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  1. And I was thinking, this is just as Pilgway is releasing their Smart Material Library store.. They could not of timed it better. GJ Andrew and team. Quick Edit, not trying to bash Algorithmic, I love their product! I'm just dissapointed in their corporate move.
  2. Man.. I should of bought those Substance Painter licenses back when they had that last sale... I have a feeling it's the last time I see a perpetual license from them.
  3. That's the thing.. No one knows at this point.. I'm not buying into the hype until i see real benchmarks and price point.. Like I was saying, if AMD has equivalents to NVidia's offering and is at the same price point, it's not enough for me.. Not to mention I'd be leaving RTX behind for a few years.. We'll see when it comes out.
  4. I went AMD for my CPU but my GPU is another story... For the same price I'll always lean towards NVidia.. Even with the last mess we just had with the 20xx series. AMD has to make it worth switching over.. Besides, the markup on those cards is high lately so they have a lot of room to lower their prices and attract new customers. Radeon VII vs RTX 2070 for the same price? Not even flinching, RTX every time..
  5. I purchased the 2700x with a Gigabyte Aorus motherboard last Black Friday.. Couldnt be happier! Stable, fast, responsive. One thing to note, if you're going to install Windows 10, make sure you dont do the same mistake I originally did and use an old Win 10 ISO.. You're going to be cursing. lol. Use (download) the Windows Media Creation tool to create a fresh\current Windows 10 ISO and use that for your install.. It will make for a smooth install. Speaking of, combine that system with a fast M.2 SSD and it was the fastest WIndows install ever.. I had Win10 installed in 5-6 mins.. <- then added some gigabyte custom drivers.. etc.. but the base Windows install was really quick. Anyways, feel free to ask questions.
  6. Here's NVidia's CES 2019 presentation.. There was some really cool demos and tech news given during the presentation.
  7. That brings up an interesting question, would you be able to live without Cuda? Not only in 3DC but other apps as well? I'm going to take a long hard look at AMD's GPU offering but at the same time have to weight in if Cuda is still a big factor enough to stay with NVidia.. AMD has stated that they're going to skip RT-Raytracing for Navi, take a more of a wait and see approach.. Which means Navi could be very attractive price wise..
  8. Sure thing... For the motherboard I bought the GIGABYTE X470 AORUS Ultra ($150Cdn BF deal). It was either that one or the ASUS PRIME X470-PRO.. Had my eye on both so when Black Friday came, price and availability was the driver for the purchase. Ram I bought the G.Skil 3200 \ DDR4 16GB. The motherboard picked up the XMP memory profile right away and maxed the frequency at 3200. For the GPU, I already had a decent one so I did not replace it. I'm running a Geforce GTX 1070 STRIX edition, bought this one before all the bitcoin madness for $424 Cdn. After extensive reading on the 20xx series and all following the post you guys did, I thought it best to skip it.. RTX is just not mature enough to benefit from it and the new cards failure rates raised a red flag.
  9. So just an update on my new Ryzen 2700x cpu\mobo I purchased last Black Friday.. I absolutely love the thing, a real workhorse. First thing I did was to fire up 3D Coat, Blender and ZBrush.. All pretty much used every core available. Blender and ZB had a more even spread of the workload. 3DC also used up all the cores but the difference was that it also maxed out one of them.. User experience wise, definite improvement over my previous setup. Something to note, when I installed Windows 10 I used an old ISO I had lying around and that ended up causing me issues \ long install times \ freezes.. After an hour+ in of installing Win10 updates and a few freezes, I just canceled everything and reformatted.. I ended up using the Windows media creator from MS to create a more recent build of Windows. It created a v1803 build of Windows.. Once I had that, it was probably one of the fastest Windows install I've ever done, under 8-10 mins and I was up and running with all drivers found. I updated with vendor specific drivers and then everything was solid.. I've had zero instability \ freezes \ crashes since Black Friday and have been running the rig non stop.. Overall I'm really impressed with it, would definitely buy again (hey it's half the price of Intel equiv).. Feel free to ask questions or run a specific task to get numbers..
  10. L'ancient Regime, I bought that exact same processor earlier today from the link you listed at Amazon.ca for $344 (Ryzen 2700x), I guess it went back up later today.. Bought this from your recommendations ty! It's not a Threadripper but it'll do pretty good I think.
  11. That's nuts! The 20 series will take a hit reputation wise...
  12. All of this is mostly relevant to servers, data centers and cloud computing where there's many tenants per hosts.. The fear is that one tenant could potentially eavesdrop on others using those cpu exploits.. For personal use as a workstation at home, I wouldn sweat it. Yes a local exploit could be used locally but then they would listen to what? If they're in your system, they have access to everything already anyways.. A good anti virus will do just fine for home use.
  13. I'm leaning towards AMD for CPU. The socket compatibility is definitely a feature I'm interested in, if it where like that with intel, I could of went to a newer CPU and kept the rest of my rig.. For GPU, my GTX 1070 is still plenty fast for what I do and totally agree about RTX, I'll skip this gen and re-evaluate once more apps support it. Thanks for the suggestions,
  14. My aging 4th gen intel cpu will get a refresh come Nov Black Friday. I was looking at the i7 8700 but someone mentioned the Ryzen 2700.. I'd love to support AMD but their offering has to be rock solid and competitive. That's for the CPU, for the GPU my current GTX 1070 will do for now. Any advice? PS, dont want to hijack the thread, just saw ppl talk about cpus and black Friday
  15. I used to run NOD32 a while back. Mad props for being written in Assembly Language! Now this one might surprise you, it's an old dog too :)