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  1. Hi all! I’m porting engine on which 3d-coat is based to Linux. Sorry for delay , but I was very busy with my another project – platformer game for Xbox 360 and PS3 ( ). It is really difficult to work simultaneously on two different projects. But for now I’m totally focused on Linux port, so beta testing will begin shortly (I hope ). Most probably for beta testing there will be only 64-bit version compiled on Linux Ubuntu 8.04.
  2. 2 Deadman21 About problem with 4096 x 4096 texture on your Mac. It seems like your video driver doesn’t support such big textures. I have the same symptoms on my 10.4.8 Mac OS with 7600 GT, but only with texture 8192 x 8192 which, of course, is not supported by the video driver. So you need to update video drivers. Yeah. You are right. Drivers for Mac OS are provided by “Apple” through software updates. Why you can’t use them? Your Mac OS 10.4.5 is obviously outdated. Also, there are unofficial methods. One of them is “NVInject” package. But before installing it you should carefully read instructions on site http://nvinject.free.fr/. Specifically, draw attention that you need manually delete previous “kext” files of your video driver, and copy new “kext” files with appropriate administrative rights!
  3. “Leopard” users, please inspect text tool. After problem with file open dialogs it seems like there are essential differences between “Tiger” and “Leopard” (we have developed 3D-Coat on “Tiger”). Does text tool work correct?
  4. It seems like there is problem with file open dialogs on Leopard. But please tell, when you have loaded model using thumbnails panel (for example sphere), can you save it using “File > File save as”? Can you save its texture using “File > Import/export textures > Save texture”? Do you see “Save File Dialogs”? Do they have correct initial folder (“UserData”)? Can you change extension with dropdown (tga, bmp, jpg, png, dds) when you save texture?
  5. Dear users. First of all thank you for your feedback. We extremely need it. Here is small question to you. I know that pen pressure doesn’t work. But eraser end of the pen should work. Is that true?
  6. Please download again. The “TIFF” support has been disabled to workaround the problem. And delete old version just in case…
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