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  1. So to answer my own question. That feature isn't found in the "Tool Options" as I would have expected. It's in the "Strokes" panel very hidden as "Ignore Backfaces". This can easily be overlooked.
  2. Hi there, Maybe I am doing something wrong but I can't figure out how to use the "Pose" tool and actually select front and back faces. I can only ever get the front faces selected currently. Using 3DCoat 2021.83 at the moment. Thomas 2021-12-29_10h29_52.mp4
  3. So I made sure the Sculpt Layer feature is activate in the preferences and such. It does only seem to work when the object is set to "Surface" mode? Is that by design (limitation) or am I missing something? SculptLayers.mp4
  4. @pr1970 Appreciate the link to the video but I think that the video is not exactly a good example. I am still not really sure how this works. Are there any other videos you know of? I looked on Youtube but all the videos are very vague or just too much ramble. I just want a quick video on how this actually works in sculpt room?
  5. Yeah so first off, I love where this is going. Love the new Icons and general clean-up and bug fixes. However, the biggest issue with this version are the missing "Lasso" tools when using Vox-Hide. I use Vox-Hide with various lasso tools all the time so this currently is a big issue. Nice work otherwise! Btw, I've never used the "Sculpt Layers" so how exactly does this work? Couldn't find anything in the manual about it.
  6. How do I fix corrupt looking shader materials/previews? Using "Refresh All Previews" doesn't work.
  7. For the past few betas the Vertex-Lasso has been bugged. Usually it snaps to 45 degree angles when you hold Shift but it seems as the final position of the "shift-click" is now where the cursor is located. Maybe I messed up some setting somehwere? As it stands this makes it very hard to cut a straight line. Video: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/449179/3DCoat/ShiftClick-Bug.flv
  8. Hey there folks, Just thought I'd share an interview I did with 80LVL in which I talk about my workflow/tools/etc. I mention 3DCoat a fair bit http://80.lv/articles/3d-creation-with-maya-3dcoat-and-unity/ Thanks for checking it out! Thomas Pasieka
  9. Hi there, For whatever reason the "snapping camera to nearest box plane position" has stopped working on my end and I can't seem to figure out how to activate it again. Maybe it's a bug, but I am not sure. This is happening in 4.5.25A. When using SHIFT+LMB drag instead of the camera snap the HDR/Light source gets rotated instead. How/where do I fix this? I use this function all the time and it's really annoying me atm. Thomas Pasieka
  10. Right now I am using 16b as every version after is far worse (and 16b isn't performing great). Using CUDA DX64.
  11. Hey folks, Well my machine is just a year old using the following... GPU: GeForce GTX 780 SC CPU: Intel i7-4770K CPU @3.50Ghz Memory: 16GB RAM Resolution: 1920x1080, 60Hz Driver Version: 347.88 Operating System: Windows 8.1 I will try to make a video of the sluggish behavior later/tomorrow when I find time. Thomas
  12. What I would love to see is the developers actually addressing performance. For the longest time paint strokes are incredibly slow even on smaller textures sizes (1k). This applies to using large radius brush strokes or even smaller ones. I sometimes get the impression that certain alphas have a negative effects on speed (that's mostly just an impression and should be investigated). I find using 3DCoat extremely painful to use lately due to performance issues and bugs that are in your face obvious which makes me wonder how the internal testing is performed if at all. Most every app has a "Send bug" feature which I don't see in 3DCoat. You can't expect for every user to sign up for Mantis or the come here to the forum to complain. Most won't. I am a beta tester for two of the biggest software companies and I know that things can be a bit chaotic behind the scenes and the impression I get with 3DCoat is that it seems to be very chaotic and all over the place on "issues" and how they are addressed. I don't want to come off as ranting. I am fully aware that this is "Beta".
  13. It would seem that B18 somehow messed up normal map display (preview) or generation.
  14. This bug has returned it seems. Just encountered it in 4.5b17
  15. Is there any way I can download older beta versions? Beta17 seems incredibly buggy.
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