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  1. I ended up re-installing Windows but this time around I left all the Windows default drivers instead of adding the manufacture updated drivers and performance issues cleared up.. Weird that vendor specific drivers would cause issues.. Anyways, I'm good now, 3DC is quick and responsive again. I would not of replied to myself but I dont see where I can delete my thread. lol
  2. Just to clarify, it's not a 3DCoat issue, it's my system that is having issues and with the system being old, good time to upgrade.
  3. Hi guys, Question, how does 3DC perform with the newer AMD Ryzen CPUs? Like em? Issues? etc... I'm currently running 3DC v4.9x and 2021.x on a AMD 2700x with 16GB Ram and a GTX 1070. 4'ish years in, this config never quite worked right, no matter how many windows re-install, drivers \ bios updates, there always was something with my system performance.. Stuttering, lag..etc. These days I copy a large file over the network and my mouse skips all over the place.. With 3DCoat, it's almost completely unusable.. Long story short, I'm about to upgrade and not sure if I should go back to Intel or I was just unlucky with my AMD parts. How's your experience?
  4. Just a heads up.. With the next AMD cards pretty much all having 16GB ram, NVidia decided to bump RTX 3060\70 cards to 12 GB.. This should be announced this week at CES with availability at the end of Jan\Start of Feb.
  5. Yours is much less pronounced, If you look at the screenshot I sent, my selection is on the top of the object while my cursor is basically at the bottom of the shape. >>> Anyway, cursor offset isnt very comfortable. I agree. *Reported. Ah ok good tyvm!
  6. Stumbled on Anton Tenitsky's youtube channel and he made a cool hard surface drone, I used his technique to re-create it. Simple ball project but I'll definitely re-use the methodology for more hard surface projects. Took about an hour to complete. 3DCoat instancing rocks.
  7. Hi Carlosan, Yes but I see your cursor is at the bottom right of the selection square, can you make it disconnect the selection like in the image I posted?
  8. Hey guys, Not sure if this is a bug but it's definitely weird behavior, when in Vox Hide with a square selection, there is a big offset between the cursor and the selection. Doesnt happen with rectangle selection. It's still somewhat usable but not optimal.. I can use rectangle selection instead for now. What do you guys think, bug or feature \ designed as intended? Using 4.9.55(DX64)
  9. Congrats on your new purchase!! Fun times ahead!
  10. Just grabbed the v18 download from my account at SideFX, it's going to be a fun day!!
  11. You need some serious skills to use that pen.. I definitely prefer to have my model in an application where I have access to undo and then send to 3D printer But.. For those that have the skills, looks very cool!
  12. The Stuff Pablo is working on is truly amazing for Blender, once you start using the vox remesher, you probably wont go back to dyntopo. Funny how ZBrush went from a remesher workflow(dynamesh) to sculptris mode (dyntopo) while Blender is doing it the other way around. Having more options in Blender is always a good thing
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