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    3DC like navigation in Zbrush?

    Indeed, its still easier for me to sculpt with 3DC, but its hard to ignore Zbrush, its really powerfull (to be honest , in more than two things) and their approach for polymodellig is tailored to my needs (zModeler). Thats why i dropped modo . And learning from zBrush-Masters gave me ideas for new (personal) sculpting techniques in 3DC, too. So its fruitfull for me at least.
  2. chingchong

    3DC like navigation in Zbrush?

    Thanks Timmy, There was also a free plugin for middle mouse button (zoom) on the ZBCentral Forums. (I guess it should be possible to write also a plugin for brushsize/intensity adjustment with penbuttons.) @Nossgrr: I highly recommend to watch the tutorials (Videos or books ) from Madleine Scott Spencer, those pretty much cleared my confusion regarding Zbrushs Interface, navigation and their concept of naming (Tools, subtools, etc.).
  3. youre welcome,apparently this 5$ code was sent out to existing users of 3dmotive courses but i thought i will apply to other user also. Great that it worked for you.
  4. i think they are quite old, but if you wanna save some money on that courses go to udemy: https://www.udemy.com/courses/search/?q=3dmotive&sort=reviews&utm_content=promo&utm_campaign=2015-08-29&utm_source=email-sendgrid&utm_term=1339040&utm_medium=83762&p=2 In the next 40 hours you can get all courses of 3dmotive on udemy for 5$ you use code: FACEMELT And till 31th Of Aug. for 12$ if you use code: EXCEED111 upon checkout.
  5. chingchong

    What Software Should Not Be . . .

    yes, very much control
  6. I dont really see an urgent need for hair and fur in 3dCoat, atm. (Those things you can do easily with other apps and sometimes even for free) Sure that would be nice, if 3DC had all the tools of the major packages . But, they should invest their resources in other things, to compete with their direct competitors. As in modeling: The rigging part will be useful, even as an addition to pose tool. Or improve the poly-modeling tools, somehow intuitive like zModeler,
  7. chingchong

    Houdini 15 Sneak Peak

    Just in case you missed the official docs, they also are pretty good source to learn. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini14.0/ edit/ And here is a database for tuts on Houdini http://www.papicrunch.net/GC-houdb/?collec=0&model=list
  8. chingchong

    Textur backing

    Naja, es gibt z.B. immer noch ein paar Spiele wo du einen festen Blickwinkel hast, die aber insgesamt nicht vorgerendert sind, da wäre ein Nutzen vorstellbar,
  9. chingchong

    Houdini 15 Sneak Peak

    i for myself find the houdini engine plugins for UE4 and Unity tempting, so ive decided to try the free Version for learning. Maybe i have more success than with modo (dropped it, wasnt made for me ^^)
  10. chingchong

    MOI - 3D Coat question

    Thanks Carlos, i will try to convert this somehow to .stl
  11. chingchong

    10th Challenge Shoes

    @aegean: why youre not qualified? its just a simple poll
  12. chingchong

    MOI - 3D Coat question

    This is an old thread, i know. But i have same question. Is it somehow possible to get a STEP or IGES file into 3DCOAT?
  13. chingchong

    "Christian" Games/ Developers ?

    Found some interesting links, which i wanted to share. Very fair Kotaku article on christian game developers (not = christian games), not the usual bashing i've expected. http://kotaku.com/5821259/christian-game-developers-want-to-leave-bad-games-behind Vincent van Brummen from Vertigo Games speaks at the CGDC 2014 about the difficulties they experienced while attempting to make a AAA "christian" game and how it ended, and what they did with the remains of the project (actually they created "Adam Venture" out of the fragments).
  14. chingchong

    "Christian" Games/ Developers ?

