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  1. Nossgrr

    It FINALLY arrived!

    Congrats on your new purchase!! Fun times ahead!
  2. Great resources!.. Thanks!!!
  3. Just grabbed the v18 download from my account at SideFX, it's going to be a fun day!!
  4. Nossgrr

    Forget 3D printers...3D PEN.

    You need some serious skills to use that pen.. I definitely prefer to have my model in an application where I have access to undo and then send to 3D printer But.. For those that have the skills, looks very cool!
  5. You're correct, seems he found a way to keep both methods. Not complaining
  6. The Stuff Pablo is working on is truly amazing for Blender, once you start using the vox remesher, you probably wont go back to dyntopo. Funny how ZBrush went from a remesher workflow(dynamesh) to sculptris mode (dyntopo) while Blender is doing it the other way around. Having more options in Blender is always a good thing
  7. Here's one for getting you up to speed on sculpting in 2.8,
  8. Thanks for the mention on FLuent, I didnt know about that one. I watched the videos and it looked pretty good, very interactive.
  9. Funny thing is, after learning Blender I find it very difficult to go back to Maya or Max.. Even if I dont do any 3D for a while, returning to Blender feels more natural to me than Maya. But like everything else, apps are a personal preference thing..
  10. I absolutely love the new v2.8 interface and if you've followed the development vlogs that Pablo put up in the Blender development channel, he explains how the new interface paves the way for new and existing features to be better integrated into Blender. The UI overhaul was overdue and needed.. Otherwise you might end up in a 3dsmax\zbrush situation..
  11. Nossgrr

    Finally Apple to release a new Mac Pro

    Let's start by saving up for the stand and maybe one day we'll be able to afford the monitor.. For now I could place the stand in the middle of the dinner table as an expensive ornament, my guests could admire the stand while they eat. Hahaha.. Or I'll just pass
  12. Nossgrr

    Finally Apple to release a new Mac Pro

    I agree with you but the problem with this one is how Apple marketed it.. As far as I know it's Apple's first venture in the true hardware "Pro" market and they went and released it during a consumer event. Also, Apple has used the Pro moniker before for their "Enthusiast" audience, it would be easy to think this would be another Apple consumer product. It was the wrong venue for the release. Now all that aside, the $1000 optional monitor stand is a pure money grab.. Borderline insulting.
  13. Anyone else planning of getting the new Oculus Rift S announced today? I just pre ordered mine.. The price was right at $399usd ($549Cdn) and since I never owned V1, the specs are good with me. I was also looking at the Valve Index but they priced themselves out of my range pretty quickly, $999usd and you still need to have the tracking modules in the room for a full room experience.. It comes with two and you'd need to buy two additional for full room tracking.. The Rift S has full room tracking OOB. There's a couple of content creation apps that I'm really interested in, not to mention Unreal Engine fully supports developing your games in VR.. If anything, fun to play with. And gaming of course.. Work hard, play hard https://www.oculus.com/rift-s/?locale=en_US
  14. Nossgrr

    ZBrush 2019 Launch, March 5th

    Was there such a big demand for a non realistic shading pipeline in ZB? Doubt it. As for the new subscription, now you can pay forever and own nothing as opposed to a perpetual license.. Does this mean Pixo will start charging for every other update now? They have to or the Subs dont make sense.. At least make them Sub to own for one version at the end of the sub once you've paid the equivalent of the retail price.
  15. Nossgrr

    ZBrush 2019 Launch, March 5th

    Ok I'm about 12 mins in the presentation where the guys is setting up a toon shader look in the viewport and already I'm going wth is up with all the clicking everywhere.. I mean everything is buried all over the place in different menus.. Complete incoherence. <- maybe it's just me but that would snap me right out of creative mode, I'd be constantly digging in menus. I didnt think 2019 was going to be a new interface but you always hope they have some sort of vision on how to gradually simplify the interface.. Nope,