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  1. Aethyr

    new scratch disk location ?

    This is a huge problem for me as well. I have a 90gb SSD for C and hundreds of gigs free on another drive. Yet I cannot find a way to tell 3DC to use a different location.
  2. Aethyr

    Who is our resident 3D printing expert?

    This is awesome. My company is looking in to 3D printing miniatures of our game models for kickstarter early doners. Any tips for a 3D Coat user? I am assuming normal maps are meaningless so I'd need to just autopologize my vox sculpt?
  3. Aethyr

    If I knew what I was doing with autotopologuy

    I'm not sure exactly what problem you are having when you say flipper boy. Do you mean that you are getting details from one toe on another toe in your bakes?
  4. Aethyr

    Z Sphere Rigging in 3DCOAT...

    I wish any object created with curves would retain the base curve as a bone beneath the skin with the same weighting applied as what created the object to begin with. Possibly a weight painting option for each node. If it retained the surface detail while posing the curve it would be light years ahead of zbrushes zspheres. Editing a zsphere setup totally resets your surface to it's basic starting point. So it's really not a posing tool.
  5. Aethyr

    If I knew what I was doing with autotopologuy

    Jax are you setting your cage up properly? When you go to bake it will ask you how far out and how far in you want to have the rays go to check for detail. Closest along normal is good for somethings but often times you need to manually add zones for models with lots of different depths in and out along the surface. It took a little getting used to but once I got the hang of it I am able to get some really nice bakes out every time. The setup is pretty easy just click add zone, set the min/max for that zone and the radius you want your zone to be.
  6. Sometimes it helps sometimes it hurts lol.. I've had it crash the program a few times.
  7. Thanks for the replies. A lot to think about. I use the Cuda versions because I need all the power I can get out of it and it's a noticeable performance increase over the basic version. It's a shame to hear they are buggy by comparison though. I'm trying out various suggestions and hoping to get a mesh I can work with that doesn't explode. If all goes well I'll let you know. Regarding decimation. I've enabled and disabled it multiple times through out this process that is why I mentioned it. It was in surface mode when the problem occurred.
  8. I'm curious.. if you duplicate the mesh after it's been screwed up did this fix the mesh or you mean duplicate before doing an unhide command? Just wanted to clarify to try to at least prevent this from happening again to me before an official fix is released.
  9. And for the record the first time it happened I had no idea what caused it. This time I am sure. Both times it had to do with unhide all command. Using: Win8 64bit Asus - G75VX GTX 670MX 22GB RAM SSD HD Open GL Version of 3d Coat.
  10. This is the second time since installing 4.0.06a (cuda) 64bit that I've encountered this serious bug with the program. I will do my best to explain what happened. Firstly, I have gone through the normal process of creating a voxel from curves, sculpted, adjusted, converted to surface mode with 8x decimation and then started getting in to the fine details. I was getting annoyed at the camera "grabbing" on to a close set of faces (an arm/hand) when I was working on the chest. So I decided to simply hide the arms so they wouldn't get in my way. I proceeded to use LC Buildup to add some scaly details to the surface of the model. When I was finished with the head and body and ready to move on to the arms I hit unhide all. At which time half of the face just.. for lack of a better term.. exploded. Chunks of the model reverted back to a prior state and others totally vanished. I attempted to convert to voxels, hit unhide all again.. everything I could think of to no avail. This was a very VERY painful bug as I had been saving over my last save rather than doing it in increments. Luckily I have an incremental save from many hours ago to fall back on.. but it has still cost me an entire days worth of work. Please find the image below as a reference of what the effect of this bug looked like. I've already expended my knowledge of explicative language because of this so I can only hope the problem is solved in a coming up date so that this never happens again.
  11. Aethyr

    Perfect Symetrical Cut & Instance

    I've been spending more and more time in surface mode. I still find myself going back to voxels for a lot of special things but I see the advantages of them. Funny story.. I figured out what was killing my machine.. it wasn't the number of voxpolys it was the fancy smancy shader I stuck on there at a early stage and never thought to change it again. lol.. put it on a simple shader and wallah was like 50x faster than it was before.. DOH! Should make a special note to newbies.. ::WARNING SHADERS MAY ADVERSELY EFFECT YOUR PERFORMANCE EXPONENTIALLY COMPARED TO VOXPOLYS ALONE!:: lol I'm not even a newbie.. I should have known better.. I've owned 3D Coat since it was in early beta testing before v2 when you could still buy it for under 80$ :P I think I got the first version for like just around 50$ or something I don't recall anymore.. I'd still like a single button press to allow me to split a model in half along a chosen axis and decide what to do with it from there. It could be an option under cut even. Check a box for cut entire layer or through all layers along an axis, also an option under instance, etc or just make it it's own tool or menu item. There are lots of reasons to do this as a game designer. Each model loaded by a game engine has a unique set of draw calls. To save on resources and get extra quality in a lower sized texture we will split simple objects in half like a space ship which is symmetrical and just mirror the object. I do this a lot through retopo but would be nice to do it in the voxel room when a scene gets to heavy also.
  12. Aethyr

    Perfect Symetrical Cut & Instance

    Hmm I'll try this and see if I have any better luck. Trying to find the exact center is problematic to say the least lol.
  13. Aethyr

    Perfect Symetrical Cut & Instance

    I am in fact working on a character. The goal was to eliminate half of the voxel object so I can increase the total voxel count per side to get greater detail and just use an instance of the voxel for the other half. I've been hitting a memory issue when I go above 50m voxpolies. My machine grinds to a halt. Also the grid concept suffers the same problem as just using a box and "CutOff" since the grid moves with the view not with the object so I can zoom all the way in to the highest resolution to find the center, but as I zoom out that grid line moves all over the place. Essentially defeating the purpose of it in the first place. Eyeballing the center of an object when it fits to the entire screen is like trying to hit an ant from 20m with a grain of sand. It would be a fantastic feature to be added to the symmetry toolset to do a "find center across axis and perform cut and clone/instance/etc". This is especially true of when an object is not perfectly symmetrical (rare but happens sometimes). to make it become symmetrical.
  14. I've been trying to improve my workflow the more I use the program and learn. The ability to use instanced voxels for left/right symmetry to save memory seems to be ideal. However, no matter how hard I try to get a perfect cut using the "CutOff" tool or Cut&Clone or even split I always manage to miss the exact center of the object. Is there some trick I am unaware of that allows me to just easily say "Find the center of the object along "X" and remove the left half, then apply a new X symmetry instance? Any help/tips on this would be great because this is one of those things that is driving me nuts at present.
  15. Aethyr

    3D Negative Volumes

    My pleasure. This community rocks. So many helpful knowledgeable people for such a great program.