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    ОК. Если хочешь честно, то "хорошо". Не знаю какие у тебя планы на эту работу, но коль хочешь, чтобы было "очень хорошо" или "отлично", нужно доработать. 1. Рукоятка. Постарайся сделать, как в уроке, чтобы деревяные части по контуру совпадали с металлической. Да и сам металл должен быть гладким на срезе все-таки. 2. детали, детали, детали... это то, что определяет будет ли смотреться натурально или нет. попробуй сделать ТОЧНО так же, как в уроке П.С. В тему оружия... вот Беретта, которую я делал на заре обучения 3Д. Вроде как и хорошо, но без деталей не отлично. А мне было лень доделывать, вот он у меня и пылится на винте
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    давай больше ракурсов
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    Приветствую!!! Классный Кольт - молодца! рукоятку все же надо сделать не плоской, а то держать неудобно совсем и скриншот лучше сделать в Перспективе, а не Оксонометрии Еще раз - молодец!
  4. Daniel

    Post Process 3D scan data

    Hi Bernhard, Does your scan mesh have a UV map before you import it to 3D-Coat? The point is the next: meshes in Voxels room can't have UV's because they don't have actual polygons. so you must retopologize your fixed/cleaned mesh (= cover it with actual polygons) and then make a new UV, and then bake you color or whatever from your original mesh. Maybe somebody will suggest something else... P.S. how a scan data (that usually is STL) can have a UV???
  5. А при экспорте из Коата после экспорта самой модельки был запрос на экспорт текстур цвета, блеска, нормалей и т.п.? Или вы переносили с помощью аплинка? Короче нужно больше начальной информации от вас. Можно даже со скриншотами
  6. Daniel

    ORTHOGRAPHIC and PERSPECTIVE projection...question

    Hi, Perspective is more world-real as it gives a slight (or big) distorsions depending on focal length. You can change the focal length via FOV icon (it's on the right to zoom icon in navigation panel). I'm not sure about numeric meaning of it, but default value should +/- match the focal length on a human eye. so better stick with default (50) value of FOV in Perspective view P.S. Size of the model also matters a bit. The smaller the model (1-2 inches) the bigger the distorsions would be with wider lenses (bigger FOV value in our case) if you are close enough to the subject. Good Luck
  7. Daniel

    стим версия

    Здравствуйте. Думаю что резоннее обратится с этой проблемой к Стиму, если ошибка не у них, они свяжутся с нами для решения проблемы. Спасибо
  8. Hi dear 3D-Coaters! We've received an email from Deke Kincaid. Some of you might be interested in it. Here's the mail itself: Hi Guys I’m doing a texture painting Birds on a Feather at Siggraph this year on that Wednesday at 11:30am. The goal is to make it a really fast 1 hour session where artists go up for 5-10 minutes, show off their cool tips & tricks with any software they want and then onto the next presenter. I would like to get people from other software packages involved to rally the troops to watch and present. I worked in production for 10 years long before working for the Foundry and I’m more interested in the greater good for the community of texture painters rather then just for a single application. Could you guys help me a bit promoting and also help get some 3d Coat artists to show off some tricks at this mini meeting? Here is the link to the BOF on the siggraph site and a copy of the description: http://s2013.siggraph.org/attendees/birds-feather Texture Painters Wednesday, 24 July 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM | Anaheim Convention Center - Room 213 D Texture Painters, strut your stuff. Think speed dating, but instead artists quickly present tips and tricks using their favorite tools, including Photoshop, Mari, Mudbox, Zbrush, 3D-Coat, etc. ----- Deke Kincaid Creative Specialist The Foundry Mobile: (310) 883 4313 Tel: (310) 399 4555 - Fax: (310) 450 4516 The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd. Registered in England and Wales No: 4642027
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    No, just in 3D-Coat. Maybe you should ask on Steam about the issue? or try to do the same in simple voxel scene (no TF2 mode) Edit: does manual retopo work?
  10. Daniel


    sure! btw, in the video he made retopo of a perfect straight hat, and then deformed it in retopo room using Brush tool (with symmetry enabled)
  11. Daniel


    Спасибо всем, кто постит про баги! Было бы намного эффективнее помещать их сразу в Мантис - http://3d-coat.com/mantis/main_page.php
  12. Daniel


    something wrong here... I have this (pic 1): 1. Terget polycount = 800 2. Paint all hat's disc (bottom thin part) as dense 3. set the guides like this (pic 2) 4. voila
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    Don't give up on Blender either
  14. Daniel


    Hi, there is no special magic. you can do it using AUTOPO or manual retopology. it's all depends on your accuracy (how accurate you put a stroke, etc). Learn and try. Try and learn. You can share the image of what you have and the techniques that you used, and we may suggest something based on that don't give up
  15. Daniel

    Wip Винторез

  16. Daniel

    retopology question

    хм... а можно модельку вот сюда: workflow@3d-coat.com
  17. Daniel

    retopology question

    Пожалуйста, чуть больше информации (версия программы, ОС, видеокарта и т.п.), пару скриншотов и т.п. спасибо!
  18. Daniel

    Import without triangulation?

    Nope, sorry. At least for the moment. Tweak room has Select/Move (and Drag Points) which is similar. Just check it out (read the manual)
  19. Daniel

    Monsta, sculpture / texturing.

    Hey welcome aboard! Really really nice!!! share more
  20. Daniel

    New demo user, UI feature request x 2 ?

    NO Alt needed for navigating IF your brush is not over your object. But no ALT+LMB for operations possible. I think it's reasonable. You do more sculpting/painting than navigating, so why would I hold ALT key more often? Cheers and welcome aboard
  21. Hi Nikolai, Unfortunately, no Mac version on Steam. You can upgrade to Win+Mac license for 40& here: http://3d-coat.com/buy-now/ choose Win to (MacOS or Linux)- 40$ Thus you'll have a license for Windows and for Mac. Windows license can't be used for Mac
  22. Daniel

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Hi, try to first delete the hotkeys by hovering your mouse over the menu item and pressing BACKSPACE. Then press END and assign a new one
  23. Daniel

    V4 Bug or not?

    I guess something happened with 3D-Coat's settings.xml file (or files). I would reinstall. That should cause no harm at all. Let us know if it helps or doesn't help
  24. А что стоит в Настройках? Attached Thumbnails P.S. можете сцену из Коата отослать на инспекцию на workflow@3d-coat.com, хотя думаю, что дело в инвертированном канале (должно решаться выбором экспорта нормалей для Майя, Блендер в Настройках)
  25. Daniel

    retopology question

    Можно попробовать сохранить Ретопо-меш как обж, а после правки референса (и его перезаливки в Коат) загрузить ранее сохраненный ретопо-меш и продолжить.