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  1. Thank you for fixing the scripts! I have a small issue though: every time I run any boolean command I see this message in the bottom of the screen: The code is super simple: void main(){ Vox vox; vox.subtractFrom('target'); // the same message if I use cmd("$SubtractFrom_target"); }; The commands run fine though. The log is empty. Also when I copy the commands to clipboard it gives two options cmd() and ui() but ui() doesn't seem to work? I tried to use it to clone an object (ui("$CloneVoxTree");) to see the difference and got this error message:
  2. Great to hear that, thanks! If you guys could also share available methods of Vox class — it'd be awesome.
  3. Boolean operations via scripts still don't work in B52 (nothing happens)
  4. Boolean operations via scripts still don't work in B51 (nothing happens)
  5. Thank you for the fix! Unfortunately not everything is working: for example I was subtracting with this command in 4.9: cmd("$SubtractFrom_VolumeName") but nothing happens when I use it in the 2021. I also decided to randomly try Vox.subtractFrom('VolumeName'); — and surprisingly this worked in v4.9.72, but not in the 2021.b50 Vox is a very interesting class but I can't find full documentation on it: does it exist somewhere?
  6. I believe it's not full, those are tools only, not commands. There's a header COMMANDS in the end of this list but there's nothing in there (also lack of Search function doesn't help)
  7. Scripting question. I was using a `cmd("$CloneVoxTree");` command to clone an object but it doesn't seem to work in 2021: nothing happens. Is there a list of scripting changes? Also MMB+RMB doesn't work when clicked on any item in the object context menu: I tried to check the command on the `Clone` command to see if it changed but the menu closes without giving a proper command
  8. I didn't touch smart materials and all that but for the moment this sounds like something doable. with a simple script. could you please write step by step what you're trying to achieve? Like command1, command2, etc: it's always difficult to understand someone else's workflow :)
  9. Hi everyone, is there a way to use Curve Stroke on a back side of a mesh? Every time I apply a stroke there are some line-bug-things happen on the distant part of my mesh: 2020-04-07 07-54-27.mp4
  10. I guess a solution would be to have a specific pattern for a material name in the volume name and check against it: something like Volume_mat_Mat_Name, a regex would look for mat_*, something like (?<=_mat_)(.*), but I'm not sure AngelScript in 3DC supports regex
  11. I think you've changed an object shader between the runs? It only checks a name against the current shader, so if you have an object Volume with a shader Cartoon_Orange, after adding a suffix you'll get Volume_Cartoon_Orange. Next time you run the script, it'll check if there's Cartoon_Orange in the Volume_Cartoon_Orange, and if there is, it won't change it. But if you change the shader to Cartoon_Blue, the script will check if there's Cartoon_Blue in Volume_Cartoon_Orange: it's not there, so the suffix will be added to the whole thing: Volume_Cartoon_Orange_Cartoon_Blue.
  12. Update. Rename children will now adds _inst_ to instanced volumes (only if the had inst in their names already) Another script, Add Material Name as Suffix will add a shader name to an object as name suggests add_material_as_suffix.cpp rename_children.cpp Note that currently there's a bug where scripts will work on an object under a cursor. Make sure you hover your cursor over nothing before running them.
  13. Changing parents was added somewhere around 4.9.30, moving layers to indexes was added in 4.9.33. Thank you Vitaliy!
  14. Thanks everyone, I'll try .31 (this was done in .30) and will disable sculpt layers. AbnRanger, yes, that's how I fixed this, however this happens at least once-twice a day, sometimes on different end of a model and I don't notice it until undoing is not an option... while this is fixable I'd prefer this won't happen at all :/
  15. My meshes are keep getting destroyed this happens quite often, I think it started on a stable 4.8.X and still continues (the video is from 4.8.30). Never had these issues on 4.7. I don't know the exact steps to reproduce, but this happens mostly after undoing something. Here I noticed some holes, run to voxel / remesh with different outcomes. 20-03-16-18-43-30.mp4 Here after an undo the mesh has covered with holes. For this one I'm attaching a scene 12_001.3b
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