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  1. Moin. Willkommen im Forum. Wegen der Belegung auf dem Mac kannst du auch die Jungs von pilgway kontaktieren. Normalerweise sollte sich die Tastatur an die aktuelle Sprache halten. Wenn man also mit CMD+Z Undo auslöst, sollte dies auch so sein, wenn Du Deutsch eingestellt hast. Du kannst Deine Anmerkungen entweder im großen Test-Thread posten oder im Bugtracker: Bugtracker: http://3dcoat.com/mantis/ Grüße Chris
  2. Just a note: The NVIDIA AI Denoiser is already supported by "D-NOISE" a free AddOn for blender and works great. But let us move this topic better to a seperate thread...
  3. "Professional" animation solutions have the same problem and need a poly reduction, too. So no matter...
  4. Bug report Activating "File->New" doesn't reset layer amount to default: http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2434
  5. Feature request Cycles render engine support: http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2433
  6. I like the zBrush ZRemesher very much. I've made a few tests and don't know a comparable software in this topic. 3D Coat does a nice autopo job, but I hope Andrew will find some time to improve the routines in the future. ZRemesher results are still the best for me.
  7. Just a tip: My 3D Coat installations became extremely slow some time ago. I've deleted the complete user data folder and registered the version anew. All works fine now.
  8. Hi friends. Here is my latest artwork. I needed something today to free my mind… So I’ve sculpted a bit in 3D Coat this morning and took the models to Blender 2.8 for a scene setup and make a small particle animation. All is rendered in Eevee, no post fx ! Just title was added in Photoshop. Materials are procedural, so no textures are used for the scene. Render time about 1:15 min / frame. Here’s a short break down, if you like to see the scene setup: Drop me a line if you have qustions. Best wishes Chris
  9. Taros


    Artworks created completely in 3D-Coat or in combination with it.
  10. From the album: Artworks

    Sculpted in 3D Coat, rendered in Blenders realtime renderer Eevee.

    © Christoph Werner

  11. The bases are rendered in Blender 2.8 with the Eevee render engine. Not printed yet.
  12. I will contact you sometime next week and show you what I mean. Both topics. It's fast to show. I can provide you the example scene then. Removing undercuts needs very long to calculate too. Much longer then v4.8.20.
  13. Taros

    Sculptures for Tabletop Games

    This is a set of five 40 mm bases I've created for Tabletop games. The bases are created for a world of Lava or cold Lava, where Knights, Giants and Dragons fight for their power. But even if you are not fighting with dragons, the bases may fit into you Space collection? The "dragon egg" could be an Alien egg, right? Package includes The Dragon Egg - A Fire Dragon placed its egg into a lava base, but it could has been an Alien too. The Lava Stones - Some stones, somewhere in the lava sea... on a hot planet. Lava Chains - Who lost this chains? An escaped dragon or a fled Alien?! Lava Stream - "Slowly travels a lava stream, somewhere in the lava sea." The Broken Dragon Anchor - Someone tried to keep a proud dragon. Nice try... Turntable on YouTube The turntable is rendered in Blender. I've used Blenders new realtime render engine Eevee. The animation has 1.000 frames at 50/s in Full HD. Render time is 2 seconds per image!
  14. The current version has overall shortcut problems. My manually set shortcuts don't work always. 3DC doesn't activate my custom shortcuts after a time period.
  15. Bug found in version 4.8.25 Sculpt area: "Deleting multiple layers - Bug" How to reproduce: 1. VoxTree: Mark multiple layers (three or more). 2. Click on the trashcan icon in the bottom menu of the vox tree. -> The first selected layer will be deleted only. -> What should happen: All selected layers should be deleted. If you are using the RMB menu instead all works and the selected layers will be deleted completely. Please fix this. Thank you.
  16. Is there a reason why in the current version the "Merge Visible" function is much slower? Tried to merge some layers to a 32x voxel layer. No chance. Waited some minutes and closed the windows task then. In v4.8.20 same scene were managed in some seconds. By the way: Thank you for fixing the Preset saving bug I mentioned some days before but there is still a small issue there: I have to click twice to get the right background stencil (camera projection texture) size. This problem existed already before.
  17. Thank you Carlos. You are right. The bug is fixed in v4.8.23. At the moment I'm not using the beta for my projects anymore because of instability.
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