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  1. Could you please put the folder manually into the C:\\Users\\marco\\AppData\\Roaming\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\3.0\\scripts\\addons and check if it works. Also, make sure that the file __init__.py is named correctly.
  2. No, there should be only 2 files. Addon should work. Could you please show your console log?
  3. I have Like this. (Don't look at .env, .project files) I have Blender 3.1. It works for me.
  4. Ok, I revived the addon for Blender 2.93+. Export/Import meshes to Blender/3DCoat Export textures to a folder from 3DCoat. No materials support. https://github.com/mifth/mifthtools/tree/master/blender/addons/2.8/io_simple_3dcoat I updated the first page. Please write to this thread:
  5. Hey all, I revived the addon and updated the first page. https://github.com/mifth/mifthtools/tree/master/blender/addons/2.8/io_simple_3dcoat
  6. Hey @geo_n and all, If you are asking about the Simple3DCoat plugin which was a fork of original plugin of @haikalle for Blender 2.7 then I did not update it as I was busy with commercial plugins for blender. https://gumroad.com/mifth As far as I remember @haikalle updated his original plugin for Blender 2.8+ and it looked awesome. Use it .
  7. Hello. Thank you. All works fine at my side. I have such setup.
  8. Hi. You can set a project. Then you can use $JOB variable. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/project.html
  9. Sorry, i can't get you. Do you need a guide how to use the addon? Check the first post. All you need is just to find the Exchange folder of 3dcoat app. It should be in your documents i guess. In linux the Exchange folder is located at "/home/user/3DCoat4/Exchange". Dunno know where it is on win/mac. Set this folder in the addon settings and use its power. ) In blender there will be "ex" tab in viewport panel. In 3dcoat you will find "file -> bring mesh back" if you need to bring mesh back to blender. Let me know if you still have any issues.
  10. Hi. Sorry for late response. Why don't you like "Textures Path" folder? All textures will be exported into the folder you like.
  11. Hi, Sorry for late response. It looks like you have incorrect folder. Check it in your local folder. Something like" c:/User/Documents/3DCoatX/Exchange/" 3DCoat already has this folder. It created it for you during installation.
  12. My addon is a fork of the original applink. Read first page. Original one is in blender by default.
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