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  1. Наверное действительно не точно понял :)

    А что значит "рваные" края? Вроде как достаточно ровные ). И поделитесь, пожалуйста, тем, что вы нашли в Сурф. режиме - может быть станет легче сделать подобное в Воксельном. Спасибо! )

  2. Я предлагаю попробовать инструмент Plane. Правой кнопкой мыши устанавливается необходимый угол для среза. Он всегда параллелен плоскости экрана, т.е. срез идет паралельно. Чтобы более точно выставить объект, можно в Custom Navigation выбрать 3D-Coat+Arrows, а потом  с помощью  ALT+Up/Down вращать сцену вверх/вниз для нужного угла.

    П.С. Рекомендую использовать (и привыкать) английский интерфейс ;)


  3. Hello Guys!

    At last we are happy to announce First Official Contest's Winners!

    All of you put a lot of effort and creativity in your artworks, and all of us could see very good results!

    For many of you it was a great practice and improvement of your 3D skills. We received a lot of thanks from you - big pleasure!


    Without further ado let us announce the Winner...

    And the Winner is... (tra-tah-tah-tah-tah) ... andeliseev with his great 'Turtle Submarine'. Congratulations!!!



    Second Place: ostapblender with his wonderful 'Stesla' work. Congratulations!!!



    And we decided to give three 3rd places to:

    - Kargall and his 'Seven Wheels for Speed'



    - Vladukenzo and his 'Steampunk TriTruck'



    - pauloduarte with his 'Tank Fortress'



    Congratulations to everyone, Guys!!!


    Of course, it was a hard task for us to choose between such wonderful works of Art.

    Also we want to mark Sculpting and Texturing works that we liked:

    - 'Six Wheel Cabriolet' by kornblume (sculpting). Prize: 3D-Coat PRO license!



    - 'Taxi' by zmei_f (texturing). Prize: 3D-Coat PRO license!



    All the Winners, please contact Stas (sales@3dcoat.com) for 'Prize-receiving' information.

    Thanks again to everybody who took part in the Contest! We hope to see more of you on our Second Official Contest which will start soon!

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  4. Вкратце на русском:

    С такой глубиной резкости выглядит как игрушка. На предыдущем рендере было сложно различить контур (границы) "грузовичка".

  5. Cool! I like it much!

    One question: is it intended to look like a toy?

    If itis not, then you need to reduce DoF a lot :)

    Plus it looks like are using fish-eye-like camera lens, If so the perspective should look extreme, but it's not ))

    Also one problem the I saw on the previous render is that the vehicle blends with the background, so it's hard to see its contours and details...

    Hope that helps improving the final composition! ;)

  6. А у вас не получиться выложить на форум финальный рендер до отлета? Сама модель не нужна как таковая для жюри - только финальный рендер.

    Про способ получения приза мы сообщим отдельно :)

  7. 6 hours ago, Vladukenzo said:

    Dear 3dCoat administration. I am going be out in another country for business since aug 10. Is it possible not to publish my model? I dont think that i will have a possibility to do that. An option is only to share it with you via cloud service =) Thanks

    А что конкретно имеется ввиду? Мы, конечно же, сделаем так как лучше для и удобнее для всех!

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  8. Couple more things:

    1. Lowering the camera angle to the level of the Guy's eye level will make everything visually "bigger"!

    2. Rails lead to 'nowhere'.

    3. Open space instead of a dark green tree behind the opened gate would also add some cool space to the final composiotion

    4*. Something on the front plane could also help, but only if used wisely ;)

    PS. DOF on such shots must be used very carefully as you may make everything look like toys on a table

    Hope that helps ))

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  9. I like the last image. I couldn't see shadows from those guys on the ground :) 

    Maybe you could work on shadows a bit more? And some color toning...? :)

    Also I think that it would be better to keep more space from the sides of the airship (make scene wider). All is my imho ))