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  1. TOXE

    3.0 :)

    Best wishes from Italy, from me and my family (i'm a lucky father too!)
  2. TOXE

    3D-Coat 3.0 ALPHA

    hi all, Andrew, there are still some little bugs (on osx) when hit quadrangulate and paint. I've tried to convert this simple shape several times, sometimes is good sometimes is wrong as you can see in the picture. Also some strange behaviours using undo in paint mode, sometimes it don't erase completely the painted areas.
  3. TOXE

    Voxel video manual

    Me too on osx, GREAT WORK!
  4. TOXE

    3DCoat 3.0 needs new logo and name?

    I like both logo and name. Andrew, i know, registering names worldwide or something is real pain! -TOXE
  5. TOXE

    3D-Coat 3.0 ALPHA

    Good news! I'll keep around here a good bottle of wine:-) -TOXE
  6. TOXE

    Interface discussion

    In terms of functionality this is the best GUI for now, but it's too much adobe like. I think that 3D coat need something special and completely original, but really handy not like zbrush... For many years i've wanted a software with a very clear GUI, maybe simply white. minimal or something. BTW it's an interesting challenge... -TOXE
  7. TOXE

    3D-Coat 3.0 ALPHA

    This is a good news! -TOXE
  8. TOXE

    3D-Coat 3.0 ALPHA

    Andrew, still bugs in alpha 61 when try to quadrangulate cloths. I found an interesting thing: when you quadrangulate a cloth in a separate layer with the source object for cloth in an another layer the quadrangulation work incorrectly, especially in the points of contacts, so we have some holes or the geometry completely disappear. I've tried to hide the source object but the result it's the same. The only way to quadrangulate cloth correctly with no geometry trouble is to delete the other layer with the source object. Let me know if you have any problems with this explanation. -TOXE
  9. TOXE

    3D-Coat 3.0 ALPHA

    I agree, Zbrush interface is terrible in my opinion, i've bought Zbrush some years ago and now i have V3 but i've never used for my professional work because i don't have the time to learn his workflow. With modo, lightwave and 3d coat i've all the things that i need. It's a shame because it's a very powerful software. -TOXE
  10. TOXE

    3D-Coat 3.0 ALPHA

    The file name is still alpha 59.dmg. Is this ok? -TOXE
  11. TOXE

    3D-Coat 3.0 ALPHA

    Hi Kay_Eva, regarding me i can say that i've used all products from Eovia, i was in the beta team of Hexagon, Amapi, Carrara (also i've made the cover art for Carrara4). For Hexagon they have used the code of Amapi regarding the guy, that is terrible in my opinion. The GUI is very good and intuitive, but it's a very buggy software, so i understand people don't like to use it. All this things that i've said regarding my experience with OSX platform BTW... -TOXE
  12. TOXE

    3D-Coat 3.0 ALPHA

    Ok, so it's my turn about GUI in my opinion the GUI of 3D-Coat is really good in terms of efficency, yes it's not cool and clean as modo or other software, but in my opinion it's only a restyling matter. Because you can import every type of object i suggest to add constraint to rotation to 45/90° like carrara (pressing shift) and a numeric input for both rotation and resize (maybe directly on the gizmo or in a little pop up window). As discussed many times before i agree using only one gizmo for all the different situations (primitives, etc). Sometimes when i try new softwares i'm a bit frustrated spend time to learn how to move an object and how to use tools, with 3d coat i'm happy since the firts time because it's very similar to photoshop, illustrator etc. -TOXE