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  1. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    Thanks man ! yeah it wasn't stable with feed
  2. fuad3d


    Nice details man !
  3. fuad3d

    steampunk 'blowfish car'

    Nice ! love to see your final model !
  4. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    Hi guys, I'm done :p It was a great experience ! I used 3d-coat for modeling and keyshot for rendering and some photoshop . Hope you dig it
  5. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    Cheers guys Some render tests before fix problems and finalize
  6. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    Cheers guys Some render test and look before finalizing
  7. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    Added hands and feet for some fun
  8. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    few views of detailed mesh
  9. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    thanks gary ! designing more elements
  10. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    Designing pipes for placing in empty areas of the vehicle
  11. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    Adding more detail, trying to find my vehicle silhouette
  12. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    Thanks man yeah i love hidden tool a lot XD
  13. fuad3d

    Spacepunk ship

    Hey guys this is my basic shape of my vehicle:)
  14. Hi guys, I need a z depth view port shader for voxel sculpting, anyone knows how can i do that ?