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  1. Hi guys I really had an idea of creating something for Dota 2 workshop and I decided on a courier. I am familiar with softwares like 3ds max and 3d coat but I am a casual user and i don't understand some parts to do it till the end. Q1: How should character look? Should i split the parts of body of courier (legs, hands etc...) or I keep it as one part? Q2: What is the workflow? Dota 2 courier asks for max 3000 polygons model which is very low. I just don't understand how can you keep the details of the courier, but guys on workshop somehow does. When i try to retopo my high poly model into fewer polygons i just can't menage the details. Q3: I know that you somehow have to apply texture from high poly to low poly mesh but I don't understand how and there is not enough information online? Q4: I want to export model from 3d coat to 3ds max to animate, but when I do that materials dont apeear to be right, how to adjust it inside? I hope you guys can help and others who has similar ideas to create something for workshop can learn, feel free to send any links that might help, but personally I didn't find any real source of info that really explains everything step by step ( for dummies ) Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Malo


    From the album: Malo

    This machete is from my new tutorial. Tutorial is in german Created with 3D Coat - Modelling, Retopo, UVs, baking and preparing for Substance Painter Substance Painter - Texturing

    © Malo

  3. Is there a way for objects in the voxtree to have individual UV maps? In the attached picture, you can see that all three uv maps are in the same 2d image -- is there a way to have them each be on their own? Thanks much in advance!
  4. Hello, Hello everyone, I'm new to 3D coat so sorry if I just can't find the solution on my own... I'm using 4k monitor and the user interface gets tiny and almost impossible to work on, same as it did on PS CS6 but Adobe fixed it on CC. However on 3D coat I just can't find any option to make UI bigger. Is there any way to work around this problem? Thanks for help in advance!
  5. Malo


    From the album: Malo

    This flamethrower is for my new tutorial. Tutorial is in german https://youtu.be/eOtELABkQ7g Created with Blender - Base modell 3D Coat - UVs, baking and preparing for Substance Painter Substance Painter - Texturing

