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  1. Please send the 3b file to workflow@3d-coat.com
  2. Daniel

    Bas Relief

    np, Joe! Give it a try!
  3. Daniel

    Bas Relief

    Hi! you can't if you want the bottom of the sculpture to be bas-reliefed from its closest point. As possible solution try to split it into two parts and do Bas-relief for both, and then combine them together
  4. Yep, Merge first (try Merge with NM (per-pixel))
  5. Daniel

    Rogue Voxels that won't 'Cut Out'

    Steam is ready now (it should be), but we'll discover that (i mean the bug). Thanks for posting!
  6. Daniel

    Rogue Voxels that won't 'Cut Out'

    Is that in V4.0.03?
  7. Daniel

    Rogue Voxels that won't 'Cut Out'

    Are you sure that the volume that has this piece is active and not in Ghost mode? P.S. you may send 3b file for inspection to workflow@3d-coat.com
  8. Daniel

    V4 Stable version

    Thanks Artman! Added...
  9. Daniel

    Render Resolution Question

    Yep, seems to be true... Reported as a temporary solution you can render it bigger and the crop and scale down. For this change Render size
  10. Daniel

    Steam & 3d-Coat Beta 4

    Steam will make an update within next several days (no manual way for that). So, be patient
  11. Daniel

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Shaders Preview Info! For anyone who wants to make his own shaders preview: In Program Files\3D-Coat-V4\ToolsPresets\ there are two OBJ files. The PreviewObjectCenter.obj is a grey sphere, and the PreviewObject.obj is the shader. Create your own and try it. Keep the scale the same as in those files! That's it P.S. Share it with the community, and the BEST one may be included to the distributive!
  12. Daniel

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Right-click on any shader and choose Refresh all shaders preview
  13. Daniel

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    khe-khe... mine
  14. Daniel

    [Solved] Surface or Voxel Mode ?

    this might help!
  15. Daniel

    Imported obj Converts to Tri, Why?

    Does it really gets out of 3dsMax quads-only? Maybe send the obj for inspection to workflow(at)3d-coat.com
  16. Daniel

    [Solved] import .stl

    There are 2 main merging options - Voxels and Surface. I'll touch the surface mode first. In surface mode you get EXACTLY the same mesh as you import (the same topology, the same amount of polygons, everything the same (even artifacts)), so when you scale the mesh that is going to be merged in Surface mode, you just scale it as in usual 3D app. That's it! Voxel mode, though, looks like this: when you have you model in Merge mode you see it with original poly-structure. Think of it as a container that will be filled with something (voxels) later! So, the lover the polycount the "less" of voxels will be in that container, so the small details will look like crap. The bigger the polycount, better the details because more voxels will "get into" this container. I hope I was clear So when you merge, you must be sure to prepare "the container" before you click Apply. If you need clarification, feel free to ask..
  17. Daniel

    [Solved] import .stl

    I saved a scene for you. tell me is that what you want? Steps: 1. Scale the mesh on Merge stage to around 800k-1000k polycount 2. Click Apply 3. Press Smooth all several times (it's in the bottom of left panel) stl2voxels.zip
  18. Привет, HunterWolf! Думаю, что можно взять текущую английскую версию (Languages/English.xml) и сравнить с последним русским по АйДи-шникам. Большинство ИД просто добавлены.
  19. Daniel

    Retopo not displaying polygons

    are they disappear or "dive into surface"? Some screenshots please!
  20. Daniel

    [Solved] import .stl

    Hello namesake, Post the file here, I'll check it, and tell me what is your goal ( what are you planning to do with it in 3D-Coat? ) Cheers!
  21. Daniel

    How to hide UI?

    Sorry, man! no such switcher yet. You can hide the left-side panel by pressing on the "left-oriented triangle" near the iconic-look switcher. And manually close/hide (or rearrange) tabs on the right.
  22. а сама текстура нормали правильно выглядит?
  23. А что стоит в Настройках?
  24. В последней бете с форума тоже нет? Включены ли Show Beta tools в Preferences?