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    creepy-creepy! Great work!!!
  2. Daniel

    tree321 WIP-s

  3. Daniel

    Alien Head WIP

    nice creature
  4. Hi again! I'm using Blender 2.48a. Maybe it's because of my video card (Radeon 9600). Can you tell me how can I turn GLSL off? Thanks for all your answers. That's a great help for me
  5. Daniel

    Andrew is away for a while!

    He is offline today and tomorrow (Internet provider has a serious network problem). He will be back soon and answer all 'Support' questions!!!
  6. Daniel


    Thanks Phil I've downloaded both of them about an hour ago and trying already!...
  7. Daniel


    Hi folks! Can you recommend a good free video capture program???
  8. Yahoo got it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! But... I couldn't open it in Blender 2.48 (it crashes), I opened (and rendered) it in Blender 2.45. Do you have any ideas why is that so??? happy blending and coating D.
  9. Daniel

    Country man

    Hi folks!!! This is my couple hours playing with the head found in 'samples' folder I did only the sculpt (not volumetric)... but because of the model is only 40,000 polys ears are very poor (I didn't want to reload hi-poly and do everything again) Please leave your comments. This is my first sculpt work (i'm a baby in 3D world) I know it's more to improve!!! I'm gonna paint it also and add details... Good luck to everyone and happy coating
  10. Daniel

    Country man

    Thanks for helping me!!! i'm just gathering speed in all that stuff! I must say I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!
  11. Daniel

    Displace Maps In Blender

    I will, thank you so much for the help!!! If I have some questions just about blender can I ask you? I'm dowloading zombiehead.zip now........ can't wait to try your tut... thanks again
  12. Daniel

    Displace Maps In Blender

    Wow! Thanks a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm also a blender user (just started) and i also was wondering about this topic thnx again!!! good luck to you
  13. Daniel

    Country man

    Thanx for reply Eric! I think i'll delay with this guy and try to make smth in vox! Maybe that will be saint Paul statue! How do you think is it better to make a base mesh or to do quite everything in vox mode??? happy coating... Daniel
  14. Daniel

    Country man

    some 5 min adding eyebrows...
  15. Daniel

    VoxStamps creating

    Jokermax, thanks a lot for the link! I want to be precise: you want me to make part of human body for volumetric sculpting or for painting just over it? I'm asking because I made lips yesterday but merging it into 3DC made them look not very good (I thought that that kind of lips everyone can do in vox. sculpt mode). Or maybe I do smth wrong. Please, write some comments on that... Happy coating
  16. Daniel

    VoxStamps creating

    Hi, everyone! I make some 3d-models that can be used in Volumetric sculpting (both 'snake'-like and objects) You can post your requests here (if you have referencee image - post it also) So, I'm waiting for your requests.... Happy coating
  17. Daniel

    VoxStamps creating

    Hey, Jokermax! Thanks for reply I'll work on human body parts (try 'foot.obj') If you know some good sourse of blueprints or scatches it would be very cool if you tell me c'ya foot_hpm.obj
  18. Daniel

    tildees sketches

    Sweet!!!!!!! I like it a lot...
  19. Daniel


    Chris, that's a REALLY COOL FISH!!!!! Hope I'm gonna reach your level...
  20. Daniel

    New manual for 3D-Coat 2.10!

    You're WELCOME!!!
  21. Daniel

    New manual for 3D-Coat 2.10!

    Hi again I'm working on tha last editet .doc version of the manual. All mistakes I'm marking with red color... Hope to finish soon... ... here it is!!! As I told earlier all mistakes and misprints are marked with red color... of course it's still not perfect happy coating!!! 2_10_10Edited3.doc
  22. Daniel

    New manual for 3D-Coat 2.10!

    Hi everyone!!!!! Luo Chen, thanx again for GREAT work on manual!!! Here's a .doc version with some corrections (missing letter, some wrong or extra letters, missing "space" and so on...) I know that it's still not perfect... Use it!!!!! ... and happy coating :-) 2_10_10manual.doc