    © Malo

  6. So I have a problem. I have a character that I'm trying to import into 3D coat and he has a lot of objects. For some reason when I import the objects as surfaces to seperate instances, the object density is incredibly high and 3D coat starts to lag badly. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Is there a better way to import multiple objects? Need help with this ASAP
  7. Подскажите пожалуйста.Как у вас получилось перенести группы из зебры в коат. Вы там переключаете ,что бы одно не мешало другому ретополировать.Как так сделать на вашем видео 55мин.54 сек. Мне нужно трубку ретополировать и ленту на рюкзаке.О чень неудобно подлазить под меш.Я что то не то делаю? 1 Делал мердж всего. http:// 3 Нет у меня обжектс закладки и всё тут как на видео. Где копать? Как правильно переносить меш с группами из зебры.Как их в зебре правильно делать? Зарание спасибо.
  8. So far I've mostly liked it. It's really annoying how the UV island preview flickers between the preview and the whole mesh islands when your cursor moves off the mesh. The idea is good, but it doesn't seem like it's implemented properly. If you could click to stay in that specific island that would be cool, but this epileptic strobe effect is horrible. The tool-set seems to be missing basic "Select Edge + Cut" In the UV preview window. Why do everything in 3D when you see what you want to cut right there in the 3D window. In my experience with 3D Unwrapping software you jump between the two when either provides the most convenient option at the time. Another thing about the preview window is that when it snaps to a specific island and makes it larger, it rotates it which is sort of disorienting since you were just looking at a problem area in preview window with the whole mesh, and now have to re-find it in the updated preview window. Also the fact that when it shows you the single UV island preview, it seems to have a different colouring, than in the whole mesh uv island preview. What's up with that? Between the changing colours, and the rotation I've found myself jumping epilepticly between the single preview and the whole preview a few times to find the problem area again. The general experience is aggravating. Another feature I like to have is being able to click an edge/vert/face somewhere in the UV Preview window and press ''F'', to snap to that specific area in the 3D window. Not sure if that is here. The UV room seems like it has potential, but I'll stick with Maya+nightshade+roadkill for now I think.
  9. Hello, HELP ME PLEASE. when i exporting model and materials from 3d coat to 3ds Max (vray), the materials looks not like it was in 3d coat. I realized - this is due to the fact that vray not support PBR, but that somehow it should be possible to use 3d coat textures and materials in VRay renderer. Tell me please how to render my model with 3d-coat textures NOT in 3d coat renderer (cause i need a glass), for example - vray, or maybe better to use unreal engine?
  10. Greetings to all. Got really hooked with 3d coat. I want to get a convertible laptop or Microsoft Surface so i can have it with me at the office and work on it while i am on a render time or break. Which one do you think is going to run good with 3d coat? Any suggestions? Lenovo thinkpad x61 convertible laptop Lenovo thinkpad x200 convertible laptop Lenovo thinkpad x230 convertible laptop ultrabook Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface RT (not sure if it can run on it , as it has an arm processor??) Microsoft Surface 2 and 3 Do you recommend something else ? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi i want to import high detail models from mudbox to 3dcoat as a retopo reference mesh, my problem is if i try to import a huge reference mesh (15mill poly) it runs out of memory and crashes. So i am forced to use a low res (1.2m poly) model from mudbox - i cant export anything in between 1.2m and 15m only one or the other because it mudbox doesn't have a mesh decimator. I need software that can handle and decimate gigantic meshes. I havnt tried zbrush for decimating this huge mesh, and wont unless someone can confirm it is able to import 15m models. (i have slow connection so dont want to download zbrush unless i know it works... but i do have access to it)
  12. Dear 3D Coat Devs/Users, My name is Austin. I believe this is my first time posting on this Forum. If, I did before it was a while back. Anyway, Hello to You all!!! :-) Here is the plan. I am completely and utterly new to 3D Coat. I have been trying to learn it for about 2 months now but I keep getting stuck. Dimensions, Ratios, and Math in general is not my strong suit. and, I tend to get overwhelmed by all the options and UI. But, I am determined. I also keep finding a lack of English tutorials to learn 3D Coat on Youtube. As, I am 100% better learning from a video than reading Anyway, I am rambling. I have a longtime Bestfriend and We have been dating a while and have talked about Marriage many of times. We both are very much in Love with eachother and She is Extremely special to Me. and, because of this. I want to make something Extremely special for Her. I do not want to go into a Jewelry Store and Buy a ring. I want to be able to make Her one. and, design it myself. I found a 3D Printing company that will print whatever I make into 14k Gold. and, I already have a Heart cut blue topaz. I want to use 3D Coat to design the ring so that I can give the .obj file to the 3D Printing company to have them print the ring for Her. and, than have it sent to Me to finish assembling(putting the stone in) polishing it once more and than putting it in a ring box to propose to Her. Now, Here is where it gets tricky. I know absolutely nothing about 3D Coat or the interface and what everything does. I do not want someone to "do it for Me" or "to design one for Me" I want to be able to do it on my own. I just need guidance, advice. I took the next 3 weeks off at work so I can learn and work on this and get it printed. as, I am planning on proposing to Her hopefully on Christmas morning. If, I can get this finished by then. So, Where do I start? and, I will Greatly appreciate any advice / help / e.t.c.! -Austin
  13. Dear All, I've finished my last project done mostly in 3D Coat. It is a story about one place in Scotland I visited several years ago and that does not exist any more. It was called 'Ducks Crossing' because of ducks that used to gather near its entrance gate. I placed some pictures in the gallery of finished works http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&album=96. The booklet that tells this story you can find following the following links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7505ygsib7yhek/DucksCrossing.pdf?dl=0 https://yadi.sk/i/xqaEPmDScga4B and some technical details about the project and extras are collected here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xllpf6z46avuxib/DucksCrossingTechnical.pdf?dl=0 https://yadi.sk/d/cnWm7Fe5cigEh During this work I really enjoyed the use of 3D Coat. I think it is very powerful add when you need to create quickly many items with the nontrivial topology. Fascinating program! Some pages used in the booklet: with best regards altix
  14. Hello, I have a frustrating issue with 3D Coat where the only voxel tools that behave as expected are Grow, Smooth and Clay, all the other voxel tools (carve, scrape, pinch, smudge, plane, 2d paint, sphere, airbrush, blob) draw a green marquee which origin starts from where I click with my brush and adds or removes rectangular shape of the marquee orientated towards the camera. I have looked at many written and video tutorials and these tools are not functioning as demonstrated (Attached is an image of the behavior). I will be very thankful if someone can help explain why this is happening? Note: I have re-installed 3D Coat and run the software in all DX and GL 32 & 64bit mode. 4.1.04A (CUDA)(GL64) Windows 7 Ultimate Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz 12 GB Ram NVIDIA GeForece GTX670 2Gb
  15. Hi i am new to 3d coat and cant retopo for shit. I am using 4.1 and am trying to find the auto-retopo tool and cant.? can anyone help. Or can anymone auto-retopo my model for me? Link to file down below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2VeLs8JcP-dVm1yaUtkM2I0bkU/edit?usp=sharing
  16. subdproxy


