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  1. Daniel

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome aboard Walker!
  2. Actually, if your pixel density is equal in both cases then performance will be the same. So it's quite dependent of your texture size per UV island (pixel density) and brush size, of course.
  3. mine's fine what version do you use?
  4. what do you mean by "badly painting"? It's slow or not what you've expected?
  5. Daniel

    Render: The final frontier

    give OSCAR back!!!
  6. Daniel

    Import low ploy model for voxel ERROR!!!

    Until you press Apply or ENTER you see your poly model indeed, after you press Apply it converts it to voxels. So the thing you need is to control your voxer resolution. You can see it in Polycount window. Simply scale your model, or increase the resolution of your voxlayer. Start from 100k resolution at least. ps. some screenshots would be nice!
  7. Daniel

    Render: The final frontier

    The INTENSITY works if you have 2 or more light sources. It is the relation of their intensity to each other. Its range is from 0 to 1. Let's say you want your fill light (second one) to have 1/2 of the main light's power - then set it to 0.5, and main light to 1. That's it P.S. Very NICE work on a model!!!
  8. Daniel

    Kneeling woman

    I bet he used Vox Layer tool I would... Very nice idea Phil!
  9. Добрый день. Можно, но немного сложнее. Сначала текстуру нужно экспортировать (как диффузную), а потом импортировать уже как Displacement Map. Единственное надо будет поиграться с коеффициентом глубины. Думаю у вас получится. П.С. глубину можно подправить позже на панели слоев Удачи!
  10. Здравствуйте, 1. Скачайте последнюю бету 2. Картинки можно просто драг-н-дропить во вьюпорт (и выбрать set as reference image) Попробуйте!
  11. Здравствуйте! А лицензия куплена только на Винду или Вин+Мак. Это важно Спасибо!
  12. Daniel

    Building a shell on a thin stl import

    Am I right supposing that you need a negative of your skull???
  13. Daniel

    Воксельная лепка и кисти

    Для более удобного общения в дальнейшем предлагаю использовать английский интерфейс - к нему очень быстро привыкаешь, но возможность быстро найти ответ на интересующий вопрос многократно увеличивается
  14. Daniel

    Transform Question

    Oups, sorry for misleading (
  15. Daniel

    Воксельная лепка и кисти

    Для более точного сравнения перейдите в 3Д-Коате в Surface mode (поменяйте V на S возле названия слоя) и поставьте разрешение такое же как в З-Браше. Если там, например, 10000, то и в Коате поставьте 10000.
  16. Daniel

    Transform Question

    Strange. Maybe send a .3b file to workflow@3d-coat.com for inspection
  17. Daniel

    Transform Question

    Can't you?
  18. Daniel

    PINCHing TOOL until it tears...

    Hi, Ripping isn't good anyway - maybe that's a bug. One thing to always remember: the higher the resolution, the crisper the details. I think it is even more applicable to voxels. P.S. Think of layers as in Photoshop. Add another layer if you need it to be independent.
  19. Привет! Если нет каких-та мега-уникальных требований, то можно. В конце концов, ювелирные изделия это те же геометрические формы разной степени сложности. Тут, думаю, в основном работа примитивами, булевскими операциями, кривые. У меня на аватаре ювелирное изделие. Сделал за 5 минут )
  20. Great to hear that, Felix! Amaze us all with dozens of beautiful artwork!
  21. Do you Unwrap UV after marking seams? Some screenshots with settings and results would help
  22. When you import mesh check "Merge without voxelizing" checkbox in Merge tool options. Later if need to make a shell from it RMB on VoxTree and choose "Turn surface to shell". That's it!
  23. Daniel

    3DC > LW normal map issue

    Don't know much about it. You may try each and see will it make the difference. But I believe that the first one (that is default) should work. I mean I doubt that the problem is in normalization.
  24. Daniel

    Object will not become voxel

    After you click Apply, choose another tool (Grow for example). Then got to Shaders tab (right beside VoxTree tab) and change shader type to whatever you like. Be sure that the layer with your vox object is active. That's it. Have fun
  25. Daniel

    3DC > LW normal map issue

    Check Preferences first