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  1. MkIII

    New pricing paranoia

    Argh... Belay all that. It seems that I am unable to Upgrade to V4.0 because my licence is an upgrade from version 2.0. It would be no problem if I only had the original V2 license, but not a V3.0 upgrade. You can't upgrade if you have upgraded before? you have to buy a new full licence? Can I revoke my V3.0 licence, convert it back to a V2 licence, so I can then upgrade to V4? The blurb doesnt say anything about this issue. "3D-Coat is a frequently updated program. If you own an older generation license, such as V2 or V3, use this option to upgrade to the latest of 3D-Coat. After upgrading you will receive a new key enabling you access to the latest features of 3D-Coat."
  2. MkIII

    New pricing paranoia

    You already have 4. Professional, the only upgrade you need is the new version when it comes out - presumably for a slightly higher amount than the current $99 according to the announcement. I'm not sure that they have fixed prices just yet - maybe someone will answer, but an email might be a more direct way. This current offer is to encourage new purchases of V4 so they get the upgrade in a month or so when it comes out, and not have people just waiting for the new version in case they miss out. Unfortunately, those that have had V4 for a long time miss out - but they have had access to the whole of V4s free updates for years - so swings and roundabouts... I have V3 and having looked at the latest release of v 4.95 or whatever it is now, I can say that you have plenty to be getting on with for the time being, especially if you haven't looked at it for a while. Either way, as always, I'm sure it will be interesting to see what comes next.
  3. MkIII

    New pricing paranoia

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I will order my upgrade, and look forward to the new version.
  4. MkIII

    New pricing paranoia

    I would like to know if I upgrade my V3 Pro licence to V4 today, for $99+VAT, do I get the offer of a free upgrade to V2021 or not? It was stated that post V2021, the upgrade price will rise. How much will it rise, and will I have top pay again if I upgrade now? On a side note: I think the licencing is fairly clear, but it does not address the fact that "freelancers" might have a company, but are still individual operators. The easiest way might be to define a Pro licence as for commercial work in a company that has more than x employees or more than $$$ income per year in the way that others do. Earn more than the threshold and you pay for Pro.
  5. MkIII

    Move the default 3D Coat user directory?

    Bump: Now I have a new system using a smallish SSD for Windows, etc, this is now more important. Any answers to this? I don't see any config files or registry entries (win 7 64) dealing with this.
  6. MkIII

    Brushes inverted

    Yup. It's been like that for a long time now, and can get annoying, since rotating it in the pen/brush settings causes other problems. It has been reported, but clearly it isn't a problem to anyone else I'm sure it is a simple thing to fix when and if it eventually gets high enough in the list of things to do.
  7. MkIII

    Sculpt around Object in Voxelmode

    First off, you can create a new Voxel volume and put voxels on that without damaging the layer underneath. The Toothpaste tool is useful to get an initial covering that respects the parents surface, though other tools will intersect, even if they are not changing the layer you are painting over.. Or you can use any tool such as sphere, and ignore the fact that the new clay is intersecting with the other volume, then using a copy of the original volume, (right click on the layer in the Voxtree), and create a clone or an instance of it then right click on that & select Subtract From, with the name of the new covering layer as your selection, and it will boolean the new layer to fit the contours of the original layer, deleting itself in the process. Other than that, I don't know of anything you can do - but then I'm not a 3dc expert, so don't give up.
  8. I may be considered by "some" to be not a pro for using a Trust tablet, but at £80 compared to £400 as a replacement for my worn out Wacom A4 Intuous, it's just fine for now on every app apart from 3dc. I don't want to wear out my Wacom Cintiq by using it as a mouse substitute. I'd lay money on the fact that a good deal of the user base for 3dc is not in the "Pro" bracket in any case, so I would expect many of them to consider the cost of a Wacom a little high when cheaper alternatives can be had for much less wonga. PS. Those tablets do have pressure sensitivity listed in the specs. They are probably working in a similar way to the trust/Genious tablets, and at about $40 each, you can afford to take a shot, even if they only last a few months while you save up for that Cintiq.
  9. Is there no one else that is using a non-Wacom tablet? For example, a Trust Design Tablet or Genious Tablet, that don't use Wacom drivers, and can not use the pressure levels at all in 3dc on Windows Vista? Other 3d apps and Photoshop work fine with these tablets, but not 3dc. If I plug in my Wacom, that works, but not the Trust tablet I use day-to-day. Here's hoping that one day, it might be fixed.
  10. Lightwave has a dongle and a license, so not having one or the other of those might make upgrading tricky, and the only way I can see a box coming in from LW with extra faces is if you hit the keys to create a default 1 unit box twice, then saved it.
  11. It would be nice to see some basic support for tablets that don't use Wacom drivers to make use of pressure levels. At the moment, my Wacom works fine, but the Trust Widescreen tablet I also use has no pressure sensitivity at all in 3d Coat. Note that, this is the only app that pressure levels do not work with this tablet.
  12. MkIII

    Videos from the NewTek booth

    I for one was born while those shows were being made, so that's at least one of us. I find it hard to believe that even someone who was born this century hasn't at least heard of Mary Poppins or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Anyhoo. He is fairly well known in Lightwave circles to be a Lightwaver.
  13. MkIII

    Greater strength in the smooth tool

    Is there no way to do this?
  14. I know this has been mentioned before, but in both 2.10.xx.xx and the V3.0 beta, the smoothing function for the paint brush is very limited in strength, especially when smoothing the Depth channel (even with numbers greater than 1.0). To be clear, this is the paint brush smooth function, not the sculpture tools. Is it at all possible to at least increase the strength of the smooth paint brush action, on normal maps/height, so that it is capable of smoothing out more than very slight bumps. I'd say the range should be more like 10x the strength it achieves now. On a side note, why is it "depth", when, generally, this is known as "height", and the default action is to add height rather than create depth?
  15. MkIII

    Greater strength in the smooth tool

    Interesting. I always assumed that was operating purely on the mesh, and since my work is on painting & detailing low poly game models, rather than creating new sculptures, I have avoided using it, not wanting to alter the shape of the base mesh. It hadn't ocurred to me that its smooth tool would be usable. Yes, the sculpt smooth option does smooth the mesh nicely, but when I go back to paint mode, the layers that I want to smooth (specifically the normal map), are not affected. How do I detail layers above zero & use the sculpt smoothing to smooth the depth/normals on those layers?
  16. ZBrush does seem to have a fair chunk of small tutorial videos on their site, but the fact remains that ZBrush costs a 4 & 1/4 times as much as 3dc now (for those that pay for the commercial license, and will still be 1/3 the price when it is $200, assuming that ZBrush hasn't also risen in price by then. Maybe if more people paid for a copy of the app now, then A.S. would have more cash to get some tutorials made in time for 3.0? On a side note, It's probably sensitive information that Andrew wouldn't want to divulge, but I wonder how many commercial licenses have been sold compared to the "non commercial"? because to be honest, anyone using the thing commercially would make their money back in the first day.
  17. MkIII

    Service update 2.10.15

    Errr.... Not to mention the fact that it is permanently displayed on the Tile bar. [edit]...or should I say title bar
  18. And if they ever did, he would be a bit foolish not to grab their money and run with it.
  19. Now the reason for Softimage to drop it's Foundation user base completely has become clear. They didn't want all those non full fee paying customers cluttering up the place and freeloading while big takeover talks were in progress. Although blogs from Softimage employees claim that they knew nothing of the takeover at the time they decided to dump Foundation.
  20. MkIII

    smooth tool

    And yes - the latest update, 2.10.14 has a much more powerful smooth tool. Thanks Andrew. [edit] Hrmm. 2.10.15 seems to be lower. Could the power of the smooth tool be variable depending on some other random factor? Either way, I do wish that the smooth tool was able to smooth normal maps as much as it smooths colour maps
  21. MkIII

    Update 2.10.10

    Nice. Do you intend to do the changes to the smoothing tool pressure in v2.10 that have been included in the 3.0 beta?
  22. Apologies if this has come up before: The transparency setting is really the wrong way around, with higher settings equalling less rather than more transparency. perhaps this would be more correctly named Opacity?
  23. MkIII

    smooth tool

    It depends on other factors too, such as the brush radius, the focal shift and the falloff, and pressure sensitive settings of the tablet, and to some degree, whether or not you have depth set to additive drawing or not (hover over the Depth icon to set this). If you have made a large lump that you want to reduce, use the magnify tool to reduce it, or even better, use the plane (iron) tool - which also allows you to smooth using SHIFT. Basically, it seems like the smooth tool is designed more to smooth out rough edges, and remove small detail rather than removing solid masses. it will do that, but it takes time, and the other tools mentioned do that better. [EDIT] Having said all that... with the current version (2.10.10) my smoothing now seems a little bit unresponsive! Go figure... The smoothing in the 3.0 Beta is much more powerful. I hope that Andrew is going to provide this in 2.10 at some point.
  24. I know I'm a bit late on this one. I only just bought 3d-coat ... ...but it's Japanese not Chinese. I tried translating it with various online translation sites, but the results were generally such gibberish, that even though it is clear what the subject is without the text, it was impossible to understand.
  25. MkIII

    Menu Persistance

    Is it possible to have (at least as an option), to have slightly more persistent dropdown menus so that they can be made to stay on screen a little longer in case we accidentally move the mouse off the menu? At the moment, they vanish the instant that the mouse leaves the confines of the menu. It would be useful if we were able to set a short delay to enable the mouse to be repositioned back on the menu if we accidentally stray outside the boundary.