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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. This part is clear to me but I have another task. Let say I have a model of the head and I need to apply textures to the head from 10-20 photographs of the human. In previous versions of 3DC I brought each image from Textures folder to viewport, scaled it to the right size and painted with the brush area I needed. Then I took another photograph and did the same. How can I do the same task in new version? I do not need smart material, only color layer.
  2. Let say I have 20 different images to paint with. Do I have to create smart material for each of them to start paint? How do I fast switch between them? Could someone point me to video tutorial how this process looks like now? I haven't had such problem in older versions of 3DC.
  3. Guys, I cannot figure out how to paint with the textures in latest versions of 3DC. All old tutorials on youtube show old 3DC interface with the Textures window, where all textures could be loaded. I cannot see this window. What is the workflow now? Thanks!
  4. When I import a few meshes together for paint, 3DC creates UV sets with names wire_0000000, wire_1111111, .... Is it possible that name of the UV was same as the name of the mesh it belongs? I can't figure out which name of UV is for what mesh.
  5. I had the similar problem in some applications. It looks like a transistor on video card makes this sound when video card in highly loaded by application. If you have the sound coming from the speakers then it might be something else.
  6. I am curious when Smart Material Editor will be fixed. At the current moment material preview depends on active HDRI in viewport. It means that if I duplicate smart material, change HDRI in viewport, open Smart Material Editor and save material then new material will look different on preview because it was saved under new light condition even if material was not changed. This is absolutely wrong behavior. All materials need to be modified and previewed under one light condition. There are two solutions: 1. If we change HDRI in viewport all smart materials previews need to be recreated for the new HDRI to show how they will look before they will be applied to the model. 2. All smart materials previews and Smart Material Editor work with one HDRI and never change.
  7. Vipera

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    This is the temporary link to Applink v1.9. I do not guaranty it will be available for the long time though. https://www.dropbox.com/s/48zqw228jxli91v/3ds Max Applink v1.9.mzp?dl=0
  8. I cannot get access to the MP4 file but when I make your steps there are no crashes.
  9. I am really missing Smooth Shade view with the wireframe on top in Sculpt room. I need to see shade view and wireframe together when I work on model with textures. The color of the wireframe needs to be adjustable.
  10. In Smart Material Editor if I replace texture and open curve editor for this texture preview window still shows the old texture until I start to tweak this texture. I think this bug needs to be fixed. I also would like to have option to turn on/off texture in smart material editor and drag and drop textures between slots.
  11. What is VoXRay tool? Nothing happens when I apply it duplicates the existing geometry. Same is with the Coat tool. When I apply it to geometry it creates a layer with nothing in it.
  12. Thank you for advice! Another question about retopology mesh. Why when I go to File->Import->Reference Mesh or New file->Perform Retopology->Import reference mesh I have nice smooth reference mesh with textures but if I go to Retopo room->Retopo->Import I have a mesh without textures and smooth groups. This is kind of annoying that program has so many duplicated commands and each of them work in a different way.
  13. Is it possible to bring OBJ file for voxelization and keep smooth groups of geometry? When I use Import button in Sculpt room all geometry comes without smooth groups. Try to import a sample object cone, for example. Instead of smooth surface I have sharp angles.
  14. Vipera

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    I have been able to fix this problem by changing path in Applink from ..\Documents\3D-CoatV47\Exchange to ..\Documents\AppLinks\3D-Coat\Exchange The problem was only with importing to 3ds Max.