    @PSmith: I agree with you on your thoughts about conquest and defeating in christian context. And i also feel that the gospel isnt something to treat lightly. Thats my problem with some christian games which exist. For example there was once a game where the character had a "spiritiual" sword to fight battles against romans with it. After defeating, the persecuting romans would be not "killied", but converted to christianity. Although the developer transfered the fighting into a spiritual level, and to some degree i can imagine what he wanted to express, i dont agree with his approach. It just feels not right to take this for gameplay. Because the act of (to some degree) agressive converting would be highly controversal even if the dev didnt want this to look aggressive. It is one thing to take the picture of battle to convey the personal struggling of the pilgrims soul, but a whole different thing if you put it in for a gameplay like done. The gospel is violated here. So is there no place for games with christian context or background? In my opinion there is a place. Because like any other media, games could be a stylistic device for narration. Like you can use animation and film. With one obvious exeption, its interactive, and you can reflect with your interaction on the narration and on yourself. So you can express trough a "picture" the doubts and struggling of a person and offer a solution, without to condemn. There are other solutions available, besides for example weapons. (as suggested in most common video games). But as i mentioned above, even weapons could be used as a narrative instrument, in the right context (and with right rating). For example just like in anti- war movies. Speaking of picturing realism. Real conflicts and situations is what we have to deal every day. So using it in any narrative medium is appealing to most people. Offering Solutions and alternatives to common opinions could be fruitful for some people. p.s. Not a common view, but i believe that the gospel has its place in every media. We just have to pay attention, that we are not violating the gospel with our concepts in any aspect. I believe that Mark 16, 15 tells us that every creation (and also the man made creations) should be steeped in the gospel. I hope you unterstand what i meant, as im not a native english speaker.
  15. chingchong

    "Christian" Games/ Developers ?

    Could be a good idea. But first, there have to be a convincing concept (for everyone). Yes i agree, that RPG is a difficult format to games with christian background. Ive thought about that, too. Ive played many RPG ,with fascination, in my youth (you name it Oblivion, but also Gothic, RoM), and im following the recent developments too, just because i like the graphic develompents and creative settings. Open World RPGs are really tempting, but my main problem with it was (additionally to fighting aspects), that a game with too much freedom and no guidance leads often to massive time consumption. Best would be if such games dont support isolation of the player. So best it should be designed to have a deep meaning and played with friends or family, as an alternative to current concepts. In terms of choosing PP-Book as source for RPG i think you maybe stuck with wrong format. I know i probably came some years too late, but may i suggest another approach. Actually ive thought also about choosing PP for making games. But the opinion i came up with is, that best Format for that storytelling would be game in the style of "Tomb Raider" (without the shooting part). So mostly a Adventure mixup of a 3D Plattformer/ Jump and Run/ Explorer/ Puzzle/ Survival. But it would be to hard to create such game for me, alone. - I imagine for example the swamp could be designed as Plattformer area, and after slipping and falling into swamp, you would be saved by Helper using maybe a "Quicktime Action". For a RPG-Format there could be another approach. Using the View of an Antagonist. For Example: - You're the Member of the Inquisition, persecuting some christian ´heretics`, so your first quests would be finding them, inprison them or eliminating them. As as you are confronted with them more and more, youre doubting more and more your role in this tragedy and the legitimacy of the churchs action against, you will find the contradiction between this action and the essence of the gospel; till all will come to your decision at the end of the game. I will try to answer you, when im back at home
  16. chingchong

    "Christian" Games/ Developers ?

    Hi thanks for your reply. Are you going for a RPG format? (Im asking because you mentioned the levelling aspect) Personally i have two ideas at the moment. One is based on a historically biblical person --> Onesimus Second is a fully fictional story based on seafarers. I developed that concept for our youth camp. It was a whole-day adventure game, with live action, role playing, with extra build sceneries and complex interaction, full of decisions to make and reflections on your action. Actually the kids loved it, they said, it was the best live game they ever experienced in the past camps. That concept could be easily transfered to videogame. Ive already found my tool for game creation: http://www.visionaire-studio.net/ Some successfull games were done with it. It practically has no need for programming skills, if youre into adventure format. Would be nice if we (and any other with interest) could gather somewhere (on the web) to discuss and maybe to help each other with the projects. Im not sure, who you were asking. In case if it its me: With first concept, it would be a happy end due to the historical facts. Here the storyline would be straight forward. With second concept, there will be atleast both types of ending. Because it depends on the decisions you made, and the consequences which follow.
  17. chingchong

    "Christian" Games/ Developers ?

    ok back on topic maybe i share some info on gameplay , i have in mind, with one example . 1) Character you playing comes into a situation, where he has to decide. He desperately needs an item for his inventory, to combine it with another to progress further in the game. And suddenly there comes an opportunity to get this thing. He could do it the easy way an "borrow" it, without asking the owner, since the owner probably will never take notice of this action ( such action is very common in many adventures ive played so far, but principle questionable) or he search for the owner for asking himself about that tool, there may come some difficulties. During the decision process, the character will have an interactive monologue about the situation, what the best way would be, etc. But in the end its the decision of the user which way he goes. But each ( or some) desiscion will have consequences during the progess of the game. the owner might see you, if you "borrow" the tool, without permission. And you will get in Trouble. Story will take another route. Just One example of many ideas i have.
  18. chingchong

    "Christian" Games/ Developers ?

