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  1. @ L'Ancien Regime :

    Thanks for picking up the discussion, although the last post of me was only to share the concept of these christian based devs (and their motivation, which is worth to support btw). ;)



    You shoot them, smash them stab the, blow them up, run them over, you murder them. That is to say you behave like a pschopath, and that is very unChristian... 


    I agree with that :D, of course you cannot say this for all sort of games (there are some simulators, racing, sports games and point & click adventures which are different by nature).

    But yes, if you look at most AAA-productions and video game blockbusters recently (wich are shooters, action adventures or RPG's, killing and revenge is a main concept!  Of course its all virtual, and of course the reality is harsh and brutal, but i believe it is possible to depict the realities of our world in games without being forced to partake in its methods, philosophy or typical ways of conflict resolution (kill your enemy). Thats really not in the way of the gospel. I will not use the term "christian" in this regard anymore, because there was a time when it was very "christian" to kill and to fight wars, and even worse things were done. :-/

    Just like i said in one of my earlier posts, i think i you want to try a more positive concept in a game. If you want to create a immersive game with a good story, if you want to create a meaningful experience then you have to think outside of the box. The most popular genres (see above) are not the best choice for that.  A genre like a point'n'click adventure or a hybrid of different genres would be the best to create an experience, which will be like your favourite book. Because that's it. Why should something what is possible in a good movie or a good book, not be possible with a video game. Its another media, but a very interactive one. 

    There are many reasons why a "unreligious" game or a "christian" game is bad. First off, if its the wrong audience, then it takes no wonder :D .

    Then the poor design of some games... storywise and/or artistically.

    Look at the project ive shared above... now it looks very good and professional, but there was a time the concept looked bad & childish because of the art: 

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=457913575 ; here you automatically would say the addressed audience are kids. 

    But with the new concept and the new art, you would say,  its for an older audience: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=904973711 



    Here is a good article on religion in video games i want to share, too:





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  2. I digged out my old thread: :D Cause i have something intresting to share regarding this topic.

    There is a really decent looking game from a christian based developer on kickstarter, i backed instantly, maybe someone wants to join me.

    The Rise of the King - Kickstarter Project


    Game website


    ...the team became motivated to create positive entertainment founded upon a Christian worldview.  The majority of video game development today is built on addictive behavioral tendencies and designed to keep people playing rather than to provide them with any type of meaningful experience.

    The aim was to create interactive entertainment that wants more than to merely keep people playing, but to give redeeming, fun and thoughtful experiences.  Rather than attempt to focus on perks, upgrades, levels and gear,  Game-play and Story are the focus of development.  We want people to play our games because they’re fun, not simply because of whats in the treasure chest.



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  3. On 28.10.2016 at 1:45 AM, L'Ancien Regime said:

    Microsoft’s current Surface Pen is more of a writing and sketching tool than a full-blown graphics device, with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

    Most Wacom devices support 2,048 levels, and its recently announced MobileStudio Pro pen displays will support a whopping 8,192. Wacom also offers a range of dedicated pen types, including a digital airbrush.


    Im pretty sure, that there are only a few people who will recognize the difference between 1,024 pressure levels sand 2,048. I have a chinese display graphic tablet with 1,024 levels and im pretty happy with the sensitivity, enough for sculpting anyhow.  And i really doubt that somebody needs actually 8,192 levels. Its like having a mobile phone with 41-Megapixels (ok, thats even worse :)... )

    Im interrested in this product and the surface book , just saying :D. Microsoft has produced some nice products recently.

  4. On 16.9.2016 at 7:06 PM, ajz3d said:

    Nobody is interested in this challenge? :o

    Come on guys!

    its interesting, but also ambitious :D

    But i have no fancy idea up till now. So i'm putting just words here, meanwhile. lol

    I guess if the world is not destroyed by this time, everybody will have billions of personal biotech-nanorobots on/in the body who are constantly repairing our "body", to keep us alive.

    Industrial Robots will do the work for us and therefore everybody is getting an unconditional basic income. So everybody can do the work/ arts he or she is always dreams of.

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  5. On 9.5.2016 at 1:45 PM, ajz3d said:

    Thank you! This was a very interesting challenge that brought up some memories of my childhood. I didn't have many tin toys, but while browsing for some references I stumbled upon some tin toys which my friends had.


    With the official contest coming in a few days, do you think it's worth to start a challenge that has no prizes to be won? I suspect the number of competitors will be minimal, if any. Maybe it's better to hold with the 14th challenge until the official one ends?

    Official challenge is over ;)

    Or are you saving the bullets for the next official challenge :D



  6. Nice piece and really good job....but:

    Sorry, I dont see any steampunk inside it. Its more looking like a setting from a post-apocalyptic fifties or somewhat earlier.

    Even the truck, although great design, does not give me the steampunk.

    That same was for the clothing of the girls, they dont look like steampunk girls.

