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  1. Is there a way to move layers in a voxtree? To specific layers, to specific indexes: doesn't matter. There's a Vox.changeParent(string), there's a cmd('changeParent_Name'), but none of those seem to do anything...
  2. kritskiy

    Improving batch renaming script

    Ok here's another version. This is fun! 1) if a layer has children, children will get parent name + counter 2) if a layer has no children and its parent is Root all layers will be renamed to volume_001, volume_002, etc 3) if a layer has no children but has a different layer as a parent, parent layer will be selected and children will be renamed the same as in 1) // globals int count; int padding = 3; // how many symbols in the counter (with padding = 3, 1 will become 001, 2 - 002, etc) string original_name; void main() { count = 0; // resetting counter original_name = GetCurVolume(); // current layer Vox v; string global_name = "volume"; // if current layer has children, start renaming them if (v.count() > 0) { v.forEach("rename");} else { // if there're no children, selecting the parent layer v.parent(); //and getting its name string parent_name = GetCurVolume(); // if parent name is the same as the original name we're at Root, globally renaming everything if (parent_name == original_name) { original_name = global_name; v.forRootEach("rename"); } else { // if parent has a different name, renaming all its children original_name = parent_name; v.forEach("rename"); } } } void rename() { count++; Vox child; RenameCurVolume(original_name + "_" + formatInt(count,"0",padding)); child.forEach("rename"); } There's an interesting... thing. I assigned this script to Shift+1 and it went CRAZY starting renaming both parent layer and children with huge counters. I wonder what's happening there?
  3. Oh wow. It seems that script is using the object beneath the mouse cursor (even though Auto Pick option is turned off). Is it a bug or a feature? I'd say a script should use what's written in a script if not asked otherwise with some sort of special option?
  4. Hi, I'm having a very unstable behaviour when I try to call for Subtract from a script. For instance something simple like this void main(){ cmd("$SubtractFrom_delta"); }; that's supposed to subtract the active layer from a layer 'delta' but in my case it completely removes a different layer ('charlie') in the attached video. In new scenes it works like it should but it's like with time a scene degrades or something and this one and similar scripts start to act on completely random layers. Does anyone have any ideas about what's happening? 2020-01-03 12-17-54.mp4
  5. kritskiy


    ДА. И это адски бесит. Видел топик, что эта ошибка была исправлена в 4.9.9, но у меня она появляется до сих пор в 4.9.17
  6. kritskiy

    [Solved] Quick Menu Bug Version 4.9.17

    I still have this issue: had it on 4.9.15, now on 4.9.17
  7. kritskiy

    Improving batch renaming script

    Sorry for posting a lot, but Edit button disapears after several hours, so... Anyway, this will also rename all the nested children: int count = 0; string original_name = ""; void main() { count = 0; original_name = GetCurVolume(); Vox v; v.forEach("rename"); } void rename() { count++; Vox v; RenameCurVolume(original_name + "_" + formatInt(count,"0",3)); v.forEach("rename"); } P.S. I wonder if it's possible to pass values to forEach? don't want to put contaminate the global scope...
  8. kritskiy

    Improving batch renaming script

    ...a follow up. This will only rename child layers of the current layer, no need to hide any other layer: void main() { Vox v; string x = GetCurVolume(); for ( int i = 0; i < v.count(); ++i ) { v.at( i ).rename( x + "_" + formatInt(i, '0', 3) ).parent(); } } I'm not sure why you were selecting the root object in your code, I think it's more clear this way or am I missing something?
  9. kritskiy

    Improving batch renaming script

    Hey Anton, > I don't know how to add intelligent zero padding to numbers like "003, 013, 334" I would be glad if we could improve this script. you can use formatInt for that: void main() { Vox v; string x = GetCurVolume(); SelectFirstVolume(true); v.rename(x); for ( int i = 0; i < v.count(); ++i ) { v.at( i ).rename( x + "_" + formatInt(i, '0', 3) ).parent(); } } more info here. On a side note, I wonder if it's possible to get a list of children of the current volume or a parent? Iterating through all the visible nodes is not ideal...
  10. kritskiy

    Bevel Size option for Vox Hide?

    That was the first thing I did about 2 months ago but never got a reply.
  11. kritskiy

    Bevel Size option for Vox Hide?

    Unfortunately no. On the left objectified geometry with 0 Border Width, on the right — with 100 and they look exactly the same:
  12. kritskiy

    Bevel Size option for Vox Hide?

    The automatic bevel for Vox Hide tool is great but sometimes it's not needed. But there's no way turn it off or to edit its size. I think it'd be great if that was an option. Do you think it could be possible? I made an issue on Manthis: https://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2462
  13. kritskiy

    [Solved] 3DC license question

    Thanks everyone for input! In the end I the company bought me a license.
  14. Hi everyone, I own a professional license for about two years and was using it on my personal computer. I joined a company and asked if I can use it during working hours on my work PC: but they said that the software is on my name so I can't use it: it must be bought by a company and they don't want to buy it. - I wonder if their statement is true and I can't use my pro license when I work for a company? - Or these people have no idea what they're talking about and I can use it? - Or this might depend on a country? Thank you
  15. Hi everyone, I'm using 4.8.32 on Mac. I used Curve Tools to create a chain on a character and everything was fine. Later I restarted 3DC and now Curve Tool creates only one instance of a geometry! I tried to reset settings, clicked buttons but nothing helps. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!