depth info (normal maps) Somehow I am NOT able to merge these layer to a single depth layer.. when I merge the layers, the depth info disappears. I can still work like this but I was wondering if its possible to merge these layers to a single layer? Also tried out "copy channel" which does not do anything..
  8. johnnycore

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Not sure if you were talking to me alvordr? But Im just occasionally posting annoying bugs that get in my way..
  9. johnnycore

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    When using file --> merge object, to import a model (with/without UV's) into an existing scene you cant see the UV's of the newly merged model somehow... This happens in v 3.7 and v4 latest beta..
  10. johnnycore

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Same bug appears in v4.... Steps to reproduce : - create new layer - lock other subobjects (not sure if this has anything to do with it but this is what im doing) - use the newly created layer as a mask for a layer useing the blending tab (invert it) - use the E shortcut and set the tool to line - turn on projection painting (im using a diffuse and specular map) - draw a line - check / uncheck the layer to see if it turns on / off (sometimes the line still stays there while it should be in the correct layer, and when this happens you cant undo it and have to restart) - if if is working like you're expecting try drawing another line and repeat the steps again.. at some point it appears again - another thing that might cause it: im using a custom brush created with a curve editor Some other bugs I found in (every) v4 beta: At my work I sometime download the latest OSX build and see how development is going using a trial mode: -When trying to rotate, zoom, dolly the viewport using ALT + (LMB, RMB, MMB) my viewport automatically offsets the viewport when holding down ALT + (LMB, RMB, MMB) Kinda hard to explain.. Windows/Linux does not show this problem - When using projection painting sometimes I use a diffuse map, and specular map only and I want to use the brush for creating depth but somehow depth from brush does not work when using projection painting when I leave my depthmap slot empty, this does not happen in v3.7.. - The opacity values from projection painting does not work.. it always shows 100% of the texture I hope this information helps.. I have no time to post this on mantis this is as close as I can get with helping out..
  11. johnnycore

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Did the development for 3.7 stop? I've decided to give 3DCoat another chance for painting models but I realized I dont want to use v4 for production models since I still have too many problems with the beta versions. However in 3.7 I now have some very annoying bugs.. when I use E for line tool in the paint room I am not able to undo this. I'm not sure if this will be fixed.. I just redownloaded the latest v4 beta to see if the bug also exists over there.. So my only workaround in v3.7 for now Is to lay down the perfect strokes and check/uncheck the layer if its really on the correct layer and then save it.. and repeat this process with each step..
  12. johnnycore

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Oh damn thats some bad news...
  13. johnnycore

    Anyone with an Nvidia GTX 670/680?

    I have a GTX560 and a when I was freelancing at a company they had a computer with GTX680 with 4GB, it did not feel any faster at all.. Also tried Octane render but it does not seem to work because somehow it is not supported yet, not sure if this is the same with 3DCoat.. updating CUDA code might have to do with it I suppose.. I dont know.
  14. johnnycore

    Selling my 3DCoat license $225!

    I think theres still improvement to be found in CPU rather than GPU. If you look at this video: Clarisse is fully CPU based, however this is not even close to being a sculping software. I just wanted to point out that CPU is still being underestimated. Dont get me wrong I LOVE CUDA but I think it might be a big pain in the ass to program all of this, I know a few CUDA developers they all say its really hard to program CUDA stuff because you have to streamline every processes if one processes is slowing down, they all do.
  15. johnnycore

    Selling my 3DCoat license $225!

    First I tell you something about my work: I mostly create architectural assets for dutch museums, I visualize old castles, how they looked like back then and I port them to a game engine and they are being displayed on a big touchscreen. At first I used all areas in 3D-Coat voxels, surface, retopo, uv's, ptex, painting But one by one everything seems to fail for me lately, I used to be able to work with all tools with no problems I found problems and tought of workarounds for them. - voxel room is not powerfull enough, I cant take most of my models high enough to get the detail I want, in the voxel room I can get up to 30 mil voxels which will give me some slowdowns which I dont like to work with - thats why I use surface mode, but still its not powerfull enough, LiveClay allows me to get insane details but lately it has been creating holes after a few hours of intesnsive sculpting so I cant really rely on it anymore, I've got a few corrupt scenes I cant even open anymore - retopo room is great but it is not good enough for architectural stuff, or hardsuface models, it is really really hard to get nice/ tight geometry for this, I usually end up getting a quite organic shape. Organic shapes not too bad when I use displacement maps, but for game engine's I cant really use proper displacement maps (unity), the retopo room also create small errors which are not able to fix in 3d coat, I have to go into my main 3d application for that for example some triangles some unmerged verticies - paint room is also really great but it is really slow, especially when using bigger brushes and/or big texture sizes, I really wish to see some raw power in there in the near future, same for the voxel room - I dont really have anything to say about the UV room, it has become the most reliable room for me now, what I dont like about it are the colors. Sometimes its really hard to see the seams Some general stuff thats been bugging me: - In any room: the depth range is really odd, I usually use between 0% to 3%, I think it would be better if these values would be remapped from 0% - 10% to 0% - 100%, I think it would give more control - I dont really like the lighting in the viewport, ambient light, primary light, I usually end up with different shades of textures because of that, this is something I had to keep in mind. Still not sure what settings are optimal - Sometimes the camera is really hard to navigate, when creating retopology in small areas or creating uv's, not sure how one would solve that - but the main kicker for me would be the performance in voxel/paint room, I have a desktop which has at least 4 times more power than my laptop but I get the identical performance, I'd expected it to be a big difference Sorry to all you guys for reading all of this, there are actually more stuff but I cant remember them at this moment I really hope for some raw power improvements and more refinement Every once in a while I will be checking to see how its going, I think 3DCoat has some great potential..