    Great design, but misses the point - imo


  7. I told to remove it.


    First reson - we should consult other companies that are placing logo-s of other companies - do we have rights? Because companies usually never answer requests to put them logo probably because no one person wants to take responsibility for company. And very pity, because 3D-Coat is used by probably every well known company in the world. I will ask Allegoritmic owners how they placed logos, our companies are generally in friendly relations :)


    Second reason - I am completely against placing our voice link there. For many reasons. I never meet new peoples like "Hello, I am Christian. My name is Andrew Shpagin". I prefer they will first understand who am I, what I like, how I live, what I love and what I hate, and probably then, knowing me more deeply they will get to know and understand my views. Even if I am Christian, I am very far from traditional views there. I am rational and free from preconceptions man. I am all for thinking and critical estimation of any beliefs and generally everything. I am very against applying to me "standart stamps" that exist against Christians. Because I am critic and thinking guy "inside Christianity". I am even writing book related to deep analysis of all this. If you hate something stupid you see in Christianity, very probably I very dislike it too. And genereally I more and more disagree with text in our voice. We had serious discussions about this, there is no complete agreement, not only me is deciding that questions, I am not only owner. I am for encouraging to do good things and against any limitations because limitations will not be respected or accepted as some "to-do list". And I know how differently peoples may think. What is ugly for me may be beautiful for someone and vice versa. Even more - some things that was ugly tor me 10 years ago are  good now, some thing that was good for me 10 years ago are ugly for me now. Peoples may change.


    And big thanks to everyone for feedback about site!


    And, maybe someone has experience on placing logos of some companies on your site?


    Some companies, have guidelines for using their logos/ linking:


    e.g. autodesk:




    look out for that info,  on other pages too. Theyre mostly the same.



    i know only of infringements, when you use same logo to offer the same service, like e.g. using the VW-Logo for advertising as independed car workshop (Because VW have their own)

  8. I'm actually surprised that blender is higher than maya and c4d in the graph. Too bad we can't put monetary results.

    Paid projects for blender are so few and if they do pay its so so low its like pity projects.

    Lightwave and modo, yup just as expected its at the bottom. Those two are better off as secondary support in most cases. 


    Not that much surprising, if you take into account, that Blender offers alot of dedicated  (free) tools,

    for 3D Printing, Phyton- API, Animation, Compositing,  Modelling, Game Engine, Rendering (Fluids Sim) for example.


    So if you have a one time project (e.g. Printing), you'll probably will use free Blender.

  9. yes now they are working,


    - Im not sure about this trends, because if you put "3D Modelling" as a search term, it shows the same decrease over time like 3dsMax?

    - same with "3D Software"

    - But if you put both in comparison Chart, "3D Modelling" seems to be steady over the time, so its a Interpolation issue


    - Maybe Blender and Cinema4d will show also the decrease, if visualized solo

  10. wow ! awesome ! I won't repeat that "you raises the bar on this challenge" because i find it rude to say that regarding the work of the others, but it's pretty good. I'm frustrated anyway so i don't think i'll continue since when i participated the bar was low and i have more interesting things to do on my part  :D...

    ... or not ^^



    i dont think that a bar or whatever should demotivate you,

    its just a personal practise for you then,  to overcome technical problems or shortcomings of 3DC with workarounds and other apps. [ ;)]

    You can also simplifiy your scene (more to your comfort zone), but improve the remaining models even more.


    btw:  its very clear, that itwasnt the cat ;)

    Auf gehts

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  11. I have used/tested the trial versions of ZBrush at different times (decided to go with Mudbox instead for a while, and have used 3D Coat exclusively for the past 3yrs or so), and again I'm not trying to bring it down as much as I am saying that too many discount 3D Coat's ability. You claim ZBrush can locally subdivide as well...to me that answer shows ZB bias. Why? Because splitting meshes into different subtools is not the same thing as localized subdivision OF THE SAME MESH.You can do separate your parts in 3D Coat with the Split tool as well, but it's not the same thing.




    Btw, its possible to mask an area (polygroup) in ZB and subdivide locally (in Layer), without  splitting in subtools.

    But i guess you mean the dynamic tessalation in SF-Mode.



    (Just to clearify. Im a fanboy of both,  ZB and 3DCoat as well,     ;) )


    Just some lacking in 3DC in my personal opinion:

    - Working on/with thin objects (in V and SF),

    - Importing objects for melting (SF -> selfintersections - fail,  works only properly in Voxelmode,      ....but then: overall high res, here we go, pretty much damage the dynamic tesselation approach)

    - Freeze/ Masking doesnt work as clean as in ZB (at least for me)

    - Fibermesh, Nanomesh  - Equivalents

    - Boxmodelling/Polymodelling  for hardsurface/ assets 



    This btw can display also my lacking of deep  knowledge of some functions, and usually i dont use Voxelmode, because of the melting of near parts.

    As long there is no ADF Voxel Sculpting i  will prefer Surface Mode. 

  12.   thanks ajz3d, 


    here is an update, thought it would speed up my scene, but  wasnt even easy to import the arms into 3dcoat, after long  fiddling with the export/ import of DAZ and 3DC it finally worked somehow.

    Relearning 3DC now, lol,  after being  abstinent almost a year now, due to extensive renovation of my house.


    ok did some more refinement sketches on the expression, to determine how to proceed.



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    he looks cool and evilish ... Nice work



    thanks, glad that the intent is clear :)


    here is an update on  the woman in the scene, messed up the posing of ther arms. cut them off in frustration ...grrr





    @ ajz3D: is it allowed to  get basic meshes for arm from other programs? if so i would go for makehuman or  Daz,  pose the arms there an import in 3DC.

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