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  1. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share the announcement of a mobile game I just released. It's called Buzzle and right now it's iOS only, but will be coming to Android soon. It's a pretty cool game, with a unique concept. It's a free download, you can play the first world before you decide if you want to buy the rest. I would love to get your feedback. And spread the news! http://www.glowbuglabs.com I did the ingame art. Models, animation, and tiles. I used 3D Coat and Photoshop for doing the tiles and making sure they are seamless. I also used Blender and TVPaint. The game is done in Unity.
  2. lord_quas

    Right profile Rex

    From the album: t-Rex XBOX INDI game

    Sculpted from a low poly mesh in 3d-coat, Normal map and texture created in 3d-coat For more please visit my website at www.bipmatt.com Currently looking for opportunities in Montreal.

    © Matthew Squires 2014 www.bipmatt.com

  3. написал небольшую обзорную статью о 3D-Coat. http://vfxlaboratory.ru/stranica/obektivno-o-3d-coat
  4. Hello guys, I have used 3D-coat for a year now, but haven't actually tried out a lot of stuff. Mainly i have only revolve around the voxel room. I have recently downloaded and tried Blender, and it was amazing to me. But I wasn't going to give up 3D-coat, and looked for ways to link them. For the first few times, I have just imported the object straight from Voxel room, (usually 1 500 000 poly or above), and it is terrible to work with in Blender. I found out that i should autopo the model before hand, which i tried, but though the model turn out fine in the paint room, after exporting into Blender it was horrible. I tried UV mapping the model myself, but it didn't change a thing. What am I doing wrong? Really appreciate some help... T_T Model in the paint room which looks fine I only got the default and i didnt save the UV map i did, cuz it made no difference Model in Blender with the deformed mesh circled
  5. Hi. I am selling my 3D-Coat 3.7 Pro Windows license. It is the full commercial license. I have received authorization for license transfer from Andrew. I am selling it for $215.00, which will allow you to upgrade to V4 for less than retail. I accept Paypal from confirmed addresses only. Thanks for looking.
  6. Why does 3D-Coat and Zbrush get to point where it won't let me expand or add more clay to my sculpts What should be done in this situation? Do i need to add more Ram to my PC? I currently use a Core i7 with 8gigs of Ram. The PC has a Nividia Geforce video card with Cuda ability. Thanks Robert
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