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  1. renderdemon

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Tried the 4-0-12.C version and,with the move brush,the velocity isn't as good as previous builds(before the improvement). Other brushes seem working good for me.
  2. renderdemon

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    I confirm this,4.0.12A is more fluid with removestreching,Andrew posted 4.0.12B but I was referring to the previous version.
  3. renderdemon

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Great work,the last builds are incredible ! Really great improvements,thanks a lot!
  4. renderdemon

    2 Annoying bug in surface mode

    Of course,it happens since 2011 in every 3dcoat build I tested(practically all published).
  5. Hi,really often I have these 2 bugs in surface mode which are really annoying. Often,when I use for some time the mov brush,it happens that 3dcoat freezes and I have to kill the application (with CTRL/ALT/CANC kill the process) to end 3dcoat,losing the work I have done. This happens since 2 years so more or less I learned to save before using the mov brush,but sometime I forget it and I lose the work. And,when I go from proxy mode to the high res surface mesh the mesh get holes,which later are impossible to fix automatically(I need to resculpt the region and the holes become a deep negative extrusion that I have to fix by hand,if there were only one or 2 problems I could do it without much problem bu hand,but oftern you have even 10/20 of this holes/negative extrusion on the mesh) Personally I think this is related to mov brush again as it seem the problem happens where I used the mov brush in proxy mode. This 2 problems happens randomly so I can't give a file to test. I tried all the function in voxel menu(clean up,close holes)but nothing help.
  6. renderdemon

    Farsthary update channel

    I was going to ask this. Wonderfull work,thanks a lot(also great the new improvements to remove streching option)
  7. renderdemon

    Farsthary update channel

    I agree with this,the default behaviour gives the general feeling we have with the application.
  8. renderdemon

    Farsthary update channel

    Yes BeatKitano,I saw the video Farsthary made about removeclay,really good. He is doing a wonderful job.
  9. renderdemon

    Farsthary update channel

    This is really interesting Artman,personally I found 3dcoat surface mode more similar to water based clay(at the start,not when at leather hardness),it has for me the same advantage and disadvantage.
  10. renderdemon

    Farsthary update channel

    About removeclay BeatKitano maybe you are right,I really don't know,I tried to replace smooth with removeclay,not great results so far. From my point of view michalis I'm not much interested in hard surfacing,but it happens sometimes that you need a more precise behaviour.
  11. renderdemon

    Farsthary update channel

    artman,I'm speaking about something more precise. I can achieve these results. It's really odd I'm the only one that find the smooth brush not good.
  12. renderdemon

    Farsthary update channel

    Yes,but also a better smooth brush. WIth liveclay smooth is really a dangerous stuff,practically you can't do details by hand(I mean stuff that need more than a stroke and the need to average with smooth the strokes). For example,let's say someone wants to do a bas relief on a object with curvature(something like a cursive writing for example or a bas relief drawing,always on a mesh with high curvature),how can you do it keeping the relative high on the bassrelief section always the same? WIth Zbrush the smooth brush is good enough to allow free drawing/sculping on the mesh,and is relatively easy to keep the curvature and the relative depth the same across the object,with 3dcoat and liveclay is practically impossible averaging the strokes(smooth gives a tiny random displacement everytime). When 3dcoat will fix this problem for me the sculpting tools will be perfect,now liveclay is not feasible for hard surface work(or even decorative work,like for example armours in fantasy characters)
  13. renderdemon

    Farsthary update channel

    Farsthary,you are doing a great work! From a topology(mathematical definition) point of view live clay is really powerful,thanks for this.
  14. renderdemon

    Farsthary update channel

    I hope that the paint hole tool will work well,it's a really interesting feature. Later it could be great a merge tool that is able to merge topology,and also a split function(maybe the paint hole tool is also able to separate one piece in 2,I don't know). In my point of view,live clay,for the first thing,have to be able to free completely the sculpting from the topology constraint,so I hope you give a lot of love for topology like tool,so it can replace completely the voxel tool. Later,it can be refined and streamlined,but please,first,free the sculpting from the topology constraint.
  15. renderdemon

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    Tested a bit the linux version in these days,I like it a lot! Great work Andrew,the program is improving day by day.