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  1. SERGYI's post in [Fixed] 3D mouse not working - Linux was marked as the answer   
    After numerous requests from Linux users, "3DCoat" adopted "spacenavd" a while ago.

  2. SERGYI's post in [Solved] Can't Click interface buttons and menus with Wacom was marked as the answer   
    This problem has been fixed since "3DCoat 2022.11". The links to the latest "3DCoat 2022" for macOS are always here:
  3. SERGYI's post in Linux updates news was marked as the answer   
    On start-up "3DCoat for Linux" automatically enables tablets which it is able to recognize. Otherwise the tablet should be enabled manually by defining the environment variable "COAT_PEN" equals the name of the input stylus device. For example:
    export COAT_PEN="Wacom Intuos3 4x6 Pen stylus"
    Since "3DCoat 4.9.70 for Linux" it outputs into the Terminal the list of your input devices. Please see the attached screenshot as an example. You have to send a screenshot with the name of your input stylus device (similar screenshot as the attached) to me (support PERIOD linux AT 3dcoat PERIOD com). Then your input device name will be added into "3DCoat" to automatically enable it in the future builds.

  4. SERGYI's post in [Fixed] Crashing on Retopology OSX was marked as the answer   
    Since "2021.83" the crash in AUTOPO under macOS is fixed.
    The links to the latest "3DCoat" for macOS are always here:
  5. SERGYI's post in [Fixed] Strange sensitivity problem - Mac was marked as the answer   
    "3DCoat 2021" for macOS had a problem with the Wacom tablet. Please try the latest "3DCoat 2021.59" for macOS:
    The Wacom tablet should work correctly: no missed strokes and no pressure problems.
  6. SERGYI's post in [Solved] Question about Floating License and Fserver for remote work was marked as the answer   
    Good day! First of all please note that "3DCoat 2021" and "3DCoatTextura 2021" clients have "FServer" built-in. You have to click "Load license" and open your file "FLOATING.license" directly inside them. Generally, there is no need to install and configure "FServer" for "3DCoat 2021" and "3DCoatTextura 2021" when your client machines are able to connect to the Internet. Only when your client machines with "3DCoat 2021" and "3DCoatTextura 2021" are not able to connect to the Internet but your server machine with "FServer" can connect to the "Internet" then there is a need for a local license server "FServer". Please see more in the document https://pilgway.com/~sergyi/FServer/FServer.pdf
    That said here are answers to your questions:
    1. Yes, the local license server "FServer" which supports "3DCoat 2021" is available for macOS.
    2. No, because you don't even have to install the local license server "FServer" for your scenario. Click "Load license" inside your all "3DCoat 2021" clients to load your "FLOATING.license". "3DCoat 2021" clients will acquire your floating license from our global license server pilgway.com ( through port 80.
    3. Yes, because the local license server "FServer" is intended to replace the Internet connection from "3DCoat" clients to our global license server "pilgway.com" with the local connection between "3DCoat" clients and local license server "FServer".
    4. Yes, a floating license is recommended for several users. But in "3DCoat 2021" it can be used without "FServer" in case "3DCoat 2021" clients can connect to the Internet.
  7. SERGYI's post in Starting 3D Coat in Linux - No Fonts was marked as the answer   
    This is because OpenGL on your system is using "Mesa" graphics driver provided by "VMware, Inc.". Is this virtual machine? 3D-Coat only supports proprietary graphics drivers. For example here is described how to install NVIDIA proprietary driver: http://pilgway.com/~sergyi/LinuxDocs/LinuxGraphicsDriver.pdf
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