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    Image loaded incorrectly

    Confirm! Blur it. Use antialiasing when draw images or simply blur it in the end. Also try not to make very thin parts, 'cause voxels would damage after smoothing on low resolution.
  2. Daniel

    Advise a free Bug tracking system!!!

    Oh, didn't see! So, first is Mantis Danke Taros!
  3. Hello Community! With good BTS it would be much easier for Andrew to have his eye on bugs and crush them quickly! If you know (heard about it or better TRIED it) something please, post here its name, short description and link!!! Thank you all!
  4. Tutorial is made by Tinker. (translated from Russian into English) This short tutorial demonstrates features of the new version of Merge tool. As far as we'll work with Merge tool we'll need greebles (small details that helps models to look more 'technical'.) It can be created in any application for 3D modeling, usually with a series of arbitrary extrusions. You can download greebles using link at the bottom of this tutorial. To make your models look more interesting and unique you would probably want to create your own greebles. Details with angled surface look better than with parallel to horizon: For easier placing of details on a model create a contour for the detail (that's an object with a name “_negative” which excludes from the model automatically and leaves a slot for the detail.) It's important to turn on 'respect negative volume' in the Merge Params tab to permit contour exclusion. Because of “negative volume” width is bigger than detail's width we have an interesting effect: There is a joint between the body and the object. The detail looks as if it stands right on its place, and the body looks as if it has a special slot for the detail. Such joints look good with ambient occlusion. Here is an example of how would it look without that effect. Looks not so interesting, and also there is a problem that was caused by different curvatures of the body and the detail – the detail looks tumbled down (it wouldn't happen with negative volume). Negative volume shouldn't have the exact form as the body. You may change its form to get various effects. For this tutorial I've made a small set of details, they all have “negative volume” (it can't be seen on a screenshot). We'll also need a base to which we will attach all the details, of course if you don't want to attach it to a default sphere :-). The Merge tool will also help us here. With such a concave surface you can make facets on objects. Load an object using Merge tool. In transform regime cut any shape from a primitive. You can also use frame for cutting but cuts made with Merge tool looks more interesting than those made with a frame. It's time to detail the object. Load the greebles using Merge tool. Use 'on pen' mode. Use '9' and '0' keys to rotate the brush. Well, that's all :-) Thanks for watching and good luck! Greebles: objects.zip
  5. Daniel

    Merge tool (new version)

    I'll try to make it clear Steps: 1) Open your 3D app (I used Wings3D). 2) Make a detail (greeble). I got this: 3) Create another object in the same scene (that oblect will be 'negative volume'). I got this: As you can see the detail locates inside the capsule ('cause I'm gonna use capsule as 'negative volume'): 4) Rename the second object (capsule in my case) as you like BUT (!!!) add "_negative" in the end. I had this: 5) Export in Wavefront (.obj) format. 6) Do everything as Tinker explained. And... enjoy the results: Hope that helps
  6. Daniel

    Lonely Candle :)

    Thanks Rick! Great pleasure to hear it from you
  7. Daniel

    Lonely Candle :)

    The first that comes to my mind when I go to Voxels Mode with a cylinder by default is 'I'm gonna make a candle out of it now!' So, it happened today. Quick candle just for fun The light was stolen from another candle found with Google-Images I know that lightening is not rights but I'm not cool in GIMP to make it correct... so... All comments are welcome :) P.S. Yep, thanks 3dioot. making update...
  8. Daniel

    Lonely Candle :)

    Yes it is!!! I thought that too... that's why I've done it
  9. Daniel

    Number of polygones skyrocks if I import an .obj!

    You're always welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Daniel

    Scifi virus

    Hey, welcome!!! Very nice work. It seems like you feel yourself 'at home' with 3DC! :)
  11. Daniel

    Number of polygones skyrocks if I import an .obj!

    In VoxTree press RMB on your Volume and then choose 'Quadrangulate' See the pictures (read hints) Good luck
  12. Daniel


    ааааа...... А можешь написать, что ты делал в Коуте, а что в Шопе? Меня интересует и расскраска и такие штуки как grip (русский уже плохо знаю) на рукоятке и т.д. А можешь и полный воркфлов написать: моделинг-УВ-.... Спасибо! Классный ствол
  13. Daniel


    Shadow! Классно сделал!!! Я тож так хочу... никак не доберусь! Как ты делал текст на кольте???
  14. Daniel


    Ого, прикольная Штука!!!
  15. Daniel

    tree321 WIP-s

    WoW!!! That's Just AWESOME I just looked at the thread and... wow... Angel, Jesus, Moses, Eve, Searcher!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! They're all GREAT!!!!!!! :clapping:
  16. Daniel

    wip - tree/rock @ texturing

    Hi Dimsane!!! Welcome to Family Really nice tree!!!! Congratulations!!!
  17. Daniel


    Привет, -Shadow- !!!!!! Увидел твою модельку Беретты (упс... Кольта!!! ) и решил поделиться своей. Люблю оружие и как раз недавно смоделил. Можешь использовать для чего хочешь! Моделил в Вингсе 3Д. УВ добавишь сам. пистолет состоит из четырех частей. делал по скетчу. так что выглядит классно! Нахватает предохранителя и кнопки возврата затвора. может доделаю скоро Удачи, земляк!!! beretta.rar
  18. Daniel


    Agree!!! Looks much better! Maybe little more specular to make it look more wet
  19. Daniel

    tree321 WIP-s

    SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only Voxels and shaders?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool!!!! p.s. I recognize the wolf
  20. Daniel

    Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Welcome!!! It's good to see you here!!! As for your question... 1) Make UV-set (in Blender or in 3D-Coat) 2) Go to Sculp mode and add some details (I mean like 'muscles' or 'spine' etc) 3) I recommend to make eyes totally in Blender (so load you Rex in 3DC without eyes) 4) Paint, make carves and cavities 5) Export textures (read this http://www.3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2180 and this http://arkavision.com/oldsite/tutorials.html) 6) Set up scene, Render and share it with us!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Daniel

    Tinker's sketchbook

    COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the Bee. It's really creepy. Keep going. Can't wait to see it painted!!!!!!!
  22. Daniel


    I like this one!!!!!!!! and even more... I LIKE THE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Daniel

    Ugly old man

    I like that too!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!! Juan (or anybody else) can you post here link with the video (about wrinkles)? I want to watch it very much...
  24. Приветствую всех!!! Попалась статья чешского 3D художника Павла Цоха (скорее всего вы уже видели его работы в галерее)! Выкладываю ее в pdf формате. Почитайте, может кто-то узнает что-то новое и полезное! Статья переведена с чешского, поэтому перевод не очень литературный! Удачи всем и творческих успехов!!!!!!!!
  25. 3D_Coat_article_1.pdf 3D_Coat_article_2.pdf вот собственно статья в двух частях!