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  1. online offworld

    Female Sculpting Tutorials

    Oops, my websites all got lost in changing hosts, and I forgot I posted these here... Links should be good again now
  2. online offworld

    What Are You Working On ?

    Added a bit of spec and some eyebrows...
  3. online offworld

    Paint - jitter and rotate along spline...

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to paint eyebrows on a character, so I've turned on rotate along spline in the brush options. When I turn jitter position up, the brush no longer rotates in line with the brush stroke? Is there a way to make the rotation follow the brush stroke but still have the position offset randomly from the stroke path via jitter?
  4. online offworld

    What Are You Working On ?

    Learning to texture a daz 3d characters face... I luv you 3d-Coat
  5. online offworld

    Alternate locations for documents folder?

    Sweet, thanks guys
  6. online offworld

    Alternate locations for documents folder?

    Hi Guys, Congrats on the new release, I have a request to make regarding where 3D-Coat stores all its documents. At the moment it seems to be hard coded to the windows user documents folder. This is actually a problem for me where I work (at a uni) because our computers are setup to use roaming profiles which are stored on the network and have limited space. Could you please add an option to point 3D-Coat to a custom documents folder (i.e. for me it would be on D drive which is a second local hard drive in my computer).
  7. online offworld

    What Are You Working On ?

    Suddeny realised it's been a year or more since I sculpted anything... can't have that
  8. online offworld

    Female Sculpting Tutorials

    Yeah that one was a bit of a rush sorry, I just showed them how to use them in class for five minutes then the tute focuses's on the actual topology I got them to use.
  9. online offworld

    Female Sculpting Tutorials

    Alright, here's a couple more: Female retopology Female UV mapping Female baking and painting basics The retopology tute doesn't show how to use the retopo tools sorry, you'll have to google that if you don't know it. It just shows the topology that I (was) using at the time I did these tutes.
  10. online offworld

    Female Sculpting Tutorials

    That's ok, I suspect we're the only ones left here anyway
  11. online offworld

    Female Sculpting Tutorials

    I actually have an entire tutorial series showing how to make model sheets from the ground up in Inkscape. I'll see if I can't get it up on my site this weekend.
  12. Hey Everyone, I used to teach a night class for 10 years at a local uni showing students how to create 3D characters from scratch. The uni has finally laid the subject to rest and won't be using the content I wrote for it anymore, so I thought I'd put it out to pasture here. The tutes are made in a slightly older version of 3D-Coat, but should still be mostly useful and hopefully helpful. Female body sculpting (pdf, 26MB) Female head sculpting (pdf, 17MB) There's a bunch more in this series but I thought I'd start with these ones and see if people like them before uploading the rest. Anyways, let me know what you think
  13. online offworld

    What Are You Working On ?

    Hey Everyone, Long time no post Been working all year coding stuff (planetary terrain) but been promising myself for months that I'd start spending a bit of time getting back into doing some character stuff. So I sat down at lunch time today and did a practice run sculpting a pelvic bone (I chose it because I find the shape hard to get my head around): Pretty happy with how it turned out and very happy with how cool the new shaders look
  14. online offworld

    Holiday Project : Mystery Character

    Yep I've decided for my holiday project I'm going to see how many characters from shield I can do. I not really good enough yet to do perfect likenesses, but I figure at least part of getting better is just getting in and making as many characters as possible.
  15. online offworld

    Holiday Project : Mystery Character

    Nope, he's a character from a TV show and his first name is Phil.