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  1. please dont add a new pay with the "update_correction bugs" ...is enought!
  2. mAXWELL

    Merged mesh spike

    Well I know your skill in the CG world. I have seen you in other forum not sure Silo, Hexagon? if not excuse me. Maxwell
  3. mAXWELL

    Merged mesh spike

    Thanks Phil! Good to see you here Mastering this wonderful application! Maxwell
  4. mAXWELL

    Merged mesh spike

    Thanks, I was thinking i was doing something wrong...both suggestion work! Maxwell
  5. mAXWELL

    Merged mesh spike

    No advice, well Thanks
  6. mAXWELL

    Merged mesh spike

    Following the step in Merged option video i obtain this mesh result some help please thanks in advance Maxwell
  7. mAXWELL

    How do you hide ref mesh polygons in retopo?

    or the other way could be to use the low current mesh option and rework on it.
  8. mAXWELL

    Mark Seams on the UV preview?

    Probably you may want to post the image from wich you are trying to ...but in the mean time i suggest this useful link http://vimeo.com/channels/3dcoat with lot of clear and helpful information. Maxwell
  9. mAXWELL

    How do you hide ref mesh polygons in retopo?

  10. when and where is the link to buy the dvd 3dcoat tutorial? Thanks
  11. mAXWELL

    3.00.08 [beta]

    where is the link for the last version? thanks in advance
  12. mAXWELL

    3.00.08 [beta]

    Who can use CUDA with 3DCoat? Thanks Maxwell
  13. the update history price related is the same no matter the software! I think is to high the upgrade price. Probably i cant buy it! Yes, Andrew has to eat!
  14. mAXWELL

    Service update 2.10.15

    How much i have to pay for the 3V that include the alpha extension,having purchased the actual 2.10 version Thnaks