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  1. 3DTutorial

    Can I apply a shader when in per pixel painting mode?

    Hi Carlosan, Ok, understood. Thanks ! Cheers, Joe
  2. Hi, I'm not a new user but this is the sort of question that might also be of some help to new users as well... so I'm posting it here :-) If I import a .OBJ file, assign it automatic UV's and a texture map size it displays as a grey object in the viewport. Here is my question... can I assign a shader to my imported object as well? I'd like to be able to assign a shader and also paint on the object as well. The problem is that when I click on a shader nothing seems to happen. So is it possible to apply a shader when in per pixel paint mode because I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Many thanks for your help ! Cheers, Joe
  3. 3DTutorial

    Old style default gray material

    Cheers M8 ! I'll give that a read. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way :-) Best Regards, Joe
  4. 3DTutorial

    Old style default gray material

    Hi Carlosan, Of course, that makes sense. But what shader is the same or similar to the "default" material in previous versions of 3DC ? Many thanks ! Joe
  5. 3DTutorial

    Old style default gray material

    Hi, Since upgrading to the latest version of 3D coat my imported objects have a flat, white, plaster like material shader applied to them which I hate. Can someone tell me how I can get the "old" style default grey phong material that was applied by default to imported objects in previous versions of 3d coat ? Hope someone can help me ! Many thanks. Cheers, Joe
  6. Hi AbnRanger, Thanks so much... I will pay close attention ! Cheers, Joe
  7. Hi, I've imported an .obj file for per pixel painting.... everything comes in fine, I can see the object, textures all display correctly, etc. However, if I then attempt to switch to the sculpting room the object disappears from the display. I've tried hitting shift a but no joy still can't find the object -- where did it go? And how can I get it back :-) I must be doing something wrong.. or missing something.... any ideas? Thanks ! Joe
  8. 3DTutorial

    Bevel Text ?

    Thanks for the info.... very helpful !!! Cheers, J
  9. 3DTutorial

    Bevel Text ?

    Is there a way to bevel / chamfer voxel text? Thanks! Joe
  10. UPDATE - PROBLEM SOLVED !!! Problem Solved -- this error was entirely my fault. I have a few old versions of 3D coat on my machine and it looks like I mistakenly ran an older build. When I ran version 4.0.03 - things did NOT work properly. However.... Once I ran build 4.1.17 everything worked as expected. Sorry.... just a simple case of user error. My apologies for the confusion. Thanks for helping me out with this, I appreciate it. Cheers, Joe
  11. Thanks Tony Nemo -- I will do that ! Cheers, Joe
  12. Oh dear, I was afraid of that. Is there anyway that I can follow/track this bug.... so that I can see if it gets fixed? This is somewhat of a showstopper for me :-( Cheers, Joe
  13. Hi Carlosan, I'm not entirely sure... but I don't think so. To better try and explain what I want to do let me attempt to simplify.... 1. Hide areas of mesh with hide tool (I'm doing this so that I don't destroy certain areas of mesh) 2. On remaining non-hidden areas of mesh, remove specific areas using Cutoff tool (in my case I am using to make holes in mesh). 3. Unhide hidden areas of mesh using unhide all command. Result... when mesh is unhidden areas that I had removed using Cutoff tool return. Hope this makes sense. Cheers, Joe
  14. Hi Guys, I'm working on a complex model (sorry I'm unable to show it due to NDA) but here is my problem. I need to remove some areas using the cutoff tool -- that's not a problem. However, some of the areas that I need to remove are very hard to reach, so I need to hide areas of the geometry using the hide tool... again... no problem. Ok, so now I can use the cutoff tool to remove the unwanted areas of the mesh... ok, all that works fine. Now that I'm done I use unhide all command to bring back the geometry that I had hidden previously but when I do this, it also brings back the areas which I just removed using the cutoff tool... which isn't want I want. I want the areas that I remove with the cutoff tool to be gone. So how do I get around this? Any ideas? Cheers, Joe
  15. I use 3D Coat daily, It's always rock solid. Very rarely do I experience a crash. I suspect the issue is with your hardware configuration.