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  1. mifth

    Houdini Applinker

    Hello. Thank you. All works fine at my side. I have such setup.
  2. mifth

    Houdini Applinker

    Hi. You can set a project. Then you can use $JOB variable. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/project.html
  3. Sorry, i can't get you. Do you need a guide how to use the addon? Check the first post. All you need is just to find the Exchange folder of 3dcoat app. It should be in your documents i guess. In linux the Exchange folder is located at "/home/user/3DCoat4/Exchange". Dunno know where it is on win/mac. Set this folder in the addon settings and use its power. ) In blender there will be "ex" tab in viewport panel. In 3dcoat you will find "file -> bring mesh back" if you need to bring mesh back to blender. Let me know if you still have any issues.
  4. Hi. Sorry for late response. Why don't you like "Textures Path" folder? All textures will be exported into the folder you like.
  5. Hi, Sorry for late response. It looks like you have incorrect folder. Check it in your local folder. Something like" c:/User/Documents/3DCoatX/Exchange/" 3DCoat already has this folder. It created it for you during installation.
  6. My addon is a fork of the original applink. Read first page. Original one is in blender by default.
  7. About this bug Andrew fixed it. It will be fixed in new version. But I attched the fixed file which you can replace right now. In 4.7. obj_tbn.glsl
  8. Set exchange path in the addon settings. Read the first page of the thread.
  9. I can cofirm that Flat shading with specular is broken at 4.7.x. Reported it here http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2189
  10. It imports as a new object. No other way. Sorry.
  11. mifth

    Houdini Applinker

    Thanks a lot. I'm gland that the asset is useful.