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  1. stusutcliffe's post in Cut off was marked as the answer   
    Doh! Thanks for that, weirdly I remember this from the distant past . Use it or lose it.....think I am losing it. Thanks for the quick reply. Now I can start my Greedo blaster.
  2. stusutcliffe's post in Retopo mesh/Reference mesh change color? was marked as the answer   
    Have a look here ...In Retopo look at the top line of menu/tabs, the last one to the right is "Colours" try that.
  3. stusutcliffe's post in Pose tool bug was marked as the answer   
    Occasionly I get this or similar when a model is below the ground plane . But yours seems to be on the vertical plane.
    Maybe you have symmetry on...could that maybe affect it?
  4. stusutcliffe's post in Color Swatches was marked as the answer   
    Figured it out! Delete all in the palette,then save the palette as something else then add your own colours . 
    Strangely, all this seems familiar ...pretty sure I asked the same question ages ago and promptly forgot what I did.
    Move along....nothing to see here....
  5. stusutcliffe's post in brush widget upside down was marked as the answer   
    Maybe its your "brush and stroke options" not set to zero? ( mabe at 180 degrees)
  6. stusutcliffe's post in Switching between modes was marked as the answer   
    I had a problem with adding a primitive a while back.....I think the problem was that I had symmetry turned on. So with all the symmetry buttons unchecked it seemed ok ( press "s" ) This was a while ago so I cant remember which vers I was using.
    ( using the latest at the moment and it appears to be incredibly stable, for me any way!)
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