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  1. larsen

    3D-Coat 3.1 updates thread

    It works good for me
  2. larsen

    3D-Coat 2.10 BETA4

    I've attached a zipped LEGS.3b file for you to do your tests... I hope it could help you. Thanks for your interest! LEGS.zip
  3. larsen

    3D-Coat 2.10 BETA4

    Here are some screenshots to explain my problems with retopo tool: This is the model before any tweak This is after trying to split an edge ring This is after a little tweak of a vertex The same froma different angle
  4. larsen

    3D-Coat 2.10 BETA4

    Sorry Andrew but the problem with retopo tool is still there... moving vertices where geometry is very closed cause them to go away and snap to other parts of the mesh. The problem is also still there when it comes to split edge tool, even if it seems better than before (less vertices moves away from the appropriate places). All your other improvements are very good.
  5. larsen

    3D-Coat 2.10 BETA4

    I have tested the new beta too and I have to agree with Mantis about the strange snapping behaviour of the retopology tool. I was retopologizing the hand of an old character I did in zbrush and I've seen that when I tried to adjust vertices created on a finger (with right mouse button) they tend to snap to other fingers... even 'split edge loop' suffer from this thing and newly created edge loops are a real mess when there's closed geometry in the original mesh. I'm sure you can fix these problems as you did with the others in the past!
  6. larsen

    3D-Coat 2.10 BETA4

    Same problem here. The model shows correctly only in one UV zone and the rest is black and it's not possible to paint on it.