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  1. Was browsing my Pluralsight subscription this morning and noticed this course.. It's part of a multi application pipeline training using ZB, Marmoset, 3DC. The first few chapters are using 3DCoat for Retopo, UVs.. Will add it to my watch list and get back to you(s). Modeling and Texturing Animals for Games
  2. And it's up for Download, Houdini H17 Download
  3. Last night's Presentation is up!
  4. No updates on Twitter or SideFX's web page this morning.. Must of been a good party
  5. SideFX just released more H17 Sneak Peek goodness!!
  6. So tempted to go.. 2 hour drive from where I am. I'll let you guys know if I'm able to free myself from work and attend.
  7. This plugin is really interesting! Even with the release of H17 direct modeling tools, this might be a good addition. In the second video it reminds me a lot about the Decal Machine addon for Blender but more powerful.. GJ!
  8. I gotta say 2.8 will be hard on me.. I played with the Alpha and my 2.79 muscle memory betrays me. lol.. I'm sure once I get used to it I wont look back.. I hope most of my addons will get updated to 2.8 also.. As for learning Houdini, it's definitely a different beast and I dont think everything translates well to it, but the things it's meant for are really awesome!
  9. Really excited about this if they come out with a good set of direct modeling tools in Houdini 17.
  10. Nossgrr

    Modo Meshfusion vs MOI 3D

    Ancient Regime, Have you tried Fusion 360 yet? It was made for creating shapes like that and is free to boot... Just install the "Trial", expires every year so you need to re-activate once per year.
  11. Anyone able to download it? It says all you need to do is hit the Buy button but there's none on the page for me.
  12. Had the same opportunity at work.. I.T. decommissioned our data-center for new hardware and were basically giving away our old 2u servers (pizza boxes), took a look at the hardware and counted about 36 fans, quad xeons, redundant power supp, custom power connector..etc.. And I went, nope, pass.. The power requirements was insane. lol Some of the IT guys picked some up and had to install dedicated power outlets at their houses to accommodate the connectors and amperage.. They're crazy. lol
  13. This one's been out for while, bought it when it came out... Good course.
  14. Nossgrr

    Video card upgrade

    It's definitely a tough time to upgrade because of the situation you mentioned with crypto miners, in my case I have a GTX 1070 and it can handle pretty much anything I throw at it. In a pinch, I've seen some good numbers come out of the GTX1060, that's the lowest specced card I would consider, it would still be a good upgrade from your 760.
  15. Nossgrr


    Very cool! Here's a demo of it in action..