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  1. Does anyone know why Meshmixer does this when I bring a brush to a figure?
  2. Ok, so I've decided to show some of the stuff I've made with 3DCoat. There is some work done in Photoshop( LUTs, gradients, adjustments), but overall it's all made inside 3DCoat - sculpted, painted and rendered. No retopo, no UV's just a high poly with custom shaders and smart materials.
  3. From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    A monstrous thing. Based on 2D concept artwork by Tooth Wu. #monster #horror #scifi #sciencefiction #alien #creature #CharacterDesign #3D #ZBrush #3DCoat #B3D #Blender3D #sculpture #art #artwork #DigitalArt #ArtMatters #artist
  4. Metin Seven

    One ugly mofo

    From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    As a certain muscular action hero once said: "One.. ugly... motherf..." Based on a 2D concept by Tooth Wu. More: https://metinseven.nl
  5. Metin Seven

    The light hurts

    From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    The light hurts. Concept: Max Grecke More work: https://metinseven.nl #zombie #undead #dead #death #darkness #light #3d #b3d #3dcoat #horror #character #design #characterdesign
  6. From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    Stages of sculpting Stanley Kubrick. In the end, texturing, lighting and rendering were done in Blender (Cycles).
  7. From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    Here's a little Handsome Devil progress collage, based on great concept art by Sasha Tudvaseva. Sculpting was done in 3D Coat, Blender Cycles was used for materials, lighting and rendering. The full-size end result can be viewed in my 3D Coat album and in my portfolio: metinseven.nl #krampus #monster #creepy #horror #fantasy #3d #b3d #3dcoat #character #illustration #artwork
  8. Metin Seven

    Handsome Devil

    From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    Handsome devil. Concept: Sasha Tudvaseva More work: metinseven.nl #devil #demon #3d #b3d #3dcoat #illustration #artwork #modeling #sculpting #modeler #sculptor
  9. From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    Here's a little Krampus progress collage, starting with the great concept artwork by Maxim Verehin, sculpting in 3D Coat and ending with the Blender Cycles rendering. The full-size end result can be viewed in my 3D Coat album, and in my portfolio. #krampus #monster #creepy #horror #fantasy #3d #b3d #3dcoat #character #illustration #artwork
  10. Metin Seven


    From the album: MetinSeven.nl works

    If you don't behave, Krampus will come and get you! Concept: Maxim Verehin More work: metinseven.nl #krampus #monster #creepy #horror #fantasy #3d #b3d #zbrush #3dcoat #character #illustration
  11. Metin Seven


    My first 3D Coat 2021 exploration. Concept: Maxim Verehin. Portfolio: https://metinseven.nl
  12. Hey welcome! Hello everyone! I would like to share with this fantastic community my work in progress that I make using 3D-Coat. In this my sketchbook, I invite everyone to participate and that you feel free to say what you really think of my work ...No heartbroken!
  13. One of the first 3D apps I started with many moons ago. Nice to see it's still in development. And I do fire it up from time to time. Wonderful & easy to use FREE 3D modeling app without all the clutter of other programs. http://www.wings3d.com/?page_id=84
  14. Hello Community, Newbie here and Sharing Some of My Recent Work here, kindly check it and rate it,
  15. Hey all, So I'm working on a new method for creating heightmaps using a combination of Mudbox, World Machine and 3D Coat. Inside mudbox, you can sculpt the basic shape for your terrain and then simply export a heightmap through the Extract Texture Maps option. I was wondering if there's a way to do this inside 3D coat when using Voxels? Basically I want to sculpt in voxel mode and then do a projection of the voxel model onto a simple plane and save out a heightmap from that. Thanks!
  16. Creating a monster in 3D-Coat and rendering in Corona Renderer - without UV and retopology. Part 2. Video Content: 0:01 - Intro 0:18 - InfoPartners 0:22 - Important information about turning on of subtitles. 0:29 - Information having an impact on the development of the channel and the output of the following lessons. 0:45 - Continuing to edit the proportions and details of the monster by using the different brushes. 3:03 - Use the Pose tool to correct proportions. 3:19 - Creating a mask and adding details to the base layer by using the Clay brush. 4:00 AM - Adding parts with the Draw brush. 5:25 - Using the Pose Tool to correct a pose. 8:45 - CutOff-brush to remove unwanted parts. 10:10 - I make special masks with the help of Freeze, in order not to touch the separate parts during the editing of the geometry. 10:26 - Continuing to work with the Pose and Move Tool. 10:59 - I draw additional tentacles in voxel mode with the Sphere brush. Also, again - I use Freeze and CutOff. 11:30 Paint texture in Paint-Room and export to FBX. 11:39 - Import models in 3Ds Max. 11:56 - Creating CoronaSkinMtl and configuring VertexColor. 13:43 - Lighting setup in Corona Renderer. 14:15 - The ending. 14:31 - The ending. Video preview of other lessons. A subscription button. If you like this video: ► Click on the “Thumb up” ► Subscribe to the channel to avoid missing new releases ► Share with friends - do not be greedy =) After all, they also want to get this knowledge =) Enjoy watching! Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.
  17. Hi! I have made a 3d scan of a starfish using the real sense camera SR300. I used 3D System Sense software. It outputted an .obj and an .mtl filetype. I used blender to clean up around the model. Then, I exported it from blender to 3dcoat as an .obj filetype. In 3Dcoat, I fixed up the mesh and the texture. I exported it as an .obj file type and put it into unity, but the texture is missing. The texture is visible on the mesh in 3dCoat, but it is not accessible through the Texture editor. I am at a loss. Can anyone help me figure out how to recover my texture, so that I can export the mesh and texture into unity? texture editor doesn't show the texture.. XOif I turn off layer 1texture visible in 3D coat, but not accessible..... ;/ I would be REALLY grateful if someone can help me out! Thanks! Leona S
  18. Hey, Currently in the process of unwrapping a model. I'm trying to use the copy and paste uv tools to overlay some uv tiles that I want repeated. See below. However when I attempt to copy paste them nothing is happening despite them being completely identical? This isn't the only uvs its happening too, it's the same with all other identical uvs.I've also had this happen on older files too. Below is a pic of the object in mention. I'm running the latest version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  19. From the album: FanArt

    This is some kind of self portrait featuring the upcoming Marvel's Civil War movie. I'm joining Team Captain America! Also this is my first character render. The next one will be Iron Man - or should he be Iron Boy?
  20. dimitribastos


    From the album: FanArt

    Hey guys! A new image from a classic game. This one is QuackShot, from Sega's Mega Drive/Genesis. Hope to animate this scene soon. :) Made with Modo and 3D-Coat.
  21. I made a game asset based on my class materials for concept design class. I've done the design 1 and half year ago, but made it as 3D model for fun. Original image link: https://www.danielkim3d.com/?lightbox=dataItem-iip0d7lc Sketchfab link: https://sketchfab.com/models/f6249162bd6540c5aaccfa4ff234dbc5
  22. Wybie


    MAR-z0 is 3d low poly model maked in spare time. I had a friend he liked very much “Toki”. MAR-z0 is an acronym that recalls its name. 3D-Coat haved a lot importance for creation model. I have retopogized from hi-poly model, texturized, baked and render. I think about 3D-Coat is one of best software for this. I try now to improve my skills for sculpt but is not simple... I arrive from ZBrush. ;-)
  23. arjun07

    yu-gi-oh 1.jpg

    From the album: Yu-Gi-Oh Set

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