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  1. chingchong

    Help me improve please

    what about using some bump/ normal maps for more detail on your lowpoly-model ?
  2. chingchong

    Help me improve please

    do you want improve on lowpoly? or generally? what i've found out for myself. I did improve when i implement things, which i learned from several tutorials. For example i learned a lot regarding modelling from LJB tuts (Leigh Bamforth) and other tutorial, which you can find in the tutorial-section. Till now, i focused only on sculpting/ modelling for highpoly stuff, so i cannot give you any particular tipp for your uploaded model But my way for painting/ texturing would be the same as for modelling. Buy tuts or look for free ones. Try to learn as much you can from the authors skills. The rest is practice like tree321 said. And with talent you will improve only faster
  3. chingchong

    Intuos 4 "tweak"

    Just look at BeatKinano's post, he found something similar about the settings http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8887&st=700
  4. chingchong

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    latest version crashes (with CUDA, win 64 bit), when i click on Logo-Button in VoxMenu error message : program becomes unstable # kind regards peter
  5. chingchong

    Portrait of Adam

    like your signature
  6. chingchong

    The great thing about Modo is

    first video is a slideshow ...lol. can hardly watch this
  7. chingchong

    cuda + kepler

    i think every user with a nvidia card out there (like me ), will appreciate when they can actually enjoy the CUDA-boost. :)
  8. chingchong


    update did some hair, beard and smooting to the face.
  9. chingchong


    Used a basemesh from 3d Ocean,posed in Poser, adjusted in 3d Coat and modified. All other modelling in 3d Coat, head also in 3DC. Used a photo and MakeHuman-Expressions as Reference. First scene for me in 3DC (I'm not a professional, only for hobby)
  10. chingchong


    whats behind that watermark sign in the background. it looks like a rune (like in Waffen - SS) ?
  11. chingchong

    3DConnexion Mouse

    ok, shame on me just after my post i found out, when holding the curser on my object, 3dcoat will keep this as my rotation point.
  12. chingchong

    3DConnexion Mouse

    i had the same problem after installing the latest driver, but after a restart it worked. but i have another question : can i change the navigation "mode". what i'm looking for is a navigation like in Blender 2.61. There you rotate around/on the object. I dont like the default settings for my space-navigator in 3dcoat. I checked the preferences for that and all i can find is to enable/disable "roll" and rotation "around Y-axis". but that rotation isnt the best. Every time when i rotate around the object, the distance to the object increases automatically. So i have to zoom in to the object in a further step. is there a setting which im not aware of? thank you Peter
  13. chingchong

    Daz Free Software

    argh , and i payed 100€ last year for Hexagon
  14. chingchong

    Axial Symmetry

    Hallo ich frage mich gerade ob AxialSymmetry nur für Voxelmode zur Verfügung steht oder auch für den Surface mode? Dort krieg ichs nämlich nicht hin. Mit Voxeln gehts. Gruss Peter
  15. chingchong

    Groboto ver 2 on sale 1/2 price

    @ 3DArtist thank you very much, for explanation on creating alphas with 3dcoat
  16. chingchong

    Groboto ver 2 on sale 1/2 price

    just saw this on http://www.blendernation.com
  17. chingchong

    Groboto ver 2 on sale 1/2 price

    @kay-Eva: yes, i thought of subdivision @michalis I would go for point 7, i think But another question: Is it possible to create alphas with 3dcoat like in groboto? http://www.groboto.com/v3/Documentation/TVideos/imgvideo/index.html
  18. chingchong

    Groboto ver 2 on sale 1/2 price

    I like hexagon, but i'm wondering about your opinion, that hex has better topology after booleans than other progs? I just tried a cutout between sphere and cylinder, and there is a really crappy topology, with really bad hard edges after and before smoothing. I do not own groboto, but the meshes in their marketing vids and tuts, are looking much better to me
  19. chingchong

    Greg's Shaders

    really nice, thanks for sharing
  20. chingchong

    Reference Image

    danke, dass du gefragt hattest ich hatte eben das selbe problem
  21. chingchong

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    I have to agree with Leigh, when i was looking for a pure modelling tool, i had a decision to make between Hexagon 2.5 and Silo2. You can blame me for that, but i took Hex, because of the icon-buttons
  22. chingchong

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    thank you, thats good news. I'm curios about what will come next month. love your work. i will stay tuned
  23. chingchong

    Leigh's Sketchbook

    hey Leigh, I was looking for your advanced tutorials regarding 3dCoat (project "Scorpion" & project "Thanator") and google send me to https://www.kurvstudios.com/, but it seems to me like the page is down? Is there any alternative to get your tutorials/workshops? Maybe from another site? Thanks Peter