    From the album: RRM

    Simple prop modeled in Houdini and Textured in 3D Coat. It is for an upcoming animated trailer we have been working on. It's a floating platform that hovers above the ground. More to follow shortly.

    © Glen Debello

  17. I am in the final two months of my time here at Vanarts for Game Art and Design and I'm tackling a creature, one I've been fond of for quite some time, from the franchise that sparked my interest in game and certainly in horror and shooter genres. This is my Cerberus Rendition of the Pinky Demon from the Doom franchise.. Taking it's already core elements that the fans love and stitching it together with a beast from the depths and my dreams. I decided to take the Original Pinky Demon that we all know and love, and the most recent version.. as a call out to it's growth - - - into this final form. For the hind legs I wanted something more off topic than the general mech spine into a hooved behind that all fan art has been. Deciding to stray away from the norm was proving difficult and I really enjoy this design.. It still in the process of figuring out some forms and smaller detail, any veins and surface breakup as far as pore detail and whatnot I was going to paint in Via PPNM ( per pixel normal map ) painting. I'll keep it updated with current photos and am always welcome to the Comments and Criticism. Maybe a different set of eyes can see something or give some tips. Thanks for taking the time to check it out!
  18. From the album: Digital sculptures with 3D Coat

    First example of HDRI compositing.Modeled in 3D Coat and renderd in Cinema 4D with Physical Render

    © Francesco Mai

  19. Dear 3DC Developers/Mods/Members, I am looking at purchasing 3D Coat V4 on Steam in the next couple hours. However, before I commit. I wanted a explination of what this means.. "No commercial usage, but you may earn money from TF2 and DOTA 2 items. " The Reason I ask is.. My main reason to buy 3DC is to make Dota 2 items and I was wondering if it's okay to keep the profits I make from this? And if so that wouldn't really be Non-Commercial Usage.. it would be Commercial. So, Why does it say I can earn money with TF2 or DOTA 2 Items? Does 3DC have some kind of deal with Steam or something? just wondering... Just making a clarification as I searched the forum but could find no definite answer.
  20. Iam in a situation were i have to sell what's possible. So i sell my License of 3D Coat Version 3Pro.When you bought it from me then they need your Name and E-Mail to complete the transfer,after that you will be able to download it from your account for PC/Mac,32 or 64 Bit (it will be Version 3.7) If you want to upgrade to version 4 then you can do so on the 3D Coat Website. I want 190,- US Dollar for it (via Paypal),you can upgrade for 99,- Dollar to version 4,this means you pay 289,- US Dollar for 3D Coat V4 Pro instead of 379,- US Dollar. If you are interested,have the money and want to help me out....then here is the chance to get a perfect sculpting and UV mapping Tool for a very good price. Have all a great week Dominik
  21. This is a fairly detailed tutorial that follows step by step the retopology techniques I use to produce a baked low poly garment. The garment was created using 3D Coat's cloth tool so if you would like to see a tutorial that covers how to make similar items of clothing, just let me know and I'll set one up. I use blender for it's powerful modifier to achieve a task that would normally take a VERY long time without it. The results could have been cleaned up a lot more and several extra extrusion steps / subdivides put in place to ensure that it was a more usable finished result, however I believe that the finished product would work well for most games. Well, I hope you all enjoy this tutorial, I wasn't able to locate any other tutorials that cover this workflow I demonstrate and thought it's something the community could really benefit from. Thanks, Jax n.b. The video will be live in 6 Hours Time as it runs for 50 Minutes and covers all the steps from start of retopology right through to a finished baked version of the pants.
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