    @pagankmck: Thank you for pointing up that page: even in the bible you can find heroic cycles. Samson, King David, Judge Joshua e.g. @Andrew: Thanks for your reflections. Ive also came across the problem of contradiction between pacifism and fighting. Thats why i choose the P'nC Adventure/ Adventure as format. Here you have a gameplay, which gets along without any fighting, even without any violence at all if you try. But in terms of beeing realistic i wouldnt skip a portion of violence, conflicts, because it would be naive. We are not living in a heavenly place, yet. That does not mean, that the user have to fight, or use violence himself. But if thats necessary to reflect his current situation a the game progress, it could also be implemented. I dont know, if you ever played or heared of the classic Lucas Arts Adventures, or Broken Sword Series, Syberia. Such gameplay i have in mind. Story driven, but interactive, without the need to fight anything. Thats my Vision so far, till i get the idea of an other fitting gameplay. And even in normal Third Person View/ Ego Adventures you can get along without fight and war. You can use quicktime actions for example to enrich the Story, along with discovering, experiencing the world. Should only be well balanced, as i mentioned above. The Simple Church concept sounds very interesting. Coming from a russian/ukrainian mennonite Background, i feel the pain of the conflict between formalism and real life, and even the bible. Due to the fear of this closed communities for any new media, i think that i will not making any friends there with my Vision at all.
  19. chingchong

    "Christian" Games/ Developers ?

    Thanks Greg and AbnRanger Yes youre right, it could have its use, but im aiming for a more immersive game. It should have a balance of Entertainment, Knowledge Transfer, Emotions and Faith. Something people would like to play more than one time. Something you can play with the whole family, if you want. Not to much allegoric, but still told with strong pictures. Thinking of, how Christ heavily used pictures to convey this points. For example you can take Onesimus and build a story around that person. Experience his life, his mistakes, his escape, and his return. You can learn also very much of christian value through such life portraits ( transfered in a video game). You know , like in a good book. Why shouldnt this be possible with video games also? But your concept could fit in form of a minigame inside such game. Peter
  20. chingchong

    "Christian" Games/ Developers ?

    Thanks AbnRanger for your comments. Indeed, storywise, a AAA Level Production of Pilgrims Progress could easily made, even for a movie.. But as you said, funding such game would be very hard, so thats not my primary goal. For me it would start as a side Project, as i have a Job for funding my expenses. Your suggestions seems like sort of a quiz-game with abstract exercise / use. Personally its not my favourite Game Design, or at least what ive thought of. Although the idea would fit, if you want the users to learn the word more precisely; But im not seeing this played willingly outside a community with prior knowlegde. I would like to transport christian values more through a storydriven game. With realistic situations/ conflicts. And as you play and Progress in the game, you will learn (through the game mechanics) the practical use or solutions for such conflicts based on our biblical/christian foundation. The game mechanics itself should also not lead the whole approach ad absurdum. A genre what i think would suit well to my Vision would be "Point'n Click' Adventures" or " Adventures" generally. Surely genre mixups are also possible.
  21. chingchong

    KRITA - free open-source paint app

    last time i tried Krita, it took very long til it was ready for use (Program start). And i have a Intel i7 , 16gb rams o_O , never tried again, just saying.
  22. speaking of nvidia: another "bug" removed?: http://wccftech.com/cuda-7-update-disables-double-precision-gtx-titan-bug/ lol
  23. chingchong

    What Are You Working On ?

    not much time for 3dcoat recently... But hey its real 3d modelling for real Now working on the textures ^^
  24. chingchong

    Challenges feedback thread

    @Carlosan: A short challenge time frame must not mean, that you wont have enough time to do something. you have to look from a different perspective. With a weekly or weekend challenge you have 52 chances per year to join the challenge. With monthly challenges you get the chance only 12 times at most, so if you dont join at the beginning, you dont want to join at all, and maybe you even just dont want to wait a month to join the next comp, then. Its somehow predestinated to loose steam on the monthly projects. Also the monthy challenges tend to aim too high in the range of tasks to be done. Thats, what in my opinion is the time consuming part. You will tend to invest more time on a single project in a monthly challenge, otherwise on a quick Weekend challenge, without limitation of hours, there will be maybe some People more, who opt to join in, in one of the 52 Challenge opportunities per year. Some maybe have only 2 hours per weekend, some maybe more. Enough time for decent results in quick challenges. And you will hardly loose steam, if its just one ore two sessions Limiting in tasks and time would help in my opinion.