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  1. castaneda

    [Solved] vox layer

    Thanks Carlosan. That did the trick. My model was very small against the grid. Thanks again.
  2. castaneda

    [Solved] vox layer

    Im having problems with the vox layer tool. The thickness parameter does not work. Ive uploaded a pic to show as an example. As seen it comes out way to thick and not equal to the input. Also, although this hasn't happened in a while , the result will increase the layer resolution to 25x or 50x. Hope someone can help with this. The vox extrusion tool works just fine but I want a separate object such as in this case a piece of clothing. Thanks for any help.
  3. castaneda


    Thanks Carlosan. I do have all of Adam Gibson's alpha brushes. They are great but they are not the same as the ones in the pic I uploaded. I also have Adams detailing drop ship videos but that doesnt have the stencils/ alphas like what I'm looking for. It's possible that person made them himself.
  4. castaneda


    does anyone know where one can get stencils like the images ive uploaded here? I know I can make my own. Ive already downloaded the ones available on 3d coat website. But Figure there must be more out there. Ive checked on the forum but no stencils are offered.
  5. castaneda

    color id maps

    Is there a way to create color id maps in 3d coat. Still learning modeling and texture skills. I keep hearing about color id maps as being an easy way to texture a single object with different materials. Can you asign color id maps in 3d coat?
  6. castaneda

    renderman tuts

    does anybody know if there is going to be any future definitive tutorials on using renderman in 3d coat? The one by adam Gibson was good but not thourough enough, at least not for me. Im kind of surprised that 3d coat hasn't put more of a focus or promotion on using renderman in 3d coat. currently I use Vue as my renderer but would like to render all models and scenes within 3d coat to a 2d image.
  7. Thanks. But now it's not crashing anymore. Don't know what caused it. And also, in my ignorance the textures were not exporting with object because I was trying to export 2uv maps with the same name, ie, default. I'm sorry for any inconvenience I caused here. And thank you for the response.
  8. an addendum; when the objects and textures do export without crashing 3d coat, the textures don't export with the object, for instance when I import the object into vue the textures do not import with the object into vue. This has never been a problem before.
  9. This never happened before but when I try to export object with textures im getting a crash everytime. This happens with any model with textures when I try to export. An automatic bug report popped up but don't know if that's actually getting through. Anyway here's a couple uploads to show what Im dealing with. Im hoping this is the right forum to post this problem to.
  10. castaneda


    no. It wasn't in the 3d coat downloads. I just cant remember who had posted them. They were presets of brushes that were converted from zbrush to 3d coat. Thought Id find it here in the echange library or catch the attention of the one who posted them.
  11. castaneda


    I remember downloading dam standard and hpolish brushes for 3d coat from this forum but cant remember who had them. If any one knows where I can get these again I would appreciate it.
  12. castaneda

    Depth maps

    just to let you know. Apparently I figured it out. feel a little stupid but it appears to have been the environment map lighting. I happen to change it and now eveythings back to normal.
  13. castaneda

    Depth maps

    Thanks for the help Digman. I'm now seeing it happening even in sculpt room. I'm thinking it has something to do with default shader that I might have messed with and lost the original default shader. I deleted 3d coat and re downloaded the program and its still doing the same thing. clicking on smooth shade does not do anything. No change. Know how I can get a 3d coat default shader? I'm carefully trying to edit shaders to match what I remember the default one to be. Even so, a new shader cant be placed on an import for per pixel painting. This is frustrating. But anyway, extreme thank you for helping me try to figure it out.
  14. castaneda

    Depth maps

    ok. sending object files. I shouldn't have to zip them do I? anyway these objects do have uv sets. I even redid a uv set for one of the objects I'm sending it did the same thing. I think I successfully uploaded object files. Thanks again for any help. cubetest.obj greeblegreeble.obj
  15. castaneda

    Depth maps

    ok. heres a file. Ill try to send a couple? These are retopoed objects to be painted. This happens with any object I try to bring in for per pixel painting. Cant figure out what's going on. Thanks for checking it out. rolypolyship.mtl greeblegreeble.mtl