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  1. Andreas

    3D-Coat - buy now or wait for 4.0

    Thanks AbnRanger for taking the time to explain all that! I'm in the same boat as Zeddicus, I'm practically sold. All I need to know is the upgrade stuff. Edu 3.7.x > Edu 4 (Full price aka new License or upgrade pricing possible?) Edu 3.7.x > Pro 4 (Possible at all?) When that's possible I'm going to give it a shot. If this isn't working I'll have to rethink that as the Pro version isn't that cheap for me personally: $249.00 + $47.31 VAT (19%) = $296.31. That's alot for me (not that much for a software like that, as mentioned before). This Educational Version would be a perfect opportunity for me to get used to 3D-Coat and after that I'd feel much better to shell out the money for the Pro version.
  2. Andreas

    3D-Coat - buy now or wait for 4.0

    Yeah Retopology and UV are the main functions for me, too Let's hope we'll get an answer before the last day runs out. After much thinking I'd prefer to buy the Edu Version now and upgrade when I feel comfortable enough with 3D-Coat (and when I've a little bit more money lying around ).
  3. Andreas

    The Pirate

    I love this clip, very well done and a lovely and funny style. Saw this at the FMX 2011 in Stuttgart and was pretty impressed. Good job!
  4. Andreas

    3D-Coat - buy now or wait for 4.0

    Good point, and it's definitely a pretty good price for this kind of software. But as I'm a student I've to count every penny! Well I guess I'll think about it and pass on the Pro Version at the moment. I'll probably buy the Educational one (I'm not sure now, Edu price isn't reduced and will still be the same in a few days?) for now. Is it possible to upgrade from Edu 3.7 to Edu 4.0 or even to Pro 4.0? Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm kind of irritated by the offerings, I'm not sure what's a regular deal and what's for christmas only.
  5. Andreas

    3D-Coat - buy now or wait for 4.0

    Hi there, I was thinking about buying 3D-Coat for a while and now with this christmas offer I'm kind of hovering over the buy-button. BUT! What's the life cycle of an 3D-Coat major release version? I'm seeing it's 3.7 right now, this could mean that 4.0 is out in a few months and I don't know if I'd like to buy a software when I've to expect a major release soon which would mean to shelf out more money again. This would render the offering somewhat unattractive as the price after upgrading would be kind of the same. Anyone able to push me in the right direction?