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  1. BoxM

    ~BoxM Sketch & WIPS

    test render from 3dcoat 3 point lighting... pants start.
  2. Hi all... thought I'd start a WIP to keep me motivated on 3d Coat. Here 1st a couple shots of Yamagata from Akira... Plan to do a city block from the 1st scene with bike. Mind the hands. crits please. - B
  3. BoxM

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Quality work here. Your attention to detail and realism creates a fully composed characters from all directions. My only nibblet is some characters seem a little stout in height for the realism you are achieving. IE the Skeksis from the dark crystal felt like it would tower over most creatures... And well, The dragon with the texture work was just an awesome piece. Keep going... great work! Look forward to checking out your thread.
  4. BoxM

    ~BoxM Sketch & WIPS

    more clothing work = Still early stages. Thanks to all checking in - you keep me going.
  5. BoxM

    ~BoxM Sketch & WIPS

    clothes start... hair previz - gonna use particle hair in blender. Hands + thighs still need tweaks.. but at least you can see where i am going.
  6. BoxM

    ~BoxM Sketch & WIPS

    Hands... still need tweaks. legs reference will be pants. B
  7. BoxM

    Metha`s Workshop

    your war cat kinda remind me of http://blogs-images.forbes.com/davidewalt/files/2011/05/he-man-battle-cat.jpg... outside of that I see some nice fine detail in all your work. And BTW what Martial Arts